Ideal relationship between husband and wife

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ideal relationship between husband and wife

Being a good wife is not easy, even if you have a near-perfect spouse. There's a difference between asking your spouse to clean up more around the You and your spouse's relationship will undoubtedly change and evolve once Don't be so focused on being the perfect wife that you can't admit when you're wrong. Examples of Negative Relationship of Husband & Wife that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts). The relationship between husband and wife Return to Index It does not compare the other with an ideal lest one disillusionment after the other come.

They are looking for another adult with qualities similar to theirs, with whom they can share life in a compatible fashion. An ideal partner is open and non-defensive. The ideal partner is open and undefended, and is willing to be vulnerable. As a result, they are approachable and receptive to feedback without being overly sensitive about any topic. Their openness also enables them to be forthright in expressing feelings, thoughts, dreams and desires. It includes an interest in personal and sexual development.

An ideal partner is honest and lives with integrity. The ideal partner realizes the importance of honesty in a close relationship. Honesty builds trust between people. Dishonesty confuses the other person, destroying their trust along with their sense of reality. Nothing has a more destructive impact on a close relationship between two people than dishonesty and deception.

Even in such painful situations as infidelity, the blatant deception involved is often more hurtful than the unfaithful act itself. This goes for all levels of communication, both verbal and non-verbal. An ideal partner is respectful of and sensitive to the other, having uniquely individual goals and priorities.

The more the husband is husband and the wife is wife, the more affectionate, strong, and warm the bond of marriage becomes and remains. The husband must give guidance, bear the responsibility, take the initiative, and with gentleness and courage aid his wife. The wife must be a real help, pay good attention to her household, and create a 'home.

She does him good and not evil all the days of her life. Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she smiles at the future. She opens her mouth in wisdom, and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue. She looks well to the ways of her household, and does not eat the bread of idleness.

Thus she makes a home where husband and children like to be. R mke, two stages that are most afflicted with difficulties. These stages are the first five years and the period when the married couple is approximately forty years old. The difficulties of the first stage are due mainly to problems of adjustment.

These years are decisive to the future of the marriage. They determine whether a couple wishes to grow closer together, accepting each other completely, partialities, peculiarities, and shortcomings included. Are they both open to the changing influence each may have upon the other?

Or do they stand against each other as individuals? Do both want to grow together or become introverted? During this period both have to find their place as husband and wife. This does not always happen without clashes. If, as has already been explained, husband and wife have indeed found each other in love and continue to do so, they will go on to find everincreasing unity.

The second stage of difficulty is of a different nature. It is sometimes called the virility phase. This is the time in a man's life when he progresses no further. He has found his life's destination and, hopefully, has accepted it. He is in the prime of his life; his capacity for achievement has reached its peak. He looks back on the major part of his life that is already past. During this stage of life - sometimes called dangerous -radical changes may occur. Many become converted to faith in God while others break with the religious tradition of their youth.

According to R mke, ministers of religion are known to change their vocation during this period. Often traditional values are doubted. It seems as if many people during this stage in life wish to make a new start. It is during this time that many marriages experience a crisis as well. For the individual partners, many ailments and defects become noticeable for the first time: Memory and psychical powers weaken; fatigue occurs sooner.

He who is not led by a strong faith in God's calling arrives at a disappointed conclusion about life: He throws himself with a new, seemingly youthful spirit into the attractive life. He flees into the new, trying to forget the old.

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Still, according to an expert, many at around forty begin to live in a rut largely determined by the sensuous enjoyment of life: A man may commit follies or have "adventures. During this period many divorces occur and older men remarry younger women. Of course, this does not always happen. The forties can also be a time of intensifying the inner life. Inner conflicts and knowledge that, physically speaking, the best time of life is past can bring about deepening spiritual awareness.

One can emerge from this stage a more balanced person, more aware of one's place in life and one's peculiar responsibilities. In many men, paternal feelings grow more intense.

Many begin to live more for their families and their wives. It should be added here that R mke, who has made a study of the various stages in life, also states that some people develop without major symptoms of crisis. These people are found, he claims, especially among the "deeply religious. At the same time it can be said: As outward appearances deteriorate, they will expect and receive the renewal of the inner person.

During this stage the marriage can become much stronger, the communion closer, and the mutual physical and spiritual support greater. With an increase in years, the meaning of being given by God as a help to each other becomes ever more richly revealed. What has been attained through struggle will receive special splendor and value.

