Samurai warriors yukimura sanada ending relationship

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samurai warriors yukimura sanada ending relationship

I know about the relationship between Yukimura and Akihime. Chacha wouldn' t have ended up in the same fate as her mother and father if it weren't for and intrigue of the Sanada," Yukimura kneed next to her and bowed. Relations, Sanada Masayuki (father) Kanshō-in (mother) Sanada Nobuyuki ( brother) Ōtani Yoshitsugu (father-in-law) Toyotomi Hideyoshi (father-in-law) Komatsuhime (sister-in-law). Sanada Yukimura (真田 幸村, – June 3, ), actual name: Sanada Nobushige (真田 信繁), was a Japanese samurai warrior of The end of the conflict is sometimes referred to as the Genna Armistice. SAMURAI WARRIORS: Spirit of Sanada role in this game and I like the dynamic relationship between her, Sasuke, and Yukimura. . civil war much like how the Uesugi ended up after Kenshin's death, Katsuie "rebelled" by.

She's a virteous woman, Yukimura. I think it's a crime of me to have you serve and aid my son," Chacha then thought, "My struggles is forcing Nobushige to fight Ieyasu. If he died in battle, everything my fault. I should never have pitied the Monkey into giving him a heir…" "What I choose to serve Hideyori has nothing to do with Aki. It's my choice, not her's.

Sanada Yukimura

I allowed her to live normally without involving in wars with me. Now I'm a single father, Lady Yodo," Yukimura said with a serious look of devotion to save the Toyotomi with nothing to hold him back from a life of peasantry. Suddenly, a retainer came to interrupt the two talking. He wants to talk with you! Sir Masamune wants to talk with you outside," the soldier confirmed.

He won't persuade me or any of us to surrender. I'm heading out there to meet him," Yukimura said. Outside Osaka Castle… Date Masamune once was a ruthless daimyo who sought to change japan from the old ways. He had broken the old Date system of arranged marriages, he got into a fight with his mother over succession due to being One Eyed and it doesn't stop him from being the most talented of the Date family far surpassing his grandfather Harumane and father Terumune.

He and Masamune don't get along, but this war brought them together over one man. The Former Shogun let him live for a reason! And besides, this land is already exhausted by the constant conflict for almost years since the Onin War!

Yukimura was just made a tool to her arsenal to fight," Kanetsugu protested. He had been a mutal acquaintance to Yukimura when Yukimura was a hostage to the Uesugi, but not to the level of his long time friendship with Kagekatsu.

Those used to be the soldiers of the former regent need I remain you, Sir Masamune," Kanetsugu glared at his scornful rival.

Yukimura Sanada

The figure in red samurai armor approaches the two outside the gates of Osaka Castle. His face shows extreme hostility towards anyone from the Eastern Army now that Ieyasu has founded the Shogunate within the Toyotomi's regency. They enjoy talking with Keiji and playing Shogu. Masamune doesn't waver the threaten look of Yukimura. He believed to be tougher than Yukimura and this war will judge which of the two are tougher. There's Ieyasu's granddaughter inside, Yukimura!

Do you understand whom you're endangering? My concern is only with Lord Hideyori and Lady Yodo," Yukimura turns back and prepare to leave his rival and his old friend. I came here as an envoy to return his granddaughter," Masamune gave Yukimura the letter presented by Ieyasu and the latter takes it to his hand. Yukimura was not at all worried about what will happen to his family after involving himself in Toyotomi clan uprising.

That last moment with Aki, he had broken off his relationship with her in care of the rest of his kin and his father's grave. Yukimura nodded and left the two at the castle gates. Kanetsugu could hear Masamune scoffing at Yukimura's response. They don't have anything to do with him anymore," Kanestsugu turns away and walk past Masamune to return to his camp.

These women, it was very difficult for them after Sekigahara leaving this house completely vulnerable and with no one to aid them over Hideyori's regency. Ieyasu has sent us a letter to your son, Chacha," Yukimura gave the letter to Lady Yodo and she retrieves it. I never approve of the marriage the first place because she's my sister's daughter," Chacha nodded.

