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Clumsy Ninja Online Hack - Get Unlimited Coins and Gems Remember you dont need to be flexible to do yoga; flexibility is an end . Kira,clumsy ninja. Clumsy Ninja looks great and its animation is impressive, but when a The game hints at an adventure to find your friend, Kira, but as you. Kira is one of the students of Sensei, the sister of Lily, and Clumsy's Friend. She is one of the protagonist of the game. Kira is first seen when she is training with a .

In the epilogue, it is shown that Ninon and Kira are married and have a son who speaks in the Kansai dialectjust like Sensei. Taishi Nakagawa [4] Ninon's next-door neighbor and classmate, Kira is sick of a heart disease that gives him only a short life expectancy, a chance that is further reduced by his initially lewd and daring lifestyle.

Due to this, he feels lonely and likes to retreat at Tokyo Toweruntil Ninon approaches and encourages him to fill his life with happiness, even if it may be short.

Since then, he becomes close to Ninon and eventually falls for her, but is constantly reminded that his short life means that Ninon will eventually be left to grieve for him. Despite his "cool" exterior, Kira is actually very emotional and prone to cry, especially whenever Ninon puts up a brave face to face her concern about his illness. Later, Kira discovers a way to cure his disease overseas, which, while long and winding, does indeed cure him, although it leaves his family in great debt, forcing him to work in Osaka and separating him from Ninon yet again for a while.

In the epilogue, Kira is seen visiting Tokyo Tower with Ninon and their son. He was discovered by Ninon dying at the streets after being abused by a human and attacked by crows before he was subsequently rushed to a veterinarian. A few days after, Sensei suddenly gained the ability to talk; with it, he promised to Ninon that he will always accompany her no matter what. Ninon disguises him as a doll towards her classmates for most of the series, though his secret is eventually found out by Kira and Yabe.

Sensei is flamboyant and speaks in the Kansai dialect. He is also jealous of Ninon's friendship and eventual romantic relationship with Kira. Near the end of the series, Sensei develops a tumor and loses his ability to talk.

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This illness ultimately leads to his death. He manages to create a pre-recorded video for Ninon beforehand, telling her to move forward and be compassionate as well as not grieve for him anymore. The film adaptation cuts Sensei's role, instead relegating him to an ordinary parrot who constantly praises Ninon with "You're awesome!

He also lives all the way to the end of the film. Back when he was in middle school, he was bullied for being an otaku who has an interest in drawing mangabut was saved by Kira, who helped him break through his shy attitude. Yabe then transformed into a tsundere individual and would express constant mood swings and sentiments that are contrary to what he usually feels. At first, he bullies Ninon due to her introverted nature, but in the process has his friendship with Kira broken when the latter stands up for her.

Despite this, he tries to make amends with Kira and develops feelings for Ninon, though he ultimately wants her and Kira to be happy by staying together. Later, Yabe also takes an interest in Rei, though the two's difficult personalities send their relationship through a rocky path before solidifying at the end. In the epilogue, it is shown that Yabe has successfully send his manga to a publisher after several failed attempts.

In the film adaptation, Yabe is considerably calmer and does not bully or fall in love with Ninon like in the manga. Yuna Taira A friend of Kira who was hospitalized in the same ward in middle school.

She later enrolled in the same school as Ninon and Kira, but took the separate science program. She is quiet, sneaky, and is somewhat a sociopath, having a hobby of bullying people whom she thinks do not speak up enough; this attitude costs her her chance to make friends. While she has no feelings for Kira, Rei at first pretends to be his ex-girlfriend to Ninon and bullies her into breaking up with him, but when Ninon shows resolve on her relationship, she apologizes and congratulates her.

Rei is later shown to be one of Ninon's best friends and slowly develops a relationship with Yabe, though it goes a rocky path due to both parties' difficult personalities.

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Later, she transfers to a different school to accommodate her singing commitments, becoming a record-selling artist by the epilogue. Unlike in the manga, she studies in a separate high school from Ninon, Kira, and Yabe since the very beginning.

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He is left a single father after his wife died giving birth to Kira, only to find out that his son has an illness that gives him only several years of life expectancy.

To pay for Kira's medication, he works at an okama bar while putting up a drag and donning the name "Tiara". Tiara is friends with Ninon's mother and is the one who requests Ninon to befriend Kira and make him happy.

Later, Tiara is forced to sell his house and find work in Osaka to pay for Kira's overseas medication, which separates the Kira family from the Okamura family for several years.

The team then heads for the Temple, and discover Kira and Hori-Bull fighting, but petrified in stone due to arriving at the Temple unprepared with protection against the ancient protection spells. The fight finishes with Hori-Bull's defeat and Clumsy unlocking his master suit. The team reunite, and Kira recieves her master suit later. Trivia If you want to see the story of Kira and the ninja, click the photo near the left of the market that shows the ninja and Kira cuddling.

The whole game involved around finding Kira. In the picture of them cuddling, it depicts Kira' belt as a dark purple, eggplant-like color. However, she is depicted having a magenta belt in person. If you are level 52, you can unlocked her and use her. She had acess some moves that in Clumsy training items. Probally because she had learn before In the photo story, She looks taller and skinier than in the game. Almost all of her suits are exclusive and can get in event, only one that can purchase.

Based on the game, she likes Clumsy and like to hug him. As seen in the photo story and an animation after you reach level 52, she always hug him.