Relationship emotions list

Emotion Checklists: Identifying Your Feelings, Pleasant and Not

relationship emotions list

Use this list of feeling words to help build an emotional vocabulary for emotional vocabularies but approach feelings and relationships in a. I'd like to give you a clear list of universally recognized emotions but . emotions and help me understand the relationship. Your brain is a relationship organ, which makes you a social being at Below are two lists of emotion-words that express your feelings and.

I thought it could help to give them a list of feelings and emotions. The idea was to help them reconnect with their innate resources and guide them towards identifying specifically what they felt. He talks about 'empathising' brains and 'systemising' brains. Men are more likely to have systemising brains while women are more like to have empathising brains.

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The 'empathisers' are more in touch with their feelings and so can more easily pinpoint the particular emotions they are experiencing at any time.

This can mean that women are generally more able to identify and talk about their feelings than men. Women also tend to have a better memory for emotionally laden material. Of course, I learnt over time that sometimes roles are switched. My list of feelings has been just as useful for working with women as it has for counselling men.

Oh, and by the way Why this feelings chart printable list of feelings pdf?

The A - Z Guide to Feelings And Emotions

For example, do you feel and connect to your emotions? Can you identify and feel a wide range of emotions? How do you feel or relate to emotions rooted in anger or fear? Regardless your level of awareness at present, emotions are designed to add multiple dimensions of meaning to your life.

They are to your body what electricity is to a lamp or fuel is to a car.

relationship emotions list

The absence of optimal emotion states can leave you stranded, whereas knowing how to plug in or refuel, can keep you energized and on your way to a destination. In other words, emotions are not just fluff or optional. Fear-based versus love-based emotions produce dramatically different results inside you.

relationship emotions list

For example, does a certain event activate overall fear-based emotions inside you in which case your body is governed by fight-or-flee or sympathetic division of your autonomic nervous system — or overall love-based emotions governed by the parasympathetic division. And this double-edged sword gives you a choice to communicate in a way that either creates and strengthens your relationships, to include the one with your self, or weakens and tears them down. Below are two lists of emotion-words that express your feelings and physical sensations.

While it is not an exhaustive list, it can be used to deepen your awareness and connection to your emotions and feelings. Relationship consultant, author, licensed marriage and family therapist, Dr. Athena Staik shows clients how to break free of anxiety, addictions, and other emotional blocks, to awaken radiantly healthy lives and relationships. Staik for information, an appointment or workshop, visit www.

Identifying Your Feelings, Pleasant and Not.