Why is passion important in a relationship

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why is passion important in a relationship

Some level of deep connection and interest is needed to keep a relationship functional in the long I definitely believe that passion is important in a marriage. That's why it's important to bring passion and intimacy into the everyday corners of your life instead of saving them for the bedroom, vacations or romantic outings . With so much talk about the importance of having passion in relationships, a recent conversation inspired me to consider what passion means.

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When we bring passion to what we do, others can feel it. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, send us an email. With so much talk about the importance of having passion in relationships, a recent conversation inspired me to consider what passion means to me.

This is what I came up with as a working definition: Passion is the rocket fuel of life; it is the energetic driving force behind anything that is done with excellence. It feels like enthusiasm and is both focused and expansive. Passion is what happens when we bring all of who we are into what we are doing.

It creates a natural flow that builds momentum. In relationships, people tend to think of passion primarily in terms of a healthy sex life. However, passion is also provides the driving force for romance, fun and adventure; all of which are qualities that can transform our relationship from being hum drum and perhaps even boring, to a source of renewed energy and inspiration.

If I were to compare a relationship to champagne, then a passionless relationship is like champagne without the bubbles. If your relationship has fallen flat, examine yourself first.

The secret to a happy and healthy relationship is passion, but not the kind you are thinking…

When we are aligned with who and what we genuinely are, our actions fall in line with the spirit of truth and everything we do begins to energize us. In other words when we understand what makes us tick and make choices based on the directives of our internal compass, we flow from one positively stimulating experience to the next.

In this way, we have upbeat, constructive and passion infused energy to share with those around us. By contrast if we feel stuck, discontent and unable to be and do what really makes us happy, our daily activities begin to drag us down, tire us out and take the shine off our enthusiasm for life.

why is passion important in a relationship

This is because we have lost touch with our inner compass and no can longer see where our "true north" lies. It is about being on a journey together but not necessarily on the exact same path.

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We have all been guilty of losing ourselves at one point or another, particularly in our youth or in new relationships.

When I was single, I would always try to impress whomever I was dating by taking a keen interest in their pastimes.

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Figuring out what is important to the other person is valuable because their activities will inevitably be a part of your life together. For example, if your partner loves fishing and you cannot stand it, you need to allow them to have that time to pursue their passion.

If you assume that eventually they will not have time and will stop their hobby, you are treading dangerous territory. This is something that fuels their soul. In order to be in a happy and fulfilling relationship, both people must let the other person live their most authentic life. Without having your own dreams to pursue your focus remains primarily on the relationship.

why is passion important in a relationship

This may cause you to feel like you are competing for their time and attention. You also run the risk of becoming angry or even jealous of those who may have that particular passion in common with them and this is where many problems arise. Some people are very clear on what drives them everyday.

why is passion important in a relationship

It took me many years to figure out that there was nothing wrong with wanting to do things in my own way, differently from everyone else. I did not follow the criteria set by my community and I spent a few years floundering.

There was a yearning in my heart that the more I ignored it the more depressed I became, because I was so far from who I wanted to be. Everyone close to me paid the price. My parents, my friends and my relationships. When I finally became clear on my mission in life and comfortable with who I was, I found a kindred spirit along the way and I was fortunate enough to recognize him as the love of my life. Being able to celebrate your successes and commiserate through your failures with someone who understands what it is like to have so much of yourself invested in something is one of the beautiful gifts a relationship can offer.

why is passion important in a relationship