Relationship between afghanistan and pakistan

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relationship between afghanistan and pakistan

Afghanistan's future depends to a great extent on the regional environment, but Pakistan is likely to prefer an unstable Afghanistan to a strong Afghanistan. The Afghan Taliban have grown stronger and more deadly over the past 13 years , something Pakistan is often blamed for by Afghans and. Afghanistan–Pakistan relations involve bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The two neighbouring countries share deep historical and cultural .

Taliban leadership also believes that agreeing to negotiate with the government at this juncture will cost them the current influence they have. Finally, peace may elude this round of negotiations because of the new administration in Afghanistan. Moreover, there is an acute trust deficit between the Afghan Taliban and the Kabul administration — trust which is a prerequisite to any sort of settlement between the two sides. Secondly, the Afghan government does not have a unified stance vis-a-vis peace talks with the Taliban.

relationship between afghanistan and pakistan

There are and have been internal elements within the Afghan government that oppose negotiations with the Taliban, and residual factional and tribal rivalries between senior officials intentionally ruin efforts by the government to reach a political settlement. Ordinary Afghan villagers will also have an impact on peace talks. Villagers, sick of the corrupt and weak local governance favored the Taliban over the government in Kabul, but joined the militancy as a last alternative.

Due to providing safe-sanctuary, Pakistan certainly has leverage to initiate the negotiation process but there are no indications that the Afghan Taliban will listen to Pakistan.

relationship between afghanistan and pakistan

Internal and political stability of the Afghan Taliban is contingent upon not negotiating. In the meantime, by conditioning the success of peace talks on a commitment from Pakistan, the Afghan government is putting all its eggs in one basket.

Its efforts are focused on fighting Afghan and international troops in Afghanistan.

relationship between afghanistan and pakistan

Indeed, even after reports suggested that the Afghan Taliban distanced itself from Baitullah, he continued to pledge allegiance to Mullah Omar as he wanted to maintain his support base in his native Waziristan as well as in the rest of Pakistan. Just like his predecessor, current TTP chief Hakimullah Mehsud also calls Mullah Omar his leader despite the fact that the Afghan Taliban never supported and approved attacks against Pakistani forces, the government or civilians.

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Therefore, long-term interests as well as strategic expediencies are keeping both the Afghan and Pakistani Taliban—including the TTP—together despite having different approaches to the conflict in South Asia. Various reports also suggest that the Afghan Taliban sometimes leverages the Haqqani network to help maintain peace between the TTP and other Afghan or Pakistani Taliban factions in the tribal areas. The military instead concentrates its operations against those groups that primarily target Pakistani troops and civilians.

Pakistan and Afghanistan after 9/11: A Case of the Failing Bilateralism”

Should peace talks occur, two theories have been presented about the future of the Pakistani Taliban. The first theory is that violence in Pakistan will subside after the withdrawal of U. According to Pakistan and Afghanistan expert Ahmed Rashid"between andan estimated 80, toPakistanis trained and fought in Afghanistan" keeping the Taliban regime in power. However, the relations began to decline when the Taliban refused to endorse the Durand Line despite pressure from Islamabad, arguing that there shall be no borders among Muslims.

InAfghan President Hamid Karzai warned that " Iran and Pakistan and others are not fooling anyone" when it comes to interfering in his country.

relationship between afghanistan and pakistan

In the past we have suffered alone; this time everybody will suffer with us. All the countries in the neighborhood have the same ethnic groups that we have, so they should know that it is a different ball game this time.

relationship between afghanistan and pakistan

InAfghan intelligence captured Muhammad Hanifthe Taliban spokesman. During his interrogation which was recorded, Hanif claimed that the Taliban leader was being kept in Quetta under the protection of the ISI. Pakistan usually denies these allegations but has said in the past that it does not have full control of the actions of the ISI. There have been a number of reports about the Afghanistan—Pakistan skirmisheswhich usually occur when army soldiers are in hot pursuit chasing insurgents who cross the border back and forth.

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This leads to tensions between the two states, especially after hearing reports of civilian casualties. They may believe that by using these proxies, they are hedging their bets or redressing what they feel is an imbalance in regional power.

But in reality, they have already lost that bet. Ambassador to PakistanCameron Muntertold Radio Pakistan that "the attack that took place in Kabul a few days ago, that was the work of the Haqqani network. There is evidence linking the Haqqani Network to the Pakistan government. This is something that must stop. The two states are working together to find solutions to the problems affecting them.

This includes possible defence cooperation and intelligence sharing as well as further enhancing the two-way trade and abolishment of visas for "holders of diplomatic passports to facilitate visa free travel for the diplomats from the two nations. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.