That applies to the first stage in which the partners had to find each other. It also applies to the second stage in which they re-find each other and confirm their love with their maturity. The transition years are the most difficult in a woman's life. These are the years just before and after menstruation ceases, also known as the climacteric. The cessation of menstruation is called the menopause, after which conception is no longer possible.

At about age fifty, menstruation ceases.

Marriage in Honor - The relationship between husband and wife - Dr. W.G. de Vries, SpindleWorks

During this time women often experience physical and psychological difficulties. They often complain of headaches, dizziness, sleeplessness, "hot flashes," and other nervous difficulties and ailments. A husband must make allowances for his wife during such a difficult stage in her life by supporting her, lovingly helping her and sparing her. Then, as in so many difficult situations, the husband's and wife's willingness to live in love for each other according to their vows must become apparent.

Incidentally, that is true for the entire period of aging together. The strength of a couple's love will become evident when husband or wife becomes afflicted with physical ailments. Love can be wonderfully demonstrated in the care which each gives the other. What a glorious crown can be placed on a marriage when husband and wife are able to help each other through several decades.

Together they become old and gray but they continue to bear fruits for each other as they bear fruit for God. Sick and needy people have been placed by God on the paths of healthy people so that charity may be shown them: Through adversity God allows husband and wife to prove the strength of true love.

Difficult periods in the marriage of God's children can lead to blessing. This blessing will fall on the husband and the wife and all that surrounds them. Sexual relations between husband and wife The necessity of a satisfying sexual relationship in marriage is being emphasized more now than ever; it is considered the very basis for a successful marriage.

Many books give frank information on the technique of performing the sex act. They dwell at length on the various ways of achieving sexual union which may lead to greater satisfaction. No one would deny the importance of satisfying sexual relations. They certainly influence the total relationship between husband and wife.

ideal relationship between husband and wife

The wife who resigned herself to intercourse begins the day differently from the one who, upon awakening, recalls physical happiness. The husband who, upon awakening, recalls resistance at night, gets up differently from the one who can tease his wife about her complaisance J. The Dutch Society for Sexual Reform Nederlandse Vereniging voor Sexuele Hervorming strongly emphasizes the importance of a healthy, satisfying sexual relationship.

However, the suggestion that the "perfect marriage" is based on mutual sexual satisfaction is incorrect. Certainly much has changed for the better in the sexual affairs of marriage.

Whereas in the past "conjugal rights" were thought to belong to the husband, today mutual rights and duties are stressed. Formerly many husbands thought it undesirable or even improper for their wives to enjoy sexual pleasure as they did.

It was a wife's task simply to be subservient to her husband. Today marriage is regarded as a bond of companionship in which the wife enjoys the same rights as her husband. As a companion to her husband, the wife asserts her rights to a satisfying sexual relationship. In the past, women knew little about sex before they married, but today most young women are well informed before marriage. But no marriage will be successful simply because the sexual relationship no longer poses any problems.

It is a total misconception that the perfect sexual technique guarantees a perfect marriage. In a revolutionary way, the woman has become a partner to her husband, but at the same time the sex act has been separated from the complete physical and spiritual communion that a good marriage must be. Marriage is more than the consumption of sex; physical intercourse alone does not make a marriage. Two young people planning to get married will have to acquaint themselves with the functions of the sex organs and with the different psychical structures of men and women.

Complete ignorance of these matters can lead to much trouble, tension, and sorrow. For how many has the wedding night turned out to be a great disappointment because not enough consideration had been given to the difference in disposition between men and women? Psychiatrists and doctors can tell many stories about this. The husband's lack of control and of sensitivity, and his sheer clumsiness may frighten an unprepared wife so badly that the honeymoon ends in disappointment.

Sometimes there is no foreplay or caressing, and no consideration for the wife's feelings. Because of a husband's impatience and impetuosity a wife may well miss the tenderness and security which are necessary for her to respond sexually.

A husband's sexual egoism can cause him to be very rough during the first cohabitation and this roughness can lead to vaginismus on the wife's part. Unlike her husband's, the wife's sexual life is not marked by quickly roused passion or the physical satisfying of sexual desires, but is related more to feelings of unity that bind her to her husband. The intimacy, the giving and receiving of love, is of first importance to her. Intimacy and the giving of love cannot be a technique learned from books; it is exclusively a private matter that belongs to the unique spiritual-physical communion that each marriage must be.

