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The James Bond series focuses on a fictional British Secret Service agent created in by The films are also noted for Bond's relationships with various women, who are .. The documentary included James Bond in dramatised scenes from Goldfinger—notably featuring being " Legends Review". Legends is told as a what-if but all of it is told from a what-if . Goldfinger, On Her Magesty's Secret Service, License to Kill, Die Another Day, At the end of each of the 5 missions (Skyfall rounds out six as free DLC . I've always had a somewhat strained relationship with turn-based tactical games. She later married Italian Count Giulio di Vicenzo who, during their marriage, got hold of a large portion of her money . Tracy as she appears in Legends.

Bond sneaks into Goldfinger's plant and discovers Goldfinger smuggles gold by melting it down and incorporating it into the bodywork of his car, which he takes with him whenever he travels. Bond also overhears Goldfinger talking to Chinese agent Mr. Ling about "Operation Grand Slam. Oddjob kills Tilly with his hatand Bond is captured and tied to a cutting table underneath an industrial laserwhich begins to slice a large sheet of gold in half, with Bond lying over it.

Bond escapes and witnesses Goldfinger's meeting with US mafiosiwho have brought the materials he needs for Operation Grand Slam. He then kills them using the "Delta 9" nerve gas he plans to release over Fort Knox. Bond is recaptured and tells Goldfinger his plan to rob the gold depository will not work, as he will not have enough time to move the gold before the Americans intervene.

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Goldfinger hints he does not intend to steal the gold, and Bond deduces that Goldfinger will detonate a dirty bomb inside the vault, designed to render the gold useless for 58 years. This will increase the value of Goldfinger's own gold and give the Chinese an advantage from the potential economic chaos. Goldfinger subtly threatens that should the Americans attempt to locate the bomb or interfere with his plan, he will simply have it detonated somewhere of significance in the United States.

However, Bond had seduced Galore and convinced her to replace the nerve gas with a harmless substance and alert the US government about Goldfinger's plan. The military personnel of Fort Knox play dead until they are certain that they can capture the bomb and prevent the criminals from escaping.

Believing the military forces to be neutralized, Goldfinger's private army breaks into Fort Knox and accesses the vault itself as Goldfinger arrives in a helicopter with the atomic device. In the vault, his henchman Kisch handcuffs Bond to the bomb. The troops arise and attack, killing many of Goldfinger's men.

Seeing this, Goldfinger locks the vault, takes off his coat, revealing a US Army colonel's uniform, and kills Mr. Ling and several troops, before escaping. Kisch realizes they are trapped and attempts to stop the bomb, but Oddjob throws him to his death.

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Bond frees himself with Kisch's handcuff keys, but the superhumanly strong Oddjob batters him before he can disarm the bomb. Eventually Bond manages to electrocute Oddjob, then forces the lock off the bomb using gold bullion bars from the vault, but ultimately is unable to disarm it. After finally killing all of Goldfinger's men, the troops open the vault and rush to disarm the bomb.

An atomic specialist who accompanied Leiter arrives with seconds to spare, and simply turns off the device with the timer stopped on "0: Bond is invited to the White House for lunch with the President. However, Goldfinger hijacks the plane carrying Bond there.

In a struggle for Goldfinger's revolver, the gun fires, shooting out a window, creating an explosive decompression. Goldfinger is blown out of the cabin through the ruptured window.

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With the plane out of control, Bond rescues Galore and they parachute safely from the aircraft before it crashes into the ocean. Cast[ edit ] Sean Connery as James Bond An MI6 agent who is sent to investigate Auric Goldfinger.

Connery reprised the role of Bond for the third time in a row. His salary rose, but a pay dispute later broke out during filming. After he suffered a back injury when filming the scene where Oddjob knocks Bond unconscious in Miami, the dispute was settled: During the filming of Goldfinger Connery became a fan of golf. Goldfinger's personal pilot and leader of an all-female team of pilots known as Pussy Galore's Flying Circus.

Blackman was selected for the role of Pussy Galore because of her role in The Avengers [2] and the script was rewritten to show Blackman's judo abilities. Concerned about censors, the producers thought about changing the character's name to "Kitty Galore", [4] but they and Hamilton decided "if you were a ten-year old boy and knew what the name meant, you weren't a ten-year old boy, you were a dirty little bitch. The American censor was concerned, but we got round that by inviting him and his wife out to dinner and [told him] we were big supporters of the Republican Party.

