Can a platonic relationship turn romantic

Platonic Love vs. Romantic Love: To Be or Not to Be

can a platonic relationship turn romantic

If you're thinking of taking your friendship to the next level, but aren't sure if a platonic relationship can transform into a romantic one, your best bud can go from. I mean, how are you supposed to transition the relationship into the next level? “Do you think you could ever see us dating” assuming it was a mistake that couldn't have meant anything on his end, but it turns out it did. As my facialist talked about her platonic relationship with me, she decided natural progression from platonic friendship to future romantic coupling? Too much daydreaming and fantasizing can become habitual and create.

You fantasize about sex. Be careful about taking flights of sexual fantasy with your platonic friend. Daydreams may spill into your platonic relationship and cause emotional confusion.

Too much daydreaming and fantasizing can become habitual and create unwarranted attachment. Be mindfully conscious of your boundaries.

Can Platonic Feelings Become Romantic?

Worse, you talk about sex. Just because you and your platonic partner are free to discuss any topic from politics, work, family, psychological or relationships problems with the opposite sex, you still need to be mindful about what you are saying.

Filter your thoughts so that graphic sexual descriptions don't enter into the dialogue. It's not appropriate to talk to your platonic friend about sex with another man.

You talk too much to others about your "best buddy" relationship. Your platonic relationship is actually a very private matter. If you bring other people into your dyad, it might complicate or even compromise your relationship.

Everyone has an opinion about the "best buddy" story, but the only opinion that's relevant comes from you and your "best buddy.

You confuse romantic love with friendship. Your platonic friend is not a romantic friend. Your feelings are not supposed to be of a passionate nature. The natural emotions you feel for your platonic friend -- unconditional support and chaste love -- are positive and inspirational aspects and bring their own rewards.

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Always remember to be mindful about how quickly and easily your emotions can go beyond the framework of your chaste friendship. You've stopped being mindful about your relationship and often cross boundaries.

Being mindful about how to nurture your platonic relationship with love and keep it emotionally balanced is crucial for lasting friendship. If you find yourself feeling or acting in a manner not befitting your platonic relationship, take a time out and exam some of your unconscious behavior. It is possible that neither may be aware of subtle shifts in the emotional context. Talking about noticable emotional shifts in language or context is a really positive way to sustain your friendship.

Plato thought friendships were the highest level or relationship. But even a platonic relationship is not consistency a perfect relationship.

can a platonic relationship turn romantic

Although the electric spark of attraction that comes along with meeting someone new is a thrill, some of the best romances stem from true friendship.

If you're thinking of taking your friendship to the next level, but aren't sure if a platonic relationship can transform into a romantic one, your best bud can go from BFF to BF. Growing Up As you move from childhood into the teen and young adult years, your feelings are changing and growing in new directions.

can a platonic relationship turn romantic

While you may have seen the girl next door as someone to play soccer or catch fireflies with during your elementary or early middle school years, your teen self may suddenly see her as a potential date. A long-standing platonic friendship that began developing well before you started having romantic feelings for anyone can turn into a more mature, love-based relationship after puberty sets in. You may begin to see your "friend" in a new light, noticing how attractive she is becoming or that her smile is suddenly making you blush.

Close Call Building a long-lasting romantic relationship requires more than just chemistry or attraction. A mature, loving partnership requires the sharing, caring and support elements that are part of developing closeness with another person.

Having a platonic relationship before a romantic one allows you the time to develop closeness and true caring for one another. Instead of starting off at the attraction or smitten phase, you can begin your new relationship on a deeper level with your friend.