Sometimes years pass before sexual harmony is completely achieved. Human sexual life in its most intimate forms, in its caresses, positions, and sexual acitivities, cannot be described in detail and passed on to others in a book. A warning is in order here: A husband must realize that lovemaking is much more than taking his wife hurriedly. The Christian ethic insists that a wife is more than an object for satisfying sexual desires.

The husband who spends all his thoughts on variety in his sex life, who is always looking for new and more ingenious methods, distorts marriage by robbing it of all but its sexual aspect.

In marriage, both partners must live in holiness with each other. Real happiness in marriage is in danger when sexual pleasure is obtained too greedily and insatiably.

Striving to obtain the utmost in sexual pleasure, may lure one partner into using the other to satisfy his own sexual needs.

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Then the uniting of husband and wife threatens to degenerate into an act of selfsatisfaction. Selfishly satisfying one's sexual desires within marriage is a common, insidious fault. When warning young people against sexual ignorance, one must keep in mind that a couple may be tempted to perfect their lovemaking techniques from information gathered from books, and may eventually become both greedy and jaded about sexual experience.

Whoever rightly denounces greediness because it is in conflict with God's Word, should remember that greediness may also sour sexual relations. Sexual relations belong to marriage, but they are not its only foundation. Whoever sees sexuality as being the ultimate and decisive value of marriage, idolizes it, and idolatry is sin. The dangers of boredom, habitualness, and superficiality also stalk sexual life. The more highly something is valued, the more chance it has of perishing because of the monotony of daily routine.

Someone has pointed out that a beautiful prayer prayed a hundred times becomes meaningless. A beautiful recording played a hundred times can become boring Trimbos. Sexual intercourse also suffers from habit and routine. Having intercourse too often can make the true meaning of this total expression of love disappear as it becomes indistinguishable from other daily habits. Together a couple has to struggle to keep beautiful that which is beautiful.

Beauty is not preserved by well-prepared, refined techniques. On the contrary, it only survives in a total love that encompasses body and spirit and seeks the other as a human being created by God and received from Him. Love, including sexual love, is a love that gives. To forget this is to misunderstand the essence of sexual relations.

A couple may perhaps develop a satisfying sexual technique while experiencing no true communion since the spiritual basis which sustains true love is missing from their relationship. Therefore, the quick sexual encounter in which the husband thinks of self-satisfaction with no regard to his wife's spiritual and physical experience is more animalistic than human.

Since the wife as a rule needs more time than the husband to come to full psychical and physical satisfaction, it is cruel and unchristian for the husband to think only of himself. The wife needs foreplay and looks for warmth and tenderness in order to give herself wholly.

The question then arises: Must she always come to orgasm as her husband does? Today orgasm is declared to be a woman's right. Today, however, complete sexual satisfaction is regarded as the normal right of the married woman. Aware of this "right," many a married woman may wonder whether she is normal when she achieves this satisfaction partly or not at all.

Then she begins to fear that she may be frigid and may reproach herself unnecessarily. Indeed, in many marriages, sexual insensitivity and frigidity lead to anxiety, apparently more so today than formerly. Modem thought which demands equal rights for women drives many wives to concern when they do not reach orgasm.

They think they have some defect and wonder whether their marriage is shaky or worse. We must distinguish between three forms of sexual impotence that may occur in the wife. The most serious and exceptional form is vaginismus. Vaginismus is a strong form of repulsion at every attempt at sexual intercourse. It manifests itself in muscular spasms, pain, cramps, and a general feeling of nausea. There are also wives who are sexually absolutely indifferent but agree to intercourse for the husband's sake.

This is called frigidity. Both vaginismus and frigidity require treatment by specialists and will not be discussed further. The third form of female sexual impotence is often unjustly called frigidity. It characterizes wives who, although they desire intercourse, seldom if ever reach climax.

This kind of incapability for total sexual satisfaction is more rightly called inorgasm. It may reflect the initial clumsiness of the husband or it may be the result of emotional restraint due to feelings of shame.

When we are stimulated by our spouses in our family, we can feel in our present daily lives the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven which is to come in the future. That's why husband and wife are needed. Husband and wife can live eternally through such stimulation. Development is impossible without stimulation. Conjugal love is the stimulating force to build the ideal Kingdom of Heaven. Conjugal love pulls the joy of the future into the present time and supplies the present with driving force which empowers us to reach the future.

