Am so bored with my relationship

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am so bored with my relationship

Hi Jessica,. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about four years. I'm really in love with him, but lately I feel really bored too. I feel so guilty. Read on to see if your relationship is in trouble and what you can do about it. the major reasons why men in relationships get bored so you will be able Doing so will make him feel heard and will de-escalate the situation. What does it mean if I am bored in my relationship? Does being bored mean it's over? Find out what being bored in a relationship really means.

am so bored with my relationship

This is why its extremity important not to live separate lives and to start involving each other in the activities you do. What do we do after that? First before we get to the vital point, there is something that most couples stop doing that initially made the relationship quite interesting in the beginning; and that is trying to impress each other.

When we start feeling comfortable with our loved ones we tend to stop proceeding with our efforts to impress one another. What makes the relationship interesting in the beginning is the feelings of excitement that couples go through as a result of meeting each other.

When they start getting used to each other, it is not very exciting anymore. Not once, not twice, and certainly not something that is just nice to do.

How Do I Stop Feeling So Bored with My Relationship?

When you start to experience fun and excitement together, you will suddenly experience amazing feelings with your partner once again. Your mind will release endorphins making you feel the excitement that you both used to feel together once again. Hence, keeping a relationship revived is not something that you do once or experience once in the beginning, it is something that is vital to maintain in a healthy relationship.

am so bored with my relationship

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Contact Author There could be any number of reasons why a man might lose interest in his girlfriend or wife.

Are You Bored In Your Relationship?

However, it likely has very little to do with you and much more to do with the lack of excitement, thrill, passion, romance, and spontaneity in your relationship.

If you want to make sure that your relationship lasts, then you should familiarize yourself with the major reasons why men in relationships get bored so you will be able to find ways to prevent this from happening. When you first start dating someone and are still in the "honeymoon" period, it's natural to want to spend as much time as possible with your romantic partner.

It's important to remember, though, that distance is key to making your relationship survive. Think of it this way: If you keep seeing each other twenty-four hours a day, then there is a strong possibility that your boyfriend or husband will get bored.

Create Healthy Space in Your Relationship Everyone needs some time to themselves or time to spend with other friends or family.

8 tips for when you’re bored in your relationship but don’t want to break up

Realize that it's OK—and in fact good—for your boyfriend or husband to need space. Then, take the following steps to make sure that you both create healthy boundaries. Talk to your partner. Ask him how much space he wants and what kind of space he wants. Does he want an office or a "man cave" in the house where he can go when he wants some time alone?

Or does he want a few nights a week to spend with his friends? Does he need to spend extra time at work or school because of some big deadlines? Whatever the reason is, the important thing is that you trust him. Take care of yourself. If you've been spending every waking hour with your partner, it's likely you've neglected yourself and the other important relationships in your own life.

6 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Bored In Your Relationship

Have a girls' night out on the evenings you'll be apart. Or you can focus on an exercise regimen: You can also explore a hobby. Whatever you choose to do should be enjoyable and good for you. If your man meets another desirable woman, then there is a great possibility that he will be drawn towards catching her interest.

You may notice his restlessness as he thinks less about you. Obviously, these solutions aren't fool-proof. You can't ensure he won't leave you for someone else. But if you take these suggestions, then there is a great chance his boredom won't cause his eye to wander.

Create a "Fantasy Jar.

am so bored with my relationship

Put them in a jar, and then the next time you're intimate, pick one and act it out. Shake things up a bit.

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If you typically have hours-long sessions, then try a "quickie," or try different times of day. A little bit of spontaneity may just be the magic touch! Leave salacious voice mails and text messages during the day to build anticipation for when you finally get to see each other that night. Make Out Like Teenagers. Be generous with hugs, kisses, caresses, even when it doesn't lead to intercourse. These kinds of touches can build affection and anticipation!

Too many unnecessary arguments and fights that are triggered by small things—like him leaving the toilet seat up or you making commitments for him without asking first—can cause a lot of relationship stress.