Ghost hunters scotland facebook relationship

Ariel - Brawling with Scottish ghosts

ghost hunters scotland facebook relationship

Take classes in divination and science as the Scottish Ghost Nights team Join ghost hunters investigating an old and derelict Glasgow. For those that aren't familiar with Scottish vernacular, a "Square Go" is the offer wanted to do something just on social - using Vine, Twitter, Facebook etc. with the Social Media team on Twitter, suggesting a ghost hunting idea. "We have a good relationship already, between the two teams, and I think. Independant Paranormal Investigating. Events VG. The Sallie House Haunting. Education. Benedictine College. Atchison, Kansas. Maur Hill – Mount Academy.

Most Haunted has quickly achieved cult status since it was launched in and is LivingTV's most successful programme. Millions of viewers tune in regularly to watch Ex-Blue Peter girl Yvette and her team of ghost hunters spend the night in some of Britain's most haunted locations.


It has made Acorah - who claims to be guided by an Ethiopian spirit guide called Sam - into one of the country's best-known psychics. Tonight the show will start its biggest ever live vigil, a four-night Halloween special from East London following the murderous trail of Jack the Ripper. Yvette Fielding has said of the show - which is made by her husband Karl Beattie's production company Antix Productions: Everything you see and you hear is real.

It's not made up, it's not acted. Ciaran, a lecturer in the paranormal at Liverpool's Hope University, knows speaking out will probably put an end to his media career There have been many incidents with the medium that have been brushed under the carpet.

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One of our clips, later edited out, shows Karl push an unwitting sound man in the dark and pretend it was a poltergeist attack. In the remaining footage he says after surreptitiously hitting the soundman: Are you all right? I felt something touch me on my shoulder. I felt something hit me. Click on the venues below for more details about our ghost hunting events and weekends in Scotland….

Heard the rumours that the Edinburgh Vaults is one of the scariest places? Then you heard right! This place is one to test your nerves! The Edinburgh Vaults, excavated inis a labyrinth of vaulted rooms and old dwelling spaces which have a dark, claustrophobic and damp atmosphere.

ghost hunters scotland facebook relationship

Reports of nasty entities are common place after visiting Niddry Street. It is no surprise that the Edinburgh Vaults have become world famous for being one of the most haunted locations.

ghost hunters scotland facebook relationship

Join us on our return visit if you dare! Edinburgh offers plenty of hourly ghost walks around the city, but have you ever fancied actually ghost hunting in some of Edinburghs most haunted locations?!

Step back in time to the 17th Century as you enter the underground hidden Mary Kings Close for several hours of intense ghost hunting!. This place is scary enough during the day let alone at night.