Are differences good in a relationship

Valuing the differences in your relationship - Changing For Good

are differences good in a relationship

You feel a sense of happiness and comfort from being in a relationship that feels good. Healthy relationships are all about working together to. How The Differences Keep A Relationship Together opposite couples worked well together as a team on mutually-shared long term goals. When Differences Can Make Your Relationship Stronger. Having a different outlook from your partner can be a good thing. Here's why.

Try to see where they are coming from. If possible, you can offer to help them deal with the situation.

are differences good in a relationship

For example, if they are always running late, you can ask if there is anything you can do to help them arrive on time. See your differences as an opportunity to see the world from their point of view.

“But We’re So Different”: How Differences Shape And Impact Your Relationship |

Notice when their different perspective has a positive impact on you. Accepting differences can enrich your life. Learn More Appreciation It can be easy to take your partner and the people in your life for granted. We are all so busy that we may not take the time to appreciate the people around us.

are differences good in a relationship

Learning and understanding anger management techniques including new ways to communicate is important for you to make meaningful and lasting changes in your life.

Learn More Decision making principles In life there are essentially four decision making principles that give us an idea about how much influence we can have in different situations. And, sometimes, stonewalling occurs where one person will tune the other person out and stop listening altogether.

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This results in avoiding of a fight, but it also results in avoiding the relationship and dealing with issues that need to be dealt with. One person is not better than the other person. One person does not get more say, more benefits, more freedom, more money, or more anything. Both people in the relationship feel like they have equal input into the relationship and big issues, and both people feel like they are in charge of their own individual lives.

Moreover, both people feel like they are sharing the big duties in the relationship or have evenly divided them up according to what is happening. For instance, if both people are working, then they share the household duties evenly, including cooking, instead of making one person do all the work while the other one gets a free pass to sit in front of the TV.

How The Differences Keep A Relationship Together

In unhealthy relationships, one person is superior and one is inferior. Or both people are fighting for the superior spot because the ego of both people is so huge that it makes them think that they are more important than their partner. They think they should have more of the freedom and less of the duties in the relationship. In short, one person or both feels like they are owed more than the other and they do and say things to make that happen.

Compassion Versus Cruelty When two people are in a healthy relationship, they try not to hurt each other. In unhealthy relationships, hurting each other is the name of the game. Emotional, mental, and physical abuse happen all the time, and feelings are not often accounted for — if at all.

Does Age Matter? - Best Age Gap For A Successful Relationship

Unhealthy relationships have conditional love. One or both people love each other until something is said or done. Then the love is withdrawn, support is gone, and until things go back to the way they were, the relationship feels disconnected. Forgiveness Versus Punishment When two people are in a healthy relationship, forgiveness has to be present.

Sometimes things happen that require forgiveness, but both people know that their partner is not out to intentionally hurt them and are able to put reasonable issues in the past and move on.

In unhealthy relationships, punishment happens when issues arise. If one person does something to hurt the other — even unintentionally, they are punished for their act repeatedly.

are differences good in a relationship

They are made to feel bad. They feel like they have to make things up to the other person. And they live in a state of not being good enough or worthy enough for as long as the other person feels fit to keep them there. In unhealthy relationships, lying is rampant. Lying becomes a habit, so soon almost everything is a lie in the relationship, which makes the relationship a lie too. Every day we learn from each other.

are differences good in a relationship

They can even be on opposite sides of the political spectrum. But those differences pale in comparison to the big issue: And the strongest couples tend to share those.

“But We’re So Different”: How Differences Shape And Impact Your Relationship

His idea of fun is doing an Ironman or an ultra-marathon that involves camping. Catherine and Oliver, married for nine years, feel the same way. Differences create a balance Hinterhaus Productions via Getty Images Partners with different views - family time, wellness, prioritising leisure over work - can help each other to adapt.