This love includes love of nation, world and God, so it can penetrate everywhere. The Kingdom of Heaven is the place for the loving husband and wife only. If a couple lives their physical life realizing this concept of love, they are already in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your mind, but the Unification Church says that the Kingdom of Heaven is in your family. If you cannot establish the Kingdom of Heaven in your family, the ideal of the Unification Church will not be accomplished.

If you can build the Kingdom of Heaven in your family, the ideal will be accomplished. With this viewpoint, you must go the right way centering upon the Principle. A woman should love her husband as her father, grandfather and brothers; and on the foundation of this bond of love, she should love her actual father, grandfather and brothers.

Otherwise, she is not qualified to have a husband. If she just loves her husband while hating her father, grandfather and brothers, she will drift away from God's Word. You should have the concept of loving your husband as the fruitful representative of all men in the world. When your love transcends the national boundary and embraces the whole of humankind as your family, you will be acknowledged as God's son or God's daughter.

It would be a blessing of good advice to say to a person who is about to die for the sake of his family, "Abandon your family and die for your nation. If it isn't wrong, you should behave like that. It is proper to give a painful word like "sacrifice your family" to a person who is struggling with his poor household.

The nation is the window through which shines a dawning light opening the way of the Kingdom of Heaven for the family. When you concern yourself with your nation's household more than your own family's, the nation will protect you. When such a person starves, the nation will shed tears. A multitude who sacrifice for the sake of the nation and the world, beyond their own families, can dominate the world without a physical battle, because no one can oppose them.

This is God's strategy. Ask yourself in front of a mirror, "What dream have I carried on so far? An ideal man and an ideal woman want to have a spouse who loves the world, God and humankind more than himself or herself. It is evil when a wife bothers her husband's public mission for her individual love.

That's why it is said that your own physical family is the enemy. The ones who can destroy your chances at the critical, final moment of entering the Kingdom of Heaven are your loving children, spouse and parents. The Position Of The Blessed Couples God is composed of Father God masculinity and Mother God femininity ; therefore, all things in the creation are also composed of the dual characteristics of positivity and negativity.

Eve is the wife of Adam through a horizontal relationship. In front of God, through a vertical relationship, she is Mother God as well. The vertical God and the horizontal God meet at the time of the Blessing. The family is the place for this meeting. When the family is established, God and human beings can be united. Whenever and wherever the family is established, the vertical God as well as the "horizontal" Mother and Father God will be happy.

God, father and mother are to be easily and naturally combined like the branch and the leaves of a tree. This is the seed of love that God desires as His ideal.

ideal relationship between husband and wife

In the blessed family, man should live with the dignity of God and woman should live with the dignity of God's wife. If man and woman become one centering upon God, they will live in love in the physical universe and in the spirit world. This is fundamentally different from the type of love that Americans give and receive.

Living with God's dignity in true love has to do with the whole relation ship between God and the universe, because the origin and the result are one and the same love. This is the principle of vertical and horizontal love. Blessed families appeared with special grace enabling them to surpass the standard set at the origin by evil parents, and to determine the standard of good parents and have the right of good ancestors. Therefore, the joy of husband and wife is the joy of Heaven and earth.

You are to create such a family. Satan tempted Jesus, saying, "If you are the son of God, throw yourself down. In other words, if Jesus came as the son of God, he was supposed to have been separated from all the suffering conditions in the course of God's restoration.

The focus of the 6, year history of restoration is to discipline humankind to restore Adam. Then, what shall we do after restoring Adam? We are to create Eve. We shouldn't let Adam and Eve be alone this time. We have to take good care of them and comfort them. We always have to he right beside them, going eastward if they are headed east or going westward if they are headed west.

The blessed couples are like the restored Adam and Eve. Because an older brother and younger sister fell, a husband and wife as a brother and sister should be acknowledged by God. They must enter the domain of liberation by going over the crisis of indemnity in the fallen world.

Unless a husband and wife meet again as brother and sister, they cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Since the married couples of all religions have not known this, they have entered the spirit world separately. The Unification Church teaches us how to remain united on earth and in the spirit world. That's what Father does. That is the Blessing. All fallen men are archangels, fallen archangels.

Woman in the fallen world is in the position of Eve who tempted the archangel, and man in the fallen world is in the position of the archangel who tempted Eve. The problem now is how to take care of the transformed fallen Eve and archangel, who have become the restored Adam and Eve. Don't think that there are thirty billion people in the world; they all are our enemies.

