Relationship between aboriginal spiritualities and

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relationship between aboriginal spiritualities and

They have a profound spiritual connection to land. Aboriginal law and spirituality are intertwined with the land, the people and creation, and this forms their. Free Essay: Aboriginal spirituality is the set of beliefs of spiritual and distinguish the relation between Aboriginal Spirituality and Buddhism. There are those who want to revitalise Australian Christianity by an injection of Aboriginal spirituality and others who call this a new form of.

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These creation stories describe how the activities of powerful creator ancestors shaped and developed the world as people know and experience it. Only by negation — what they are not — can we start comprehending what they might be. It is 'geosophical' earth-centred and not 'theosophical' God-centred. The earth, their country, is "impregnated with the power of the Ancestor Spirits" which Aboriginal people draw upon [9].

What is Aboriginal spirituality?

They experience a connection to their land, with the entirety of nature that is associated with it, that is unknown to white people. A key feature of Aboriginal spirituality is to look after the land, an obligation which has been passed down as law for thousands of years.

Land joins the commonly cited trilogy of being: Land is seen as a family member. Quandamooka woman Evelyn Parkin also values the silence which connects her with the land. We don't own the land, the land owns us.

The land is my mother, my mother is the land. Land is the starting point to where it all began.

relationship between aboriginal spiritualities and

It's like picking up a piece of dirt and saying this is where I started and this is where I'll go. The land is our food, our culture, our spirit and identity. The land owns us Watch Uncle Bob Randall explain how the connectedness of every living thing to every other living thing is not just an idea but a way of living.

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This way includes all beings as part of a vast family and calls us to be responsible for this family and care for the land with unconditional love and responsibility.

Aboriginal author and Yorta Yorta woman Hyllus Maris expressed this connectedness with the land beautifully in her poem Spiritual Song of the Aborigine [14]. Spiritual Song of the Aborigine I am a child of the Dreamtime People Part of this Land, like the gnarled gumtree I am the river, softly singing Chanting our songs on my way to the sea My spirit is the dust-devils Mirages, that dance on the plain I'm the snow, the wind and the falling rain I'm part of the rocks and the red desert earth Red as the blood that flows in my veins I am eagle, crow and snake that glides Thorough the rain-forest that clings to the mountainside I awakened here when the earth was new There was emu, wombat, kangaroo No other man of a different hue I am this land And this land is me I am Australia.

Aboriginal spirituality is the belief that all objects are living and share the same soul or spirit that Aboriginals share. It implies that besides animals and plants even rocks have a soul. An Aboriginal person's soul or spirit is believed to "continue on after our physical form has passed through death", explains Eddie Kneebone [15].

relationship between aboriginal spiritualities and

After the death of an Aboriginal person their spirit returns to the Dreamtime from where it will return through birth as a human, an animal, a plant or a rock. The shape is not important because each form shares the same soul or spirit from the Dreamtime.

But what is the Dreamtime? It's there that we study and understand, and have learnt about the land and the care of that land over thousands of years. We can read it like a GPS. It's been handed down by our ancestors.

It would be hard for teaching to carry on after that point. I only stand straight, happy, proud and not ashamed about my colour because I still have land I think of land as the history of my nation. But he decided not to.

Meaning of land to Aboriginal people

Jeffrey is a senior custodian of the land know as Koongarra. The French energy company Areva was seeking to activate its mineral lease to extract 14, tonnes of uranium from the site. Instead of accepting millions in mining royalties Mr Lee approached the federal government with an offer to incorporate the land into the Kakadu National Park.

Country is very important to me. Jeffrey works as a ranger in the park and hopes the extension will bring more visitors to the area and create further employment for Aboriginal people. Not all Aboriginal people oppose land development With their intimate connection to land Aboriginal people could be perceived as strongly opposed to any land development. The opposite is true.

Their goal is ultimately self-sustainability, but a lack of financial support and the ability to access it prevent many to reach this goal. Arguments in favour of development Development brings benefits.

When properly negotiated many development deals can bring benefits packages worth millions for Aboriginal people. Resource developers only have that much patience. If a development proposal is not approved within a certain time, they take their dollars elsewhere. Get some whitefella money. Aboriginal people working on pastoral properties were often paid in food and clothes, or not at all. This experience is still fresh in their memory, so the prospect of getting some money "back" from the white man is tempting.

Land development agreements can play a vital role in helping Aboriginal people determine the course of their future. Arguments against development Government, not land should provide for needs. No other Australians but Aboriginal people seem to have to give up their assets to receive bare essentials like housing, health, education.

Many developments impact the environment, pollute it or leave behind a mess of waste and destruction. Protecting the land and its sacred sites is more important than developing it. The biggest native title deal in Australian history In May traditional owners in Western Australia voted overwhelmingly to allow a gas plant be built at James Price Point, 60 kms north of Broome, in exchange for projects and benefits worth 1.

relationship between aboriginal spiritualities and

The Goolarabooloo and Jabirr Jabirr people relinquished 1. The settlement then was the largest single native title settlement in Australia's history. The package included cash, employment and housing benefits, education, training initiatives, support for rangers and contracting opportunities. However, prior to the decision the Premier had started moves to compulsorily acquire the land if no compromise was found.

Aboriginal spiritualities and religious traditions in the process of

Non-Indigenous people have problems understanding the close relationship with land. When Aboriginal people try to educate about what the land means to them they often are "hit with this hurtful phrase 'the land doesn't belong to you Aboriginal people, it belongs to all of us.

They have lost their traditional connection. It's like the love for your mum and dad. Country needs to be remembered, needs to be listened to, needs to know that we can still speak its language.

relationship between aboriginal spiritualities and

He would just pick up a crab, crack it open and throw it on his line and come home with a bag full of fish. It was as if he and the sea were one. He could tell me where the fish were travelling.

relationship between aboriginal spiritualities and

He could tell the tides by the moon, and he could tell when there was bad weather coming and warn all the fishing mates not to take their boats out because the storm was going to hit at, say, exactly 5. Stars stain the sky scattered all around I peer into the darkness observing every sound. The call of an owl the distant croak of a frog the squeaking of a bandicoot as it scurries past a log. The symphony of insects whose song fills the air the whisper of a westerly that flows through my hair.

A mother and her joey briskly bound away these sounds hold more meaning than what words can ever say.