Azure striker gunvault ending a relationship

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azure striker gunvault ending a relationship

—Joule, Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime Joule, known in Japan as Cyan (シアン gems and gives them to her (which unlocks the True Ending of the game). For Azure Striker Gunvolt on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled " How to get True I hearing true ending is the best ending. Click here to see the first game's poster Azure Striker Gunvolt (Armed Blue: Gunvolt in Japan) is a series of 2D Run-and-Gun games in the vein of the .

Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 does not feature autosaving. For a platformer inthat is inexcusable, especially for the second entry in a series. The game flat out acknowledges it at one point, making the player question why this decision was made.

It adds a cheap punishment for players who must turn off their system and focus their attention elsewhere in the middle of a level. While the game does use the bottom screen, a lot of information is still displayed on the top screen.

This is especially hindering during boss fights, even though the characters are given personality by the dialogue displayed, it blocks the gameplay.

azure striker gunvault ending a relationship

The game does give you the option to turn off dialogue and character portraits, but during the first time through to experience the story, this clutter becomes a hindrance. Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 is a very solid 2D platforming experience. It has great controls, great level design, great characters, and interesting dialogue that keep the player engaged. The lack of an autosave feature and clutter on the top screen are annoying, but 2D platformer fans who can get past these issues will really enjoy this game.

I am eager to see were this franchise goes next — this series has a lot of potential in a variety of genres. The two duel, ending with GV running off in defeat. Copen lets him go, which Lola comments as something the old Copen wouldn't have allowed. Thank you Copen, but your sister is in another country Edit After defeating four of The Seven, Nori sends an urgent message to Copen, saying that Eden Adepts broke into their base and kidnapped Mytyl again. Copen rapidly responds and tracks down Mytyl.


Upon arriving at her last known location, he instead meets two more of The Seven, Gibril and Teseo. Teseo makes some trollish remarks along the lines of Copen's sister complex, and says that he used his septima to transport Mytyl to the "Garden".

Gibril tells Teseo to shut up, and he teleports away as Gibril prepares to fight Copen. After soundly defeating her, Copen asks Nori to look up this "Garden". The result is that Garden is the name for Eden's headquarters, placed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan a city in an unspecified Central-Asian country. She also reports a large amount of Eden forces converging on the area, most likely a trap set by Teseo. Copen acknowledges this, but charges off anyway. The following text contains spoilers.

Read at your own risk! Nothing can stop Copen, not even when Teseo drops an upgraded Plasma Legion on him.


The Eden troops know full well they don't stand a chance, but fight anyways, believing in the utopia Zonda will create. Meet people again, Re kill them Edit As Copen goes further into Garden, his comms fail, likely due to interference by Zonda.

Stepping into a conspicuous mirror, Copen once again encounters Tenjian.

azure striker gunvault ending a relationship

Or rather, a copy of Tenjian, with all his powers and memories, forged by his sister Zonda's power. The two duel again, and Copen once more comes out on top.

Pressing onward, he has rematches with Ghauri, Desna, and Asroc. Copen then runs into Zonda, who has been waiting for him to come. My sister can't be an Adept! Edit Zonda begins to speak, claiming that Mytyl is actually an Adept.

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She states that Mytyl was the original holder of the Muse, and the operation that took her voice was in reality an operation to remove the septimasome and implant it into another host, like Joule.

Copen dismisses her claims as more lies, and readies his gun. She teleports away, leaving behind copies of her false selves to test Copen, and begins a battle. The two Zondas insist that Mytyl is an Adept, much to Copen's chagrin. Shattering the two copies, Copen finally makes it to the innermost chamber. There, Zonda awaits as Mytyl is suspended in the air. After Zonda refuses to hand Mytyl over, she somehow uses Mytyl's body to rip the shards out from Lola.

As the shards orbit Mytyl, they turn black and converge upon Zonda. Apparently, Zonda kept data records on the shards as they were used by The Seven, and came up with a plan. By somehow using Mytyl's body, she could absorb the Muse's power and boost her Septima. Her new septima, Reverie Mirror, would allow her to rewrite reality itself. She demonstrates this by not only changing the Garden into a crystalline blue void, but also by taking on a fairy-like form, as if she were a Muse herself.

After an incident in the second game, she becomes severely weakened to the point of taking a child-like form, but is still able to support GV using her Anthem. I wanted to add her some type of mystery and common traits with Morpho so I added a small long bang-like hair to her. Butterflies are a symbol of resurrection and the cycle of resurrection and so it perfectly fit with her in-game role.

I fought with a lot of maiden-like designs yet, in the end, I ended up creating a pretty simple design. I am prideful that I could make Morpho gorgeous with her long sleeves, hair and feathers but she was too big, hard to fit on-screen and, easily, the hardest to draw: I wanted to make her a simple as possible yet gorgeous and pretty.

As a result I went ahead and got rid of her sleeves.