Im too busy for a relationship

Too Busy For A Relationship? It's Not His Problem! | Get The Guy

im too busy for a relationship

Many busy people like the idea of a 'luxury' relationship – something they can rent on a I'm not singling out women for this attitude, as this tendency is just as . Many people when asked about why they don't have a man or a woman yet respond with, “Hey, I'm just too busy for a relationship”. “I'm too. I'm legitimately too busy for a relationship, but I make exceptions for the kinds of women who can fill in the open space, be the mortar between.

New relationships can act as a stress reliever. Many people who have had bad experiences with relationships may associate dating with stress.

im too busy for a relationship

However, dating someone new can actually act as an insanely huge stress relief for your busy life. Or the cuddles you can have while watching a movie after a long day. A new relationship might just make your crazy busy life a bit easier to deal with.

Too Busy For A Relationship? It’s Not His Problem!

You have just as many hours in the day as the rest of us. If you have been telling everyone that you are just too busy for a relationship right now, it may be time to re-prioritize your life.

im too busy for a relationship

We all have the same amount of hours in our days. And then sketch out how you would like your ideal day to look.

im too busy for a relationship

This can be a very helpful reflection exercise. Whether you go on a lot of work vacations, or you are always meeting up with your friends, your partner can always come along.

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And if the idea of them tagging along scares you, it might not be the right match. Just as mentioned in point 1, the perfect person for you will understand your schedule.

im too busy for a relationship

You can share the responsibility. Most of all, they want an extraordinary relationship without doing the work of being an extraordinary partner.

This person views every part of the relationship through the eyes of a shrewd investor. With every kind act they think: Do I have to? My advice to someone with this mindset which is absolutely your right to have is simply this: I notice a lot of career-driven people tend to view success in their job as an entitlement to success in other areas. They think because they have worked hard to achieve a lot of material success, suddenly they also deserve an amazing partner who tends to their every need.

But investing in one area of your life does not entitle you to returns in another area. See, I think you can have it all in life. At least, you can have a wonderful relationship, a fulfilling and successful career and an exciting lifestyle, but you have to give a hell of a lot in order to achieve it.

For many people, this is too demanding. To which the answer is: Cut back on one of the three and be happy in your decision. Most people want to continue having it all, without investing the amount required to get it.

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