Flame prince and fiona meet

flame prince and fiona meet

Fionna and Flame prince met up almost every day, because of this Fionna walked swiftly out of the house to go meet Flame Prince once. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance/Humor - Fionna, Flame Prince " Remember the first time you met me and I told you I messed 'round in. In the episode Five Short Tables, Fionna saw Flame Prince in the library and awkwardly tried to hide from him, implying that they must have had a relationship in.

RebelliousWolf Fionna is upset when Gumball breaks her heart.

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In order to cheer her up Marshall Lee suggests to visit someplace dangerous, like the Fire Kingdom. However, their plans get changed on the way there and someone new, yet dangerous is about to make her heart flicker.

All rights belong to the creator Pendleton Ward: A piece of Prince Gumball's pink hair is held in one hand as the other is wiping her uncontrollable tears.

flame prince and fiona meet

Cake helplessly continues comforting her best friend, thinking of solutions to at least soothe the pain of Fi's broken heart. Nothing came to mind, and so, she can only say softly, "Please, Fi, please stop crying sweetie. The guy would never make a silent entrance only to scare Cake and always found a way into the treehouse. His company is enjoyed depending who and what mood they were in, so far only Prince Gumball is an one of the people who hasn't cracked a smile when he arrived.

His long black bangs sweep across his forehead and his green skin refelcts in the light as he broke his way in. Did 'Gumwad' break this strong heroic girl's heart? Embarrassment shown on Marshall Lee's face and thought to himself So you really are a girl Fionna.

flame prince and fiona meet

He floats down next to her and places a hand on her head, "Hey, hey, don't be sad Fi. I think I'd like that," she forced a tiny smile. This is my first story so please don't hate. You can criticism cause I might need it.

flame prince and fiona meet

Oh and fire lions are the opposite of fire wolves since wolves are dogs and lions are cats so don't get confused; it's a gender swap. Prince Gumball is mine! You tomboy just stay out of my wedding plans! Cake ran to the right to only be blasted by ice. Ice Queen laughed, but while distracted Fionna knocked off her Tiara making Ice Queen lose her powers dropping Gumball.

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Ice Queen like the dummy she is fell out the window running towards to where she thinks her crown is. I almost feel sorry for her," said Fionna holding onto Ice Queen's tiara. Once out of the Kingdom How many times has it been, one hundred times? Fionna's eyes gleamed with wonder and jumped up to her feet and grabbed cake's shoulders and shouted, "Where, where cake, I'm all about adventure, please cake tell me!

Fionna felt happy and jittery to actually do something different this time. We can go to the Fire kingdom, but everyone is evil there and they can burn you to a crisp.

Maybe we shouldn't go- hey Fionna! Cake sighed but shrugged and followed behind. The Fire Kingdom was hotter than an oven, lava was pouring everywhere like waterfalls into a lava pond. The grounds looked like coal and you could cook some raw meat right there. Everyone was made of fire, even the pets were fire. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned the Fire Kingdom at all, Cake thought.

flame prince and fiona meet

She was sweating by just being two inches away from the fire rock. Fionna walked onto the hot asphalt and looked around amazed, "It's like the Ice kingdom but totally the opposite right Cake?

Flame Prince

Cake didn't look too good, she thought of turning back home when she had an idea. Fionna went up to cake and carried her to the tree when suddenly she heard a shout. Fionna gently put down Cake and ran up to where she heard the scream. Fionna ran and stopped and noticed she was on a small cliff. She looked down and saw fire lions running towards a fire boy.

She took out her crystal sword and jumped down in front of the fire boy ready to attack the fire beasts. Fionna dropped her sword and searched into her backpack for Cake's catnip. She took it out for the lions to see and threw it as far as she can; the fire lions ran after the snack with a blaze of fire trailing right behind them.