It's been an old trend for years during the chaos," Yukimura said. By the way, Yukimura, your kunoichi been acting off when I last met with her for a chat," Kai grinned. The Toyotomi had become my family after Odawara felt in the last century. It took some time for me to get used to that perverted monkey's ideals and now I feel like Ieyasu is taking it away.

It doesn't help that I'm starting see Ieyasu becoming worst than the monkey," Kai put a sad smile on Chacha and she exchange with a complement. Women like us go through this notion because of the old feudal system we're trying to change. My mother had gone through the worst. A successful marriage arrangement turned political disaster because of my father's torn beliefs over a clan tradition.

Now, I'm forced to help the son I don't even want, but did to save the peace Hideyoshi worked with all the guilty and hatred he took with him to his grave.

samurai warriors yukimura sanada ending relationship

The home screen is another plus; it replays the most recent scene and at times offers a preview of what is to come in future episodes. You can also choose to view your avatar instead, but why in the world would you want to do that? Samurai Love Ballad PARTY also includes bonus diary entries which explain some of the major battles and cultural aspects of the route you chose; reading these gives you 30 onigiri.

Everything about SLBP feels like a game that is intended to reward the player as much as possible, so spending money to get ahead is not as much of a requirement which I loved.

samurai warriors yukimura sanada ending relationship

When I chose Yukimura, I had no idea what a sweet innocent child he was. When she retires to her room that night, Saizo enters her room and asks her why a woman is there at all. Sure he will kill her, MC tries to answer but is interrupted. Saizo lets her go and escapes before anyone can find out he was there. The men tease him for being attracted to a man, which he denies, and Saizo shows up. MC is sure he will reveal her as a woman which would mean her death, but he keeps the secret and pokes fun at Yukimura as well.

That night there is a battle; MC trips and saves Shingen from an arrow. It is here she sees how Saizo and Yukimura fight, with grace and power she could have never imagined. She hides in the trees for the bulk of the battle, too afraid to participate or return to where she had before and injured with a twisted ankle.

Upon returning to the compound, Shingen has his men celebrate and thanks MC for saving him from the arrow. She makes him a special dish which he loves, and she is released to celebrate that night.

samurai warriors yukimura sanada ending relationship

Yukimura pours her a drink. When the festivities die down, Yukimura invites MC up to the roof to drink with him and Saizo. At first she is afraid, but chooses to go with him anyway to thank Saizo for saving her on the battlefield.

MC stands to leave, but slips on the tiles.

samurai warriors yukimura sanada ending relationship

Yukimura reaches for her to catch her, and ends up grabbing her boob. Yukimura breaks out into a huge blush, and falls off the roof. Then you have to pick your route— Yukimura or Saizo. I picked Yukimura here. She assures him this is not the case, and explains that she hide who she was in order to save her brother, explains why the restaurant is important and how they got into that mess.

Yukimura promises he will do everything in his power to help her, and will keep her secret, as repayment for the dishonor he did in touching her. Outside the game, I die slowly inside over the sweetness. No one is welcoming, even Shingen, and Yukimura is no where to be found. The men inform her that they have discovered she is a woman and accuse her of being a spy for the Tokugawa army.

Saizo offers to kill her and is given the go ahead, but the moment the steel is to split her head from her shoulders, Yukimura appears and parries the attack. Saizo convinces MC that she can escape and head back to Kyoto if she takes a certain trail; this is all going so wrong and in ways she never intended for it, so MC chooses to run as he advised.

She had witnessed the two of them fight back in Kyoto and knows that they are not on the same side, and finds herself at the end of their blade as Sasuke appears to defend her as the wife of Sanada Yukimura. Yukimura bursts through with his sword, killing many of the men and pulling her atop his horse to escape.

Masamune is surprised to learn that Yukimura has wed and congrats him, telling his men to stand down and not pursue. Yukimura takes an arrow to the shoulder, and this is where we get our first portrait of the game. He and MC stop and she patches him up, thanking him for saving her and asking why he is going to all of this trouble for her.

He explains that he promised he would help her and at the moment the only way he could protect her was to take her as his wife to remove suspicions over her connection to Tokugawa. He knows she is no spy— and he does harbor a large amount of guilt over having been so familiar with her and touching her in a way a husband would touch a wife.

