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suits meet harvey specter

Meet the New Boss is the third episode of the second season of Suits and the 15th overall. It first aired on June 28, —Harvey Specter and Daniel Hardman. Suits star Gabriel Macht on how to get alter ego Harvey Specter's indeed so we 're thankful to be meeting his alter ego, Gabriel Macht. With Suits season 7 arriving next month, we look back over some of our favourite moments on the show so far The first meeting/blackmail (season 1, episode 1 ) up in a hotel room with hotshot attorney Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht).

suits meet harvey specter

Lofty role models That Specter is regarded as a style icon comes as no surprise. Suits has just shown its fifth season on cable television and a sixth is in planning. A mix of cut-throat legal manoeuvring and witty interaction between its main protagonists, ensured it has become a firm favourite with fans. He could stare down anybody and his suit would act as armour," Macht tells Executive Style during interviews in Melbourne recently.

And he's a criminal. So we wanted to have that. And then slowly, as the seasons progressed, poke away at that armour. And that's what we've done. Tom Ford is great for Harvey, it's a beautiful suit but sometimes I don't wanna wear that in my personal life just because I'm not Harvey Specter. I am more of a jeans and t-shirt guy, casual is the way to go for me," he says. Altered ego But he also concedes that having a non-nonsense alter ego can occasionally be useful.

My life's changed in the last few years and the show's a hit globally, so wherever I go people recognise me.

suits meet harvey specter

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Specter, I was jealous of every other man who took your attention from me. You don't think I didn't know that. You didn't even like Mark taking my attention and we almost got engaged. If you were jealous you sure had a funny way of showing it.

I had to drag things out of you.

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Still you didn't say wanted me. What finally triggered everything? A few years ago when Donna was trying to advance our platonic relationship, the trigger was a court case wherein she got herself in trouble when she thought she was helping.

Let's just say that was not my most shining moment. I had worked very hard so you didn't end up in prison. Turning to the interviewer Donna starts to speak about her beginning to want more from her life At first when I solved the case doing what I did, I felt powerful and helpful and like I mattered. Then it all went to hell in a handbasket. That's when I first felt that I needed more. Earlier that year I had returned to acting and played Portia in Merchant from Venice.

It was a real small theater group. Smiles and Harvey leans over and kisses her LHJ: Louis' sister… one of my one night stands. Louis begged me to handle her divorce. We had a brief hookup. Mitchell is a former boyfriend who wanted me to marry him and move in with him. Good thing they didn't stick. Can't imagine what I would do with another guy's kids on top of being Louis' brother-in law.

Harvey rolls his eyes and smirks LHJ: Once those feeling surfaced, how hard was it to put them aside? Well, we became absorbed in helping Mike and trying to get the firm back on its feet. She was the managing partner, so I am assuming this was huge. How did that effect you two and your relationship? I think she had had it being a corporate lawyer. She remembered how rewarding it was when you actually helped a person.

Yes, I am an Electronic Secretary. You probably figured that out, though. I gather you were named after Donna. What significance are you in the relationship between Harvey and Donna Specter? Not much except that I spurred Donna onto her current position. I'll take it from here. That is very interesting little gadget.

I gather you tried to market this? Yes, and it would have been wonderful except that the technology behind it just matched another firms who had the patent and if we had gone to market they would have had us dead to rights for patent infringement. So my dreams of being a business entrepreneur fizzled. However, it gave me the buy-in money to become a partner in the firm.

I thought that would cure my longing for more. Remember I had been feeling this way for a couple of years now. Not being a lawyer and asking to be a partner in a law firm is pretty courageous. So what was your reaction, Harvey? I did not want to deal with it. However, Donna doesn't give up that easy when she wants something, so I said OK. However, I really got to thinking that it wasn't right.

So I suggested Director of Personnel. She tricked me as usual in her Donna way. My wife is not a lawyer; however she could be. This must have changed your relationship. Harvey, you did not have your secretary any longer, and Donna you were running the entire firm!

