Yukimi nagano jose gonzalez relationship with god

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yukimi nagano jose gonzalez relationship with god

José González: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert; Yukimi Nagano & José González; Relationship Timeline; Navigation menu; Yukimi Nagano; José González - The Nest (Live at the Oneg .. God pash you Will: Got cabins before you pitching. Sweden has had a long, beautiful relationship with pop music. Little Dragon simply cemented their place as experimental pop darlings with 's . gentle voice, José González has become an icon in his native Sweden—and he's not .. Does Jerry Lorenzo Have Another Fear of God x Nike Sneaker?. Where José González confesses to yawning on record, and the band decides to keep it in the mix. Little Dragon, whose lead singer Yukimi Nagano José is currently dating. tag-Wheels-on-Meals tag-Operation-Condor-(Armour-of-God -2) rare in relation to black lives on screen, the moment feels undeniably radical.

But people recognize the songs more and are yelling more requests. With so many shows packed into such a short amount of time -- do you find it a bit of a grind? Well, some shows are amazing, other nights you feel a bit tired. I've been having -- I've been a bit sick for the past two weeks.

But apart from that, the shows are really fun. Just getting to the show can be a drag? Waiting to get a shower. Waiting to go to eat.

Those details are boring. I like to play every night. So if there's a night off, I feel really restless. The more shows the better.

So the song just happened spontaneously? We jammed with the structure a couple of times. And then we recorded it all in one take. Then we added more instruments and stuff like that. But it was not many takes. I think I can hear a distinct yawn at the end of the song. The lyrics I did for that one were really short and not really any structure to that song. So the vocals I did were pretty much improvised. I just didn't know what to sing at what point.

I just left the mic open. I yawned, and we kept it in the mix. I hear a lot of existential themes in the lyrics on Fields. The song "Howl" especially I always start with the music, and then try to figure out what I want to write about lyrically. So that song "Howl" started with a feeling -- [sings] "Ooo-oo-ooo-Ooo".

yukimi nagano jose gonzalez relationship with god

I started to thinking about animals howling, and then about human nature What motivates us all? I understand when you were rehearsing songs for your LP Fields you were sharing a rehearsal space with [Swedish band] Little Dragon while they were rehearsing their new album.

What was that like? Me and Yukimi [Nagano, Little Dragon's singer], we are together so it was nice to be close to her.

Did a situation ever arise where you'd hear some really weird, funky sounds coming from them in the next room, or vice versa? It was more for them. They'd say 'Why have you been playing that same stupid song two weeks in a row?! Just get it done already! We take a roundabout way of getting there.

So I want to go back a bit. You guys have been playing together for a decade, and have been friends for even longer. Looking back to even five years ago, could you have predicted you'd have released two records and be on your second tour of the States all in less than a year?

Five years ago, we released the Black Refuge EP. We had a lot more songs than are on the EP, but they weren't that good. We didn't get much attention for the Black Refuge EP, so back then I had no real expectations at all. Tobias, I know you have a wife and kids in Gothenburg. Was touring the world a harder decision for you, or is this a dream come true? Oh, it's absolutely a dream come true. But of course I talked about it a lot with my wife and children before committing.

How many children do you have? I just had my third two weeks ago!

yukimi nagano jose gonzalez relationship with god

So yeah that's one of the things we in the band have been talking about -- compromise and collaboration. Between having children, going on tour and other things, everything needs to be timed out.

In Every Direction: An Interview with Junip

Have you seen your third child? I've only seen him on Skype! You must be so excited to get home. Wow, congrats again Tobias.

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Ever since I started touring seven years ago. After my first album [Veneer], our first attempt with Junip was in I've been really bad at saying "no: So in it needed us to just put our foot down and decide properly that "next year we're going to record it, right?

It wasn't a deadline. It was more about a start line.

yukimi nagano jose gonzalez relationship with god

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José González: 'I had all the Misfits albums growing up' - Telegraph

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yukimi nagano jose gonzalez relationship with god

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