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He gladly rides to their assistance at Oshi Castle. The younger brother is therefore aghast when Nobuyuki suddenly wishes to decline Mitsunari's request for assistance in the Sekigahara campaign. He refuses to abandon his friend and wishes to fight a valorous path of the samurai, choosing to leave his family for his beliefs. Yukimura defends Ueda Castle to divide and stall Hidetada's forces. Regardless of whether he succeeds or fails, he receives news of Mitsunari's defeat and is ordered by Ieyasu into exile at Kudoyama.

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Yukimura initially obeys the order so as to avoid troubling his older brother. He changes his mind when political tensions rise against Hideyori and is called to assist the Toyotomis, discreetly escaping his hermitage to prove to the era a samurai's will. Yukimura will be the commander for the Toyotomi forces and will charge for Ieyasu's position as his last objective in both scenarios.

Although he tells himself that he is prepared to kill anyone for his beliefs, Yukimura cannot strike down his brother when he guards Ieyasu. He entrusts his brother with his pride and soul, choosing to die a warrior's death fighting the Tokugawa army. He departs with a cheery promise to someday return to them. The brothers are aware of their differing beliefs and respect one another's convictions without regret.

Both Nobuyuki and Ina warn him to abandon his warrior spirit after his defeat in the second Ueda Castle siege, but he can't lie to his nature. Yukimura dies as a warrior. Yukimura is the leading man of the eighth downloadable scenario which is a retelling of his second appearance's dream stage of leaving Ueda Castle to aid Mitsunari at Sekigahara. The major differences are that he reunites with Kanetsugu on the way towards the battle, Sakon and Yoshitsugu are presumed dead before they arrive, and Yukimura has the chance to win against his pursuing brother in a duel.

The Western army is victorious through their efforts, and Yukimura swears to do everything he can to support his friends' plans for the future. In Spirit of SanadaYukimura's life is further expanded. While he is too young to have served the Takeda, he and his siblings watch the clan's eventual ruin.

Growing up, he encounters Chacha for the first time, and the two become close, though are separated by their political obligations. Before reuniting with SasukeYukimura is given three coins by Nobuyuki, to symbolize themselves surviving the war and their unity as the Sanada. After Hideyoshi's death, Yukimura's conflict with his brother remains largely the same. Eventually, the two bring their issue to Masayuki, with the meeting ending with Masayuki siding with Mitsunari while Nobuyuki would go and join Ieyasu's faction.

As tensions between both sides rise, Sasuke and Kunoichi end up duelling each other to point of killing each other, but Yukimura puts a stop to the fight, and allows Sasuke to desert the Sanada. In the lead up to the second battle of Ueda Castle, Yukimura welcomes Sasuke back into service, and they are able to force back Nobuyuki and Hidetada during the main siege.

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The celebration of victory is cut short as Sasuke and Kunoichi report Hideaki's betrayal, and the subsequent deaths of Mitsunari, Sakon and Yoshitsugu at Sekigahara. The order of execution for Yukimura and Masayuki is mitigated to exile. In the end, Masayuki passes away from natural causes, though Yukimura later reunites with Chacha, and it soon becomes more apparent that the Toyotomi's place is being threatened by the Tokugawa.

During the intermission of winter, Yukimura meets up with his brother, and the two reaffirm their wish to survive the war to witness the prosperity of their clan.

With the fall of the Toyotomi only being a matter of time in the summer siege, Yukimura once again leads a suicide-charge towards the Tokugawa main camp. Defeating all the Tokugawa officers, and Hidetada, Yukimura begins to clash against the entire enemy army, proudly declaring the spirit of the Sanada. Wounded severely, and dying, he requests Kunoichi to take the coins he had been given by Nobuyuki during their youth, and return them to his brother as well as to leave him behind.

After which, he meets his end at the hands of multiple Tokugawa soldiers. Warriors Orochi Edit Orochi's story mode reveals that Yukimura was previously serving Shingen until their defeat against the serpent army at Kawanakajima. During the first gamehe and his clan form an alliance with Yuan Shao. Due to a false rumor spread by Da Jithey mistake Zhao Yun and his party as undead phantoms terrorizing the land. After the Shu forces clear up the misconception, Yukimura apologizes for his error and joins the resistance.

