Love quarrel relationship

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love quarrel relationship

And while quarrels between partners can be considered a normal part of the relationship, “Clearing the air and coming back to love and compassion after each READ MORE: 7 bad habits that can ruin a relationship. You don't know him or her until there is a quarrel. A quarrel tests And patience is a virtue that can sustain a relationship. Any relationship. Steven Lake explores how this works in relationship. know the good, the bad and the ugly of ourselves and our partners, and still love them.

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I hate emotional upset. I hate it when my partner is upset. I hate all the bad feelings that come up for me when arguing. I hate saying things I later regret. I hate hearing hurtful things my partner says. I hate using the word hate so much. Yes, I am conflict avoidant. Many people are, but not everyone. Some people actually like fighting.

If you like fighting, you might want to stop reading, unless you want to peer into the experience of people who have a tough time in high conflict situations. Respect is the defining variable.

As long as couples respect each other, fighting in and of itself is not a threat to the relationship. If you are afraid of conflict and strong negative emotions, here are seven reasons why it is important to be able to successfully engage your partner and manage strife. It strengthens the relationship by increasing trust.

Constructive fighting that occurs within boundaries, or rules, that allow for emotional expression while avoiding abuse, strengthens a relationship. Weathering the storm allows a couple to see the clearing skies, and with calm waters approaching, a deeper understanding is glimpsed on the horizon.

Become a supporter and enjoy The Good Men Project ad free Coming through the other side of an argument strengthens feelings of trust in the process. Knowing that I can survive makes fighting less threatening. Because it is less threatening I tend to avoid delaying a confrontation and present my concerns earlier to my partner when they are less likely to cause an explosive reaction. Sometimes arguments erupt like an unforeseen squall on the ocean, blind-siding both partners.

Surviving these surprises increases resiliency to confrontational situations. You will feel better. Letting off steam and expressing your feelings releases tension, anxiety and fear. Keeping emotions bottled up all the time leads to rigidity of the mind, body and soul. This is not an academic position. Your partner will know your thoughts, feelings and opinions.

When you are able to fully express yourself, your partner will understand the depth of your feelings about the subject. If you are able to put some volume and intensity in the communication, they will get that this is important to you.

love quarrel relationship

Fighting has a tendency to bring out our worst tendencies. Strong marriages are built on forgiveness. You see, there will be many offenses in your marriage. Forgiveness is not a feeling, it is something we must do. Forgiveness is a product of faith acting without feelings. Quarrel is an important test in compatibility. Again remember that a quarrel should help you know when it is time to call it quit or not.

Lovers Quarrels Quotes

Here is a mail I received recently. Names have been changed for privacy reason. I love this guy so much. We have been dating him for 5 years now. But I have one problem. He beats me a lot. I have tried to leave him but I see myself coming back.

He also comes back and begs…and I see myself forgiving him. Now he is talking marriage. I love him so I said yes. But now I am afraid. I know how love can make one make stupid decisions. To surprise you, I have been a victim of making irrational decisions because I once loved someone.

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I truly understand how you feel. This is for your own good. I know of a man who beat his wife to pulp. She called her brother who came and joined in the fight only to hit her husband roughly and he fell down and died. Beating in a relationship is a bad sign. If he beats you the first time, he will beat you again and again; his promises are a lie. Can you bear it?

A quarrel will test your relationship. In fact, all relationships whether in courtship or marriage will be tested by quarrel.

love quarrel relationship