How did this situation advance you to where you are now. Donna… said in an impatient tone. I think the biggest change was that we didn't see each other everyday. I was not involved with all his cases. We didn't need to spend long nights at the office working together or having long emotional discussions. His attitude had changed because now I was no longer his subordinate. I think he thought he could not depend on me as his friend.

Well, that's sort of true.

Gabriel Macht: Harvey Specter

I guess that's why when I wanted to celebrate things falling into place including reconciling with my biological family, I mistakenly thought of Paula. At this point, Donna has turned away from Harvey to, perhaps, hide a tear escaping. It is obvious she is still feeling pain from his defection at that time. Donna, you turned away from Harvey at that moment. I gather this is still hard for you. Harvey had changed and moved away from me because he had become involved with Paula and, stupid me, didn't see it coming.

I was happy for him because that's what you were supposed to feel when someone you love seems happy and content. That's when I realized that the "more" I wanted was just not professional. Harvey were you happy and content at this time with Paula? Yes, I was content in my relationship, but I had the worst time trying to tell Donna.

I finally told her when Paula called me out on it. I was not in love with Paula, but we did have a good relationship.

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She was easy to talk with and she didn't mind me bringing up work…. Of course not because she thought she scored over me. Did you know that I had met her previously and then I had a ran into her in your office on your two month anniversary? Turning to his wife frowning No, I didn't know. Well, I met her first when I was looking for you the night Jessica was almost voted out as managing partner.

I thanked her because you had forgiven me for working for Louis and I think she could tell that I was in love with you then. So that's how you find out about her when I was going to therapy. I don't know want to say how I find out about your therapy sessions. It was so long ago when Jack Soloff was trying to take away your money.

Harvey smirks and smiling turns Donna back to face him. He whispers something in her ear and Donna smiles and gives him a kiss. Do you mind if I ask? I just told her that Paula knew I was really in love with Donna and that I had repressed my feelings all these years.

Was that the trigger that brought you to being happily married? Do you remember the Elsworth Investment case about a year ago? Well, things got very personal for me and I was made to feel cheap and disgusting because it was intimated that I did not deserve my present position. The implications were nothing that we had not heard anything before. Now when I think about it we must have endured that type of gossip for years. Welcome to the conversation, my love.

It seemed everyone knew what took us years to get the courage to acknowledge. Late in the evening, he was coming to tell me news of Jessica's disbarment and I wanted, no needed to know before he walked out of my life if my feelings of unrequited love were justified.

I had waited for him for so long and given him so many opportunities to claim me that I needed to do one thing for myself despite what position I was placing him.

It had to be the most selfish act I think she ever performed. So what did you do, Donna? Because obviously it worked! Before he could get the words of Jessica out of his mouth, I put my arms around him and kissed him with all my heart and soul.

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What was your first reaction, Harvey? I was so dumbfounded and then I was angry because I was in a commited relationship and, as Donna knows, infidelity is large sticking point with me. Harvey, when as ever anything relating to our relationship, not been confusing or easily dumbfounded us? It was always complicated. Until you kissed me. Harvey smiles widely and takes his wife's hand again. So I figure you broke up with Paula and immediately married Donna? Well, I wandered around in confusion and didn't see Paula for two weeks and put my relationship with Donna back on platonic level while I figured things out.

I apologized again and then I avoided him at all costs. So how long did this last? A few weeks, I decided that I would talk things out with Donna because I was given space I had to know a few things for myself. I went to see Paula to tell her what happened. I gather that didn't go so well. I felt like such a heel.

After Paula gave me her blessing and knew that I had always loved Donna and that it was good I finally realized it.

suits meet harvey specter

She practically threw me out of her house and told me to go to Donna. So, I hear this knock on my door. I look through the peep hole and there's Harvey with this almost frightened look in his eyes.

I open the door and he takes me in his arms and kisses me thoroughly. In a few weeks after that we tell our friends who manufactured us finally getting together and we get married. We flew to Las Vegas and eloped. I have been promised a big wedding later on. Of course that might have to wait a little longer than we thought. Is your father giving you trouble? No not my father. Well, my dad's gone Oh, I think I'm getting an exclusive scoop.