Here you are establishing the God-centered four position foundation. You have to get rid of all the fallen factors in the physical world and in the spirit world. In order to overcome Satan's total attack, you must have power stronger than Satan. When a man reaches the restored Adam's position, Eve's position can be restored.

And then they as a liberated husband and wife should establish the heavenly law to serve God. As soon as they set up the heavenly law, a new tribe is born. Examples of the law of love between parents and children have been shown in history, but no one has practiced the law of love between man and woman. We haven't seen the content of the law of love between Jesus and the Holy Spirit, a bridegroom and a bride. We have to show this new standard of conjugal love and live according to it. God manifested the attitude of parental love through the 6,year history of looking after His lost sons and daughters, but He couldn't demonstrate the love of man and woman to humankind.

It was God's frustration and resentment that He couldn't establish the value of the horizontal love between man and woman, even though He showed the vertical standard of loving us as His children. So it is God's desire to establish the substance of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, to witness to the value of their love in front of the universe and humankind, and to let it shine throughout the entire spirit world.

Knowing such resentment of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, you should dissolve it in your lifetime. You are to set up the tradition of man woman love which can accomplish this. That's why a man looks for a woman and a woman looks for a man.

It is because God did not want to let one person live independently, but desired that two people live together for the sake of the future world, centering upon God's desire and love. When a husband and wife live hand in hand, dreaming optimistically of the future and denying the fallen reality, they will be able to go through any difficult environment. The difficult reality will not damage their future but will stimulate in them a new vision for the future.

The ordeal of the present reality then will not restrain them. When a man and a woman stand in the position to respect each other, fully aware of and accompanied by the value of the future, the site of happiness will be established right there.

God established Adam and Eve as each other's ideal spouse because they are absolutely needed for each other. Unless the subject and the object make a bond of affinity in the present reality they cannot relate to the future.

God established Jesus and the Holy Spirit as subject and object in order to manifest this cosmic content. Nobody can deny this. In order to extend the dominion, you get married. A couple has to establish a family with the affection generated from each other, and it should match God's purpose. Otherwise, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven where God dwells in eternity.

This is the conclusion and God's purpose of creation. God is composed of vertical dual characteristics and each human being is composed of horizontal dual characteristics, so the ideal of husband and wife is to create a perfect sphere by the unity of the vertical God and the horizontal human beings. Husband and wife should love each other as God's representatives. If you love from a humanistic point of view, you will eventually get divorced after discovering each other's shortcomings.

If a man and a woman get divorced whenever one of them makes a mistake, the family system will be destroyed and the order of society will be thrown into confusion. According to the degree of the mistake, they are to be given the indemnity period to repent.

They should be educated about their mistakes and should be led not to make the same mistakes, in order for them to continue as a harmonious family. Who are the true husband and true wife? When people become mature, they learn to form a family. They should consider their spouse to be their eternal object of love and their love should grow, day by day adding more and more love to the first love.

When husband and wife as the substantial bodies of eternal love can extend the family-level love to the love of a tribe, they can be considered a true husband and true wife.

Then they also can participate in God's love. The true husband thinks that he was born, lives, and will die for the sake of his spouse. The same is true for the true wife. The husband and wife of an ideal, happy and peaceful family carry the principle to live for the sake of their spouse. All of you are men of influence and fame in your society. You may think that your success is achieved by your own talent and effort, but you have to know that your very being was caused by a woman, not by yourself.

Without a woman, can a man be born? What about a woman? Was she born for the sake of herself? It is vanity to be proud of being a famous feminine movie star in colorful make-up without a man. A man's shoulders are wide and a woman's hips are big so that they can be matched well. Therefore, an ideal couple comes into being when they are of one mind to live for the sake of the other. From this point of view, ideal, happy and good people are those who live for the sake of others.

This is the very principle of creation, of which humankind is still ignorant. The husband should be able to sacrifice his life for the sake of his wife and the wife should be able to sacrifice her life for the sake of her husband. Such a couple is related to and protected by God's direct dominion of love, so it is impossible for them to fall. True parents live and die for the sake of their children because love is established between them.

Likewise, a husband and wife of true love and of true happiness are one in love, and they each live for the sake of the other. This is an ideal couple.

