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barry long relationship love

LOVE. 'In perfect sexual love there are three principles: man, woman and God.' Barry Long 'Where man and woman suffer most is in their relationships. I come . Long married or lived monogamously with five this time Barry Long's love of woman has remained constant. To Woman in Love: A Book of Letters [Barry Long] on advice he gave to individual women about their relationships with parents and children.

It is the opposite to the pure intelligence and goodness of the man. Faced with such intelligent action his self will feel restless and threatened.

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That power takes the form of a greater authority which the man realises is coming into him; a greater sense of being what he is. He will get a right aloofness from it all. I just look to see the fact for myself. The man will continue to love the people close to him, not according to their expectations, but according to the truth in him. As he does that, his inner authority increases and he has a greater perception of freedom. He will then have quieter moments, stiller moments of communion with that in his own being.

The Process of Containment What I have described is a process of containment to develop a spiritual consciousness. It is the troublesome and distracting self that has to be contained. The self is a hard lump of emotional cunning that has formed in the subconscious out of all the disappointments and hurts the person has experienced since birth, particularly those of a sexual nature.

Being an unhappy entity, its influence spoils good relationships and situations and inevitably makes choices that are soon regretted. Under the light of spiritual scrutiny the self squirms and does everything it can to deflect the attention.

Barry Long

In any situation of self-denial or withdrawal, the self will be felt as an uncomfortable disturbance or restlessness in the belly, as everybody has experienced.

It will pressure him to think about giving up the process, to feel that he is being hard done by or even misled. The man must not give in to this. The authority he has gained is the intelligence with which he surrounds his self. But it must be without thought. And any pain is simply his self dying.

barry long relationship love

He must not look for overnight miracles. He must remember that he himself made this restless old unhappy self and it is only right that now he should take responsibility for dissolving it. Honesty in Partnership One of the most difficult things for man and woman to grasp is how to withdraw from attachment to the partner. For this he has to introduce truth into the relationship. When there is truth in the relationship from the beginning, the chances of conflict are reduced enormously.

It means putting honesty before the love of the man or woman. The man must see that if he takes his emotions and negative reactions into a relationship - as everybody does - the partnership is going to be problematical. To avoid that he has to be prepared, with his woman, to give up his emotions and find out what causes them, in him and in her.

Woman has to be honest, too. And neither must react in the old defensive ways of the past. So the principle is: Otherwise you will have a dishonest love no matter how hard you try. Honesty in love is the process of detachment. It brings reality into the partnership, reducing selfish and irresponsible emotional expressions.

Only my self makes me emotional. Loving Woman A man endeavouring to live the spiritual life has to practise loving woman.

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For the essence of woman is God or love in existence. Every man knows that woman is what he thinks about most throughout his life - from boyhood to the time of his death. This is true of all men. It indicates that the truth of love for man must be in woman.

However, the one major obstacle to his loving her is his sexual lust for her. Now, how does he get rid of lust? He gets rid of it by loving her physical body. I said loving her not sexing her. Love is utterly different from sex, although love is expressed through the sexual act. To love a woman is to enjoy her.

First man has to see he loves being in the presence of woman for the pure sensation of that enjoyment - holding her hand, walking with her - without any thought process. Any thought process about woman turns to sex. When the physical woman is in front of him, does he need to think about her?

The man has to be able to see the beauty of her. He has to see her intrinsic beauty instead of his own habitual sexual wanting to possess her.

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He has to realise that he loves her because she has an indescribable essence that he, man, does not have. She is his missing love, the missing expression of God in his existence.

barry long relationship love

He has to give it up. In he returned to his native Australia, living on Tamborine MountainQueensland with his wife Kathy and young stepson, Simon, then in Burleigh HeadsQueensland when they divorced, and finally moving to Crabbes Creek, New South Wales where he lived until his death from prostate cancer in December In he recorded a double audio cassette Making Love: His last public seminar was the tenth annual 14 day Master Session held in Queensland, Australia in late October He continued to write new material after this and his observations on the approach of death were published on his website.

A Spiritual Autobiography which describes his life up until the death of his second wife in His works are published by the Barry Long Foundation International, based in New South Wales, Australia [6] and his last writings have yet to be published. Long's teachings[ edit ] Long's teaching focuses on freeing the individual from unhappiness which he defined as "happy today, unhappy tomorrow".

barry long relationship love

These emotions encourage other thoughts and so a vicious cycle is initiated. We are trapped in this cycle, he suggested, until we follow "the way of truth". The sexual aspects of his teaching gained great notoriety, assuming a greater prominence in the public mind than Long wished. He maintained the relationship between man and woman caused the greatest unhappiness in the post-industrial West.

barry long relationship love

He taught and wrote in detail about sexual love between man and woman and its use to purify them both, ridding them of what he called "personal, human love.