Having found his lord, Yukimura returns to Shingen's side in the sequel. Once Sakon recruits his lord, he spots Kanetsugu in trouble and urges for a rescue effort. The two friends reunite at Hasedo and earn Kenshin's support in the process.

samurai warriors yukimura sanada ending relationship

Yukimura shares his dream stage with Zhao Yun and Yoshihiro as the trio work together to rescue Liu Bei from a massive army. When Masamune arrives, he declares that his spear can easily defeat his opponent's rifle troops. Yukimura remained beside Shingen's side until they were defeated by the revived serpent army in Warriors Orochi 3.

Placed under Kiyomori 's spell, he acts as a mindless general for the serpent army at Yiling and Nagashino. When Ma Chao and company break the spell on him in the latter battle, Yukimura reunites with Kunoichi, offers his gratitude, and joins the coalition.

He later leads the pursuit for Kiyomori at Anegawa and supports the coalition's invasion of Yangping Gate in Da Ji's past. When the coalition opposes his lord at Shizugatake, he and Kanetsugu put aside their past loyalties to confront their masters. In Ultimatehe and Kunoichi are stricken by Shingen's sudden aggressiveness and take refuge under Kenshin.

They are confused when evil duplicates appear as they confront AyaKanetsugu, and Shingen. After the battle, Kaguya and Shennong dispel misunderstandings between their mortal friends. He serves as his lord's guard against the protagonist. The miniaturized Yukimura was asked by his lord to fetch him a bowl of Shinano's finest noodles soba. He had just retrieved it when he was attacked by giant demons.

He is eventually devoured by a Mizuchime. Later, a starving Saya smells the delicacy and rushes headfirst into danger to dine. She is too delirious from hunger to notice the demon so the protagonist is forced to rescue her. Yukimura is freed from the fallen beast and regretfully informs the maiden the noodles were devoured by the demon. He gladly lends his strength to his savior in gratitude. When the protagonist returns to War, Yukimura suddenly runs off to challenge a Kagachime.

He explains over its defeated corpse that he did it to avenge the noodle house it destroyed in his home. He hopes to keep serving the protagonist with a cleared karma. Kessen Edit Yukimura appears as a hero mid to late game in the first Kessen. Aspiring to gain his father's hard-earned approval by impressing him with his accomplishments in battle, he is a smart tactician with daring confidence. Early in the game, he is best known for leading a deadly army of kunoichi female ninja yet also excels at leading cavalry or spear units if needed.

A trio of kunoichi -named SasukeSaizo and Kosuke - serve him at all times. After the death of his father, he is revered as a shining star of hope for the Western army by Lady Yodo and others. If Josui Kuroda or Mitsunari lose their lives fighting for the Toyotomi side, Yukimura becomes the leading commander to replace them.

Depending on the story path, he will try to trap the Tokugawa troops in Setaplanning to ask the losers to join the west. Regardless of the battle's results, the Toyotomi will choose to hold out at Osaka Castle. If he wins this battle, he will charge Ieyasu 's camp and slay him. Sasuke quickly deduces the corpse to be a double so he declares Ieyasu an enemy of the state. They meet for one more decisive battle at Sekigahara.

Should he fall at Osaka, his kunoichi will pay respects to his grave. Nioh Edit Yukimura is mentioned in a side mission by Yoshitsugu, his father-in-law. William briefly sees him fighting soldiers in a vision during the last cinematic of Nioh 's main story.

It's implied that his resistance to the Tokugawa will be one of the reasons for William's return to Japan. Yukimura is shown once again in at the end of the expansion "The Dragon of the North" being assisted by Maria. He becomes the main antagonist of the "Defiant Honor" scenario; the warrior declines Maria's offer of using Amrita as he believes there is no honor in using it.

After William manages to break through the line into Sanada-maru, the two of them face off with Yukimura defeated by the foreign samurai. He offers his head as a trophy, confiding in William that that his current master Yodo-gimi is not the same as he remembers, but feels indebted to serve the Toyotomi. They are forced to separate after a ceasefire between their respective forces is enacted. As the deuteragonist of "Bloodshed's End", he loses to William a second time and realizes that Yodo-gimi has been manipulated by Maria this whole time shortly after the emergence of the yokai.