A wealthy, psychopathic [8] man obsessed with gold. Orson Welles was considered as Goldfinger, but his financial demands were too high; [9] Theodore Bikel auditioned for the role, but failed. To redub him, he had to double the speed of his performance to get the right tempo.

However, he was redubbed for the rest of the film by stage actor Michael Collins. Bond Girl and Goldfinger's aide-de-campwhom Bond catches helping the villain cheat at a game of cards. He seduces her, but for her betrayal, she is completely painted in gold paint and, according to Bond, dies from "skin suffocation". Then, head over to the nearby table with the pyramid toy on it and interact with it.

This will open a TV with a console for you to hack. Check the wall behind the pool table with your fingerprint scanner to reveal a safe. Use your watch to help open it on-screen instructions will guide youand you'll find some incriminating evidence on Goldfinger.

In the middle of the story sequence, you'll need to follow the on-screen prompt twice to avoid the deathly precision of Oddjob's hat.

When you land on the bottom floor, you'll need to shoot your way through the next series of navpoints. Use cover and patience, and you'll get through those waves of enemies soon enough. Your car's waiting for you outside, Fort Knox[ edit ] It'll be nice to have some allies on your side as you take on this small battalion in this completely James Bond-like sequence. As you make your advance, you'll need to take out the two hostiles with rocket launchers on top of the two towers ahead.

Afterwards, take cover and neutralize any advancing enemies while you wait for the helicopter to take down the barrier that's stopping you from moving on. In this next section, you'll need to hack a computer on either the left or the right towers to lower the next set of barriers.

In the final outdoor section, you'll need to take out that giant tank with the laser. There are some snipers up top that you'd be wise to deal with as well, but you're not going to be able to advance until that tank is gone.

There's a rocket launcher behind each of the two towers. If you need more ammo, there's some behind the jeep on the right in a locked trunk shoot the lock off. When the tank's destroyed, follow the navpoint and head into the building. Follow the navpoints through the building and take out any of the enemies in your way. Stick near Felix throughout this entire next section, you'll escort him at some points, and you'll follow him at other points. Eventually, Felix will try to operate on a fuse box and you'll need to protect him.

Take out the enemies that arrive, and you'll eventually be called to hack into the fuse box yourself. After you do this, the power will shut off, and you'll be behind the lens of night-vision goggles. Hop in the elevator. When it opens again, your friend Felix will fly into your arms. It's not the Turk-JD "guy love" that you might've hoped it would be - Oddjob just kicked his ass. Your objective here is to chase Oddjob, but you'll have to get past the blast doors to do so.

Take some time to eliminate your opposition in the first room, and then follow the first navpoint. When you get into the hallway, you'll need to focus more on sprinting to your goal as opposed to carefully taking out enemies.

When you get past the last big circular door, you'll clear that objective. In this next big area, you'll have a seemingly endless supply of enemies to take care of. It does sadden me that I do have two complaints. Bond of Duty James sporting a Sony Xperia phone in true product tie-in fashion, just like the recent movies can hack objects and investigate biometric clues.

Pressing Y cycles through the two filters and a camera on the phone. The Wi-Fi Hack electromagnetic filter asks you to match the modulating frequencies on the phone by slowing pressing the left and right triggers enough to stay in the designated band. Biometric scanning can detect subtle nerve toxins in the air or scan fingerprints on biometric locks.

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The biometric locks are a good distraction, asking the player to pay attention to the most recent and the least recently pressed buttons, and then discerning the code from it. This can be a fencing mask for Gustav Graves, or a cigar for Sanchez, as an example. This is done by matching up the colors in a grid of 9 discs.

In addition to killing off cameras with the built-in laser, or using a ping to track his enemies, Bond can also use his watch to crack safes. Using the left and right trigger you can move one of the three rings, adjusting them until all of the lines match up according to descending size.

Remaining fully attached to the rails, there are two vehicle sections in the game — namely the jeep chase in License to Kill, and the Icarus-dodging run in the invisible Vanquish ugh in Die Another Day. One of the biggest reminders that I was playing a Bond title built on the Call of Duty platform came when I shot a Humvee tire and watched the entire vehicle explode.

This is a bit incongruous since you have to shoot an enemy wearing no more than a T-shirt in the chest six times I counted. At the end of each of the 5 missions Skyfall rounds out six as free DLC several weeks after the movie hits — thanks for not spoiling it! The Challenge mode is split into two sections — MI6 and Legends. Both sets of missions are split into escape, Defense, Infiltration, and Assault.