In the secular family, when a husband earns money, power is produced. The money earned by the husband is the source to energize the wife and the husband gets energy by looking at his energized wife.

That's why they are anxious and their relationship is apt to be broken when the husband doesn't earn money. The true husband and wife should center upon God's love.

The bride and bridegroom should center upon the original love of God, not upon money, authority or fame. You are to develop yourself gradually, centering upon love.

While the husband loves the wife and the wife lives for the sake of the husband, they are to establish a family that loves God. What is the ideal couple of which the Unification Church talks? They are the couple which can substantiate the utmost art. The love of a husband and wife is the masterpiece of all art works.

It is the best literature and it should be the substance of literature. The husband should look the best in the wife's eyes and the wife should look the best in the husband's eyes. The bond of first love is the best bond. It doesn't matter what others say.

It is impossible to buy it with billions of dollars. How beautiful it is to possess such a world of love eternally! The wife should follow and serve her husband well. This is not supposed to appear just in literature or movies. You should live it in reality. The ideal of history and the ideal of culture have been wrecked, so Father has been creating a new history in order to create the ideal culture. Until when do you want to love your spouse? How would you feel if the answer came, "Until our youth is over"?

We want our spouse to love us until death and even eternally. Eternity represents the whole centering upon the future.

ideal relationship between husband and wife

To love until death is to love sacrificing everything. They want to hear their husbands say that they love them giving everything, wholeheartedly. The same is true for men. It is the way of God's harmony. A man should die if he cannot control a woman, but it doesn't mean that man is to neglect woman.

It doesn't work to claim and to present your one-sided way of love. Man and woman should examine each other forever. If your life is not sanctified and your family is not restored, God cannot claim your couple as His.

ideal relationship between husband and wife

The dutiful son's mind is unchanging and it goes straight to his parents; and the loyal subject's mind goes straight to his king. Likewise, the saint is the one whose mind is unchanging and goes straight to God. If your mind is unchanging even at the moment of death, you are a dutiful son, a loyal subject and a saint.

In this view, if a couple wants to be a true husband and wife, the wife's mind should be able to go straight to the husband and the husband's mind should be able to go straight to the wife.

That's why the Unification Church disciplines the mind to go straight to God regardless of whether one is Occidental or Oriental. Therefore, the mind of western members and of eastern members in the Unification Church is exactly the same toward Father.

The husband is precious to his wife and the wife is precious to her husband. They meet in the presence of the heavenly law; their meeting is not caused by themselves.

If we keep our integrity in relation to God, we can break through and advance upon our way. An ideal husband and wife encourage each other to work for the Will, God, and the world. You must be a luminous couple, like the sun and the full moon in the principled orbit, not like the sun or the moon covered with dark clouds in a dark cosmos.

Heaven is looking for a couple which can represent heaven and earth and whose heart is filled with passionate love. Create a record of love until you meet Father again.

You should rear your children in the atmosphere of such conjugal love. You should be a couple of parental heart which can be God's fence.

Economic difficulties cannot crack the affinity of husband and wife. Educational background cannot blur conjugal love. Some wife may think that her husband should study a certain field more, but Father doesn't think so. Conjugal Love Conjugal love is the oneness of the love of man and the love of woman. Conjugal love is to become one with children's love centering upon parental love and then it can become one with God's love.

God's love will dwell where the origin of perfect conjugal love is established. When a man and a woman are about to explode in love on the foundation of loving God and humankind, God and the universe can claim and possess their family. Where does the root of love exist? It doesn't exist within you. God's love is the origin. Doves love each other sounding "coo, coo. When people who are in deep love meet each other, the sound will be much bigger than that of thunder. If we have strong love centered upon God, opposition and persecution from the world will be something interesting to play with.

Did Adam and Eve live together without getting married, as is the practice of the young people in this age? True love is the first, the last and the eternal.

The mind to pursue such strong idealistic love becomes the driving force to overcome all difficulties. We can win over anything -- not only Satan -- when we are in love. To fall is to lose the center of vertical love and horizontal love. That's why conjugal love in the fallen world is so unstable. Conjugal love these days can be turned around degrees by one word. That is the fallen reality. That shows that people don't know where conjugal love should aim.

The reason that the world is heading toward destruction is that the order of conjugal love has broken apart. True love means to love in complete oneness of body, heart and blood lineage. Who can love like that? Only the husband and wife can. In this ideal, is there any taste of life when one is apart from one's spouse? One's spouse is the most lovely object in the world. The relationship between a couple is just like an echo.

