Relationship between cbr and modulus

relationship between cbr and modulus

CORRELATION BETWEEN MODULUS OF RESILIENCE AND CBR VALUE OF TRISHULI RIVER SAND - Er. Ram Kumar Shrestha [email protected] “under-prediction“ of resilient modulus, cause an under-design and premature deterioration of roads. This article discusses the Mr-CBR relationship of unbound . (CBR test). Based on this investigation results, relationships between dynamic modulus, static moduli, density index, relative bearing ratio were established for.

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X-X, 20XX Available online at http: The research was conducted at various content of FA obtained from electric generator system Kapar and soil samples were taken from Tanjung Harapan, Klang. Therefore, the use of agricultural waste such as rice husk ash and fly ash will considerably reduce the cost of construction as well as reducing the environmental hazards.

One of the acceptable methods of stabilization is by adding an additive with this type of soil. Stabilization may improve the properties of an on-site or local material to allow its use rather than incurring the cost of importing better materials from other source Senol et al, Using soft subgrades to construct a highway is a common problem in many part of the world including Malaysia.

relationship between cbr and modulus

The common practice for stabilizing a soft subgrade is to remove the soil and replace it with stronger materials of crushed rock. However, the replacement cost was high and caused the highway agencies to use an additive to stabilize the soft subgrade Rollings and Rollings, Using recycle material such as Fly Ash FA can minimize the cost of soil stabilization.

relationship between cbr and modulus

In addition to the minimization of the cost, it can also reduce the thickness layer of the subgrade when the strength of the soil improved. At certain values of penetration ratio of the applied force to a standard force, expressed as percentage. The test is fully covered in BS Soils for civil engineering purposes: Specimens are prepared at the relative densities ranging from loose to dense state.

The concept of Resilient Modulus MR was initially introduced by seed et al. It is defined as the ratio of the repeatedly applied load stress to the recoverable strain determined after repeated loading. It can be seen that both elastic and plastic deformations occur at the initial stage of load application. As the number of load application increases, the amount of plastic deformation decreases until a stage where the deformation is practically all recoverable.

This test provides an indirect measure of shear strength of soil.

The CBR number or, simply the, CBR is obtained as the ratio of the unit stress required to effect a certain depth of penetration of a compacted specimen of soil to the unit stress required to obtain the same depth of penetration on a standard sample of crushed stone. For most fine grained soil, MR decrease with increasing deviatoric stress level.

The cyclic Odeometer test and CBR test is carried out at different relative densities. Direct shear is also done to study the behaviour of shearing angle according to relative densities. Figure 3 shows the grain size analysis data of Trishuli River sand.

The soil can be described as uniform sand according to the USCS. The specific gravity of the soil was equal to 2.

relationship between cbr and modulus

The testing program was conducted on air dried sample. This procedure deviates from the conventional CBR testing procedure in which the tests are conducted only at optimum moisture contents.

Direct shear test is carried out to study the variation of shearing angle according to the relative density.

relationship between cbr and modulus

The value of shearing angle varies from 34 to Then variation of shear angle with relative density is shown in figure 4. It is shown that as the relative density increases, the hysteretic loop is closed at lesser strain. And the void ratio decreases as the no of cycle increases.

relationship between cbr and modulus