Louise hazel relationship quizzes

TOWIE’s Mario Falcone is dating Olympian Louise Hazel - Mirror Online

louise hazel relationship quizzes

THE CHASE viewers lashed out at poor Hazel during today's excruciating quiz, as she made a brilliant blunder when facing tough as nails. Explore Destinee Ochoa's board "Quizzes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Fun quizzes, Playbuzz and Relationships. Michael Fassbender Dating Olympian Louise Hazel to The Bulgari Hotel in Kensington, where the couple stayed until 1 a.m. "They are dating.

What is Bonnie Bennett? Question 7 What was the name of the secret society based at Whitmore College? Whitmore Augustine Maxfield Whitmore College was the college that Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline attended and was the main setting for seasons five and six. While it appeared to be a normal college on the outside, it was the gathering place for a secret society.


This secret society captured and experimented on vampires to study them and use their research for the benefit of humanity. It was lead by Dr. Whitmore who participated in the experiments and also funded the society. Damon Salvatore and another vampire named Lorenzo St.

John were captured by this society at one point. Question 8 Which of these characters is a werewolf? One of them are werewolves, who have existed long before the first vampires that were created.

They are shapeshifters that transform against their will on the night of a full moon.

louise hazel relationship quizzes

Werewolves and vampires are considered to be enemies, as a werewolf bite is lethal to a vampire, injecting them with a venom that causes them to lose their minds before they are ultimately vanquished. Question 9 Which of these boys did Caroline have a romantic involvement with first? Matt Donovan Damon Salvatore Stefan Salvatore At the beginning of the series, Caroline Forbes is a peppy, pretty cheerleader at Mystic Falls High School, so it's no surprise to anyone that she does pretty well with boys.

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However, she's slightly insecure and often finds herself feeling jealous of her childhood friend, Elena Gilbert. The two of them share quite a few common romantic interests throughout the series - in fact, out of the six confirmed love interests that Caroline has, three of them are shared with Elena. Talk about needing to branch out.

James' Bridge Before Elena even got involved with vampires and other supernatural forces, tragedy struck her when her parents lost their lives in a car accident.

Elena and her parents were driving back into town when the slick roads caused her dad to lose control, and drive the car off the bridge and into the river. Elena was the only survivor and it is later revealed that it was because Stefan rescued her from drowning as he happened to be hunting in the woods nearby.

Esther Rebekah Ayana This simple looking, but the beautiful necklace is actually a pretty powerful talisman which has been in the possession of many different people over the years.

It came to Elena through Stefan, given to her as a gift. He filled it with a special herb, to keep her from being compelled by other vampires. It seems to be indestructible, as a powerful spell meant to destroy it didn't work. Elena was the last person to have it in the series, and she left it on the tomb at Stefan's Memorial.

louise hazel relationship quizzes

Question 12 Which of these familiar couples are NOT siblings? The Founding Families still reign supreme in their small town, while the Bennetts have played a quiet but key role in the town's foundation and prosperity.

One of the most important bonds in the world, whether it's the supernatural realm or the human realm, is the one between siblings.

It doesn't matter if it's simply two siblings, like the Salvatores, or a whole slew of them, like the Mikaelsons - it's an important, invaluable connection. Question 13 Is this Elena or Katherine with Stefan? Physically, they are identical in every way, but there are quite a few things that set them apart, like their fashion senses, their personalities, and the fact that one of them is a vampire.

In addition to their appearance, the two share another thing as well: While Katherine is their past and Elena is their present, there's no denying that each of them has had their turn with them. Inside the Fell's Warehouse Beneath the Founder's Hall Beneath Fell's Church This tomb is a mystical chamber that was used to contain the vampires that had been captured by the founding families in Twenty-seven vampires had been captured and when the founding families were unable to destroy them, they poisoned them and set the place that the tomb is located in on fire.

However, the vampires were protected by the magic of Emily Bennett and remained "alive" but their bodies mummified and desiccated as they couldn't feed. It was later used as a prison for Tyler and Coraline when they were going to be used as sacrifices for breaking Klaus' curse.

English History Science Alaric Saltzman is a former recurring character turned into a main character in the series. He is a Vampire Hunter who came to Mystic Falls to get revenge against the vampire that took the life of his wife. He eventually finds out that his wife was turned into a vampire willing and left him.

He also learned that his wife had a daughter when she was a teenager and her daughter turned out to be Elena Gilbert, who was one of his students.

louise hazel relationship quizzes

Question 16 Who was the founder of The Heretics? They were originally Siphoners who were cast out from their coven since they weren't able to perform magic on their own. They were eventually turned by a vampire and managed to both keep their siphon magic but also channel the magic from their vampirism. At one point, they were bent on getting revenge against the coven that exiled them.

However, their coven found them first and trapped them in a prison world. Question 17 Which of these supernatural species is not known to exist in The Vampire Diaries? Sirens Passengers Demons A lot of supernatural drama shows tend to have a wide variety of supernatural creatures. Sometimes a show will stick to the exact lore of the creature, and other times it will create its own lore.

Many of the most popular supernatural dramas have the same creatures, for example, Teen Wolf, Supernatural, the Vampire Diaries and Buffy all have werewolves. Though Teen Wolf doesn't have vampires, and only Supernatural and Buffy have angels. Which supernatural species isn't in The Vampire Diaries? Question 18 What was the name of the stone that Mary Louise and Nora sacrificed themselves to destroy?

Its main purpose was to capture the souls of vampires and entrap them in a supernatural prison.

louise hazel relationship quizzes

It was used numerous times by the fearsome huntress, Rayna Cruz. In this article, I'll look at three different ways of handling YouTuber relationships based on real life examplesin the hope that it'll give future YouTube stars or even current YouTube stars some insight on the best route to pick. Keep Things Secret The quiet approach.

You are open with your followers but you keep the more sensitive elements of your private life under wraps.

This allows you to keep your online life and personal life separate, affording you privacy.

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This approach is also good for if your bae isn't a fan of being known by tons of people online and would prefer to stay unknown. It also stops people from speculating about your relationship, or being mean about your significant other online. This may also lead them to speculate wildly about what your love life may entail, sometimes even to the point where it overshadows other things you do. This is something Dan and Phil have sometimes struggled with over the years, for example.

Keep Things Subtle You don't publise your relationship but you don't hide it either. The information is tehre but it's up to the viewers to work it all out. It's lowkey, ya feel? It's a sort of best of both worlds in practice. You manage to maintain some privacy but you also prevent people from going overboard in trying to find out your secrets.