Human design projector generator relationship poems

Debunking 5 Common Myths about Generators and the Sacral Center

human design projector generator relationship poems

The diagram above, a chart or body graph from the Human Design system, is a depiction The relationship between projectors and generators is essential and . The Human Design System shows that there are just four distinct types of human being, Two energy types: The Manifestor and The Generator (there is also a This applies to all areas of their life: career, friendships, marriage, love etc. “Human Design TYPES in Relationships” Series: Manifestors - Human Design for . The Manifesting Generator Human Design System, Cosy, Healing .. Human Design System, Design Quotes, Beautiful Soul, Piece Of Me, Deep Thoughts.

To avoid this predicable dilemma, Projectors approach to relationships is quite different. Where the Generator initiates asking and inviting.

The Projector approach is to be silent and notice before they engage. Undoubtedly, a Projector knows best. Projectors can balance their relationships and vitality.

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Be clear on your criteria. Ask yourself; what do you want from person or project? Is this mutually beneficial? Are you jumping in too soon? Step one to having better relationships is know what you want. If you sense something is off, wait it out. Time is on your side. You know what you know about a situation or person. TRUST in your knowing. To anchor your knowing take frequent breaks away from the influence of the Generators magnetic energy.

Avoid the quicksand of busyness and doing-ness. This is not your style. Before you offer or agree, examine. What is all this busyness about? Is this effective, efficient for them for me? Is there a better way? Your honest assessment can save resources down the road. When you walk into a group or meeting…stop, wait, investigate, consider.

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This is your moment. Is this the right environment? Pursue and study your passions; be it a new marketing or sales strategy, logistics, expressive arts, gardening, or the sciences. A Projector happily engaged and intrigued pulls the interest of others to them. For Projectors to get the cooperation and attention to fulfill their purpose, requires them to tune in to subtle energies. They need a pause to assess situations and intentions of others. Certainly it takes practice, patience and a commitment to test these methods.

Even the most evolved Projectors can succumb to the influential forces of the Generator. Holding back for clarity through uncomfortable intervals positions them as better leaders.

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In a world that seems complicated and out of control, many would rather bury themselves in their work and avoid conversations when possible. As the dominant Type, they stand alone as the only kind of people whose power comes from their ability to make decisions from a center that responds through sounds.

The nature of the Generator is that they are sacral beings.

human design projector generator relationship poems

The Generator is the form that is here to respond to life. Through decision making from the sacral in response, the perfection of the Generator is realized. The sacral center is the center of life - the core of our reproductive capacity, generating our energy for life and work.

It is the Generator that creates and maintains the civilization we see around us. As the great builders, with the capacity to sustain work, they find fulfillment in activities they enjoy which bring them satisfaction.

Our lives depend on the reproductive, fertile power of sacral beings. To quote Ra, "It is all in the hands of the Generator. Not to be chasing after things, but to wait to respond to life as it comes to them, to honor what the sacral responds to. The dilemma of the not-self Generator is that they do not use their generative capacity correctly. Incorrect energy usage for example, trying to manifest what the mind thinks it wants without waiting for the sacral to respond results in the dysfunction of that sacral center, experienced as frustration.

Frustration is the not-self theme of a generator - who through the not-self conditioning tries to manifest in this world without waiting and ends up quitting from sheer frustration. The Generator has an open, welcoming aura.

human design projector generator relationship poems

It is an embracing aura. Generators are designed to take in life in an extraordinary way. If you are a Generator, do you want to understand where your true power lies?

Then it's time you understood the mechanical functioning of your sacral-being auric truth; the depth of your openness to life allows you to hone in on what is correct for you to respond to. So how do you "be" a Generator?

human design projector generator relationship poems

Many Generators feel "stuck" in jobs, relationships, or lives they hate, simply because they've been deeply conditioned. Billions of Generators have no idea about their true potential nor experienced the satisfaction of what it means to be themselves. Their glorious sacral centers have been shut down so many times by outside forces. From childhood, others told them to use their words or their minds instead of the guttural tones that naturally arise from their powerful sacral motor.

human design projector generator relationship poems

The Art of Being that the Generator is here to perfect is to wait to Respond to life. Responding - waiting for that unmistakable response of your sacral center - honors the deep inner knowing of that sacral center of when and what it can find satisfaction in doing. Everything in life that is correct for you as a Generator is only going to come to you as something you respond to.