Compare and contrast between hitler mussolini relationship

Similarities between Hitler and Mussolini by Maya Jones on Prezi

compare and contrast between hitler mussolini relationship

Hitler and Mussolini both gained power after Germany and Italy were disheveled from World War 1. They both told the people they would get. Known as the “Beer Hall Putsch,” Hitler and about 2, of his Despite these similarities, Hitler and Mussolini weren't always on the same. There were similarities between Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini. Mussolini, on the one hand, used propaganda to restore the Italian sense of 1 educator answer; Compare and contrast the methods of dictatorship used by Adolf Hitler.

Hitler and Mussolini developed policy around their fascist principles in a very similar fashion.

The Difference Between Hitler and Mussolini – Europe’s Dark Totalitarian Legacy

Dissent was treated with violent repression by an overwhelming strong police state in both Italy and Germany. Regime friendly propaganda was widely distributed amongst and consumed by the public. Large scale public works and infrastructure projects propelled both Italy and Germany out of the Great Depression, and laid the foundation for the burgeoning militarization of both countries.

The creation of compulsory, nationalist youth indoctrination programs were both landmarks of these totalitarian leaders.

Differences and Similarities Between Fascism and Nazism

Both individuals carried a sense of megalomania too, best demonstrated by their expansionist foreign policies.

Another key difference between the two leaders could be observed in their fall from power.

compare and contrast between hitler mussolini relationship

After all opposition had been violently squashed, Hitler enjoyed a broad base of support by the German people. In fact, Mussolini was ousted from power in by his peers through a vote of no confidence. Two years later, Mussolini was murdered alongside his mistress; then their bodies were displayed publicly and desecrated by onlookers and detractors.

compare and contrast between hitler mussolini relationship

Only a few days later, with his regime in disrepair following a military surge by the Allied Forces, Hitler committed suicide also alongside his mistress in a bunker. Hitler and Mussolini were kindred spirits in the creation, propagation, and decline of dictatorial rule in modern Europe. Their violent rise to power was met with violent ends. Fascism and National Socialism are often mistaken for being one and the same thing.

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Yes, these ideologies did have a lot in common, yet some of the differences are substantial. Mussolini left and Hitler right.

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Its purpose was to restore order in Italy and give the country what in their opinion it was entitled to have. This was caused by the fact that Hitler admired Mussolini and incorporated many of his ideas in his own ideology that would later be known as National Socialism or Nazism.

Similarities There are many similarities between Fascism and National Socialism.

compare and contrast between hitler mussolini relationship

As such, both pursue collectivism ownership of the land and the means of production by the state as a part of an economy led by the state, the establishment of a dictatorship led by a leader who literally has all power and glorify violence, imperialism, and militarism.

Furthermore, they reject Democracy and traditional left and right wing parties, oppose freedom of speech and are strongly against Communism and Capitalism, Feminism and homosexuality alike. Their promotion of Nationalism is being taken to an extreme and they aim for unity within their own respective states by holding mass demonstrations and military parades.

Another similarity can be found in the fact that both are totalitarian ideologies, which means that they seek to control all aspects of public and private life alike. And finally, neither believes in class conflicts and conflicts of interest as a result of their idea of class collaboration instead of class struggle this is where both ideologies find themselves directly opposing Socialism and Communism.

compare and contrast between hitler mussolini relationship

Other Fascist regimes that were established around the same time in Europe — the ones in Spain under Franco and Portugal under Salazar — could not be accused of fundamentally embracing racism either. As a result, Fascist-like regimes tended not to have any problems with Jews either and if they did, it was — just like Italy — due to their ties with Nazi-Germany.

In the Netherlands, even the National Socialist Movement had some Jewish members at first since it did not start out as an anti-Semitic organization. Taken everything in consideration, it may be stated that the main difference between Fascism and National Socialism can be described as follows: Fascists focused more on their own state, whereas race was more important to the Nazis.

compare and contrast between hitler mussolini relationship

Even when it comes to art, some major differences exist between the two ideologies.