Your spouse will sound and behave according to how you sound and behave. In love, a man doesn't reject a woman even while she is plunging into the depth of his heart. A man likes such a woman. All barriers are broken when one sacrifices and invests everything for the sake of love. God wants a couple to love each other passionately. When you enter your married life after keeping your virginity, you will be able to love wholeheartedly.

Even though a couple is physically far apart, they will find themselves moving toward each other automatically and unconsciously. Our mind and body are in contradiction. To correct this, first of all, the body in the position of object should be one with the mind in the position of subject.

Then we should make the reciprocal base for God to dwell in our mind, which is taking subject position united with the body as object. When a man and a woman who have accomplished this receive the Blessing and live giving and receiving perfect love in joy, they will look like flowers in full bloom. All the harmonized outcomes generated from such loving couples will be like beautiful fragrance to God.

God has always longed to live with such beautiful flowers and in such fragrance. God can dwell only in the love of a husband and wife; all things and the universe should be harmonized centering upon that love.

The Unification Church is the place for teaching this content. God's favorite melody is the joyous laughing of a couple in love.

When a couple lives with the mind to embrace the whole universe, laughter is produced automatically. Isn't the loving life of a such a couple a beautiful flower in God's sight? This is not a mere ideal or something abstract. I am talking about the original world. Looking at a mountain, a couple asks, "For whom does this mountain exist?

The way for a couple to be one is for them to accomplish the purpose of the universe, regarding that purpose to be the most significant aspect of life. A couple speaks centered upon mind, personality and love.

They are in the same boat, aren't they? When a country-bred lady gets married to a Cabinet minister, people bow down to her as the wife of a Cabinet minister even if she didn't graduate from elementary school. Husband and wife are to go the same way. Within a couple, the wife's love is the husband's love and the husband's love is the wife's love. The laughter of a husband and wife who are intoxicated in love is relative. The man opens his eyes wide and the woman gently closes her eyes when they laugh.

When the husband's eyes get bigger and the wife's eyes get smaller, they become more intoxicated in love. A couple shouldn't unilaterally desire their spouse's face to remain in a fixed shape.

If they remain fixed, each will become really tired of looking at the other. When you look at your spouse with a joyful heart, he or she will look joyful; and when you look at your spouse with a beautiful heart, he or she will look beautiful. Feel your spouse's face anew with every new stimulation. A husband and wife are happy when they give and receive love with each other. If a man strikes a woman with his fist using physical power, that couple cannot be happy at all.

When a man energetically embraces and loves a woman, the woman will feel true happiness. This love cannot be accomplished by energy alone; neither can it be fulfilled by heart alone. When a man confirms his loving heart with physical power, a woman feels complete happiness, and when the woman returns love both physically and spiritually to the man, they can become a truly happy couple. Human beings always need stimulation. Happiness cannot be established without stimulation. Whenever we are hungry, rice tastes so good and fresh.

We can eat the same meal every day with the same relish. Likewise, love always should be fresh and new. The husband and the wife should miss each other more and more, day by day. In order to feel that way we have to research ourselves and God. What is our favorite thing to do? We feel good when we eat, but it is temporary.

If we are full, we can't eat more, even though we are offered the most delicious dishes. But we are never satiated with our lover.

Husband And Wife Love - Romantic Short Film - Slice of Love

The more we see the lover, the more we miss him or her. In this way, lovers make a circle of love. Unification takes place right there. Prior to marriage, a girl doesn't feel the necessity of a man.

But once she gets caught by love in married life, she cannot bear to be without him.

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Owing to love, she realizes that her husband is much more precious than herself. True joyfulness can be generated in a family only if they center their love upon God and they can see the joyous God.

Originally, making love is not something of which to be ashamed. It is supposed to be the noblest, holiest and most beautiful thing. Because the human ancestors committed a sin of love, the history of love has flowed in a shameful direction.

Who could see Adam and Eve dancing naked in the Garden of Eden?

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Should we worry if a couple dances naked in their private room? Society rightly accuses them if they do so in front of others. But who cares if a husband and a wife dance naked or do whatever they want? Therefore, the blessed couple may dance naked in their room. Nobody can accuse whatever happens between a husband and a wife.

Even though there arc so many men and women in the world, you should be able to think that there exist only you and your spouse.