9 of swords in love relationship

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9 of swords in love relationship

Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Nine of Swords including upright and reversed card meanings. Love this deck? away your partner, until one day, he feels so disconnected from you that he starts a new relationship with someone else. In fortune telling, The 9 of Swords card is a symbol of anxiety. Nine of Swords Tarot card meaning for love, romance and hidden-facts.info In a love reading, Nine of swords tarot card indicates a relationship that has taken away the Seeker's peace of mind. If the Seeker is single, Nine of swords can.

Taking time out to grieve and heal. Not feeling very sociable. Possible need for counselling or marriage guidance. Finding sanctuary away from an abusive relationship. A relationship that has sucked the life out of you. Relationship causing depression and severe stress. Constantly worried or anxious.

A partner who is ill or hosptialised. If you are hell-bent on saving it, then professional help may be needed. Healing, or total Collapse of psychological foundations. Reversed — Release from an oppressive relationship. Beginning to feel strong again and able to stand on your own two feet after the collapse of a relationship. Counselling having a positive effect. Coming out of retreat. A relationship once thought to be dead slowly comes back to life.

A partner recovering from ill-health and being released from hospital.

9 of swords in relationships

Unfortunately this card reversed can suggest not learning from your mistakes, continuing to put up with an unacceptable or dysfunctional relationship. Not heeding any advice or warning you are given. Falling into the trap of negative patterns of behaviour with partner.

Keeping up a facade that your relationship is alive and kicking when it really should be over and done with. A relationship that is bringing you down on all levels. Much effort and help needed to sort this one out.

Yes, to finally leaving an old, unhealthy relationship behind. Unexpected stressful events and issues. Five of Swords — A bully in the relationship.

9 of swords in relationships - Aeclectic Tarot Forum

Vicious legal battles between couples during separation of divorce. A no win situation. Anger, force, intimidation and downright nastiness. Feeling defeated or ruined.

Losing your partner to another. Extreme interference in your relationship. Hidden agendas and back stabbing. Depending on surrounding cards, this card may suggest standing up for yourself against your partner, fighting back, or taking back your own power.

9 of swords in love relationship

Street Angel, House Devil! Reversed — A Red Flag for relationships. There are major demonic undertones to the dream. You may physically be sweating, waking up in a blanket of damp fear. Screaming and crying are common while dreaming.

Nine of Swords in Love If you are in a relationship and the Nine of Swords turns up, your relationship maybe causing you a lot of suffering and worry. There can be doubts in the relationship. One or both of you could also be mental disturbed. If you are single and looking for love, the Nine of Swords signals extreme fear about getting hurt. You maybe manifesting the results through the power of your negative self-induced feelings.

Nine of Swords for Feelings They think or feel that you are either a nightmare or in a situation that is a nightmare. You may need to think over a part of your life that you feel is amiss. Bedded deep in your subconscious is where the issue lays. Your subconscious needs to be pulled up and into your conscious mind. This would be a good time to journal or talk to a close confidant. On the other hand, you could know what is triggering the issue and it needs to be addressed head on.

The issue could be with a lover, family member, friend or colleague.

Nine of Swords in Love and Relationships - Priania

Give the issue some consideration and then try and have an open conversation. Explain that you would like to talk things out. The Nine of Swords also mirrors your fear of the future, or your fear of what awaits you in the future. This is a dangerous thing because you unknowingly create a negative future because of your actions that are driven by your fears.

Your nightmares can become a reality because your fear allows them to happen.

9 of swords in love relationship

The Nine of Swords tarot also represents your natural tendency to worry too much about something. You lose sleep over it. You toss and turn and your head is filled with worst case scenarios.

You work yourself up over nothing. But you should not let it take over your life and stop you from living your life. If you will be afraid forever, what kind of life will you have? The Nine of Swords tarot also tells you that you are being too hard on yourself.

Quit the negative self-talk.

9 of swords in love relationship

Back it up with positive reinforcement.