Tv in bedroom relationship

18 Good Reasons to Get the TV Out of Your Bedroom

tv in bedroom relationship

I've written a couple of times about our life with and without TV. Not only does television in the bedroom keep us up later at night, but there are also studies that indicate watching What's the Point of a Relationship?. Having a TV in your bedroom may damage your sleep cycle - but it could also spice up your sex life, if the latest research is to be believed. When you set those rules, a "bedroom TV it can actually be a good thing in the relationship," says House. "That is if you only watch movies in.

Is TV in the bedroom an intimacy killer? -

Because our lives are so busy, with so much stuff going on, you want to have a timeout zone. Here are some easy ways you can get started. Get the TV out of the bedroom In fact, this goes for all screens. Get 'em outta there. They have their TV in there, their laptop, their iPad and Xbox I actually think it's a mixture of being tempted to switch something on and the lack of the ability to switch something off.

Your bedroom is not a Hoyt's, and it shouldn't be treated as such. Dr Dev Banerjee "If you go to bed and put the TV on, the next thing you know, you're watching a playback of 'The Voice' that you missed, and then you obviously want to watch to the end to see who was eliminated. No, it does not. But it doesn't stop there.

tv in bedroom relationship

Otherwise the brain gets confused. Is your bedroom a place of trying to connect with the world? Or is it somewhere you want to switch off and go to sleep? Obviously, in winter time, we will see a lot of people waking up because of things like having cold feet. Our brain doesn't like cold feet. Although it's the furthest part from the brain, you can't settle with cold feet. After all, it sets the stage for the rest of the day.

Example for your kids.

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Children with televisions in their bedrooms score lower on school tests and are more likely to have sleep problems. Also, having a television in the bedroom is strongly associated with being overweight and a higher risk for smoking. As a married couple, some of your most important, intimate conversations will take place in your bedroom during the waning hours of the day… unless of course, the television is on instead.

And if you ask me, that should be reason enough… 7. Your television takes up space even when hidden. Less advertisements at your weakest. Studies reveal what we already know to be true: Consumers are more susceptible to advertisements when they are tired. Realistic expectations on your marriage. In almost all regards, television rarely depicts the world and life accurately. This can be most detrimental to our relationships when the unrealistic expectations are applied to our marriage, family, love, romance, and sexuality.

Is TV in the bedroom an intimacy killer?

Kitchens are for cooking… Dining Rooms are for eating… Toy Rooms are for playing… Offices are for working… Rooms serve purposes. The better we define those rooms and their purposes, the more productive they become. Use your bedroom only for sleep and sex by taking work materials, computers, and televisions out of the sleeping environment.

All electronics attract and trap dust… something about static electricity. Having the television on while getting ready in the morning adds extra time to the process. And who wants to spend more time getting ready?

tv in bedroom relationship

Light reading in the evening helps many fall asleep faster. Removing the television from your bedroom will almost always encourage more reading in your life. Going to sleep together. While some couples have successfully navigated the television schedule and actually go to sleep together We watch the King of Queens every night and then fall asleepwe never could.

Removing the television helps foster intimacy by not just going to bed at the same time, but by falling asleep at the same time as well. Household electronics continue to use energy and electricity even when powered off.

One less television means one less financial drain on your checkbook.