Stomach meet butterflies tumblr

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stomach meet butterflies tumblr

Find out if you've just got a few butterflies or if you're too on edge and anxious. EMMA HUNTON, ROGER Meet the Cast of "Good Trouble". Stomach, meet butterflies.. Hey I'm Nicole and I'm 15 years young. Posts · Likes · Ask me shizz x · Submit a post · Archive · ecstasygal-blog. Having 'butterflies' in your stomach is often seen as a classic symptom of love. When you're in a tumblr-post-long-term-romantic-relationships-butterflies

stomach meet butterflies tumblr

I was in the Butterfly Effect; I was drunk on love, with butterflies in my stomach that kept me on cloud nine. But then the butterflies faded. Sometimes I took a little longer to figure out, like when I looked at my phone and saw a new text, I sighed rather than smiled.

No matter how it happened, as the days continued, I stopped seeing him in the love-struck rose colored glasses I had donned earlier in the relationship and started seeing him like, well, everyone else saw him. I never liked the result.

Stomach meet Butterflies

So we broke up. All that mattered was the fact I felt cheated.

stomach meet butterflies tumblr

I was on the hunt for my soulmate; I wanted someone who my equal; I wanted to settle down with 7 children and travel the world. No one was matching up and it was driving me crazy. No matter how the relationship was going, as soon as those butterflies faded, I realized once again I had fallen in love with the idea of love, rather than with the boy I was holding hands with.

I would get that sinking, panicked feeling, like I was slowly drowning every time I heard them speak. So I ended the relationship and moved on. Freshman year of college, I had had enough. One of my favorite parts of scrolling through my dashboard is seeing all the funny stories people tell. Whether or not they're true, they still make me laugh.

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Some of them are sweet, some are funny, and some are just plain ridiculous. If someone is ever in need of a good laugh, reading some of the stories people put on Tumblr about their lives is a good way to get those giggles rolling. I wonder how their coffee date went! Did they each screenshot some of their favorite Tumblr posts to bring and share with each other?

Did they take their laptops so they could browse while they got to know one another? I hope they followed each other after laughing about their pole collision. No matter how great a relationship is, I think there are some couples in TV shows that would be an absolute deal breaker. I have some pretty strong feelings about how awful a few pairings are.

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This is why I could never date someone with a Tumblr account. This kid wasn't paying attention, so the teacher called on him and wrote a big "C" on the board.

The “Butterfly Effect:” What a racing heart and fluttery stomach do to a Relationship

The teacher asked whether it was a capital or lower case letter and the kid kind of freaked out. The whole class laughed, but I think that poor kid thought it was a serious question and he had just failed some kind of a quiz. When we get called out for not paying attention during class, logic goes out the window.

We just have to throw out any guess we can think of and hope we're at least somewhat right. Even if we're definitely not. Also, did every school have a weird horse girl?

How to Stop an Anxious Stomach

Like, I think looking back on people I went to elementary school with, "Weird Horse Girl" is one of the stereotypes I remember. I was friends with the one at my school and, for a few days, I was a weird horse girl. The girl I befriended was teaching me to be a horse with her. The first day was jumping, where she taught me how to climb up on the benches on all fours and then jump off. The second day was running, so we would lay on the swings on our stomachs and run like horses in the gravel.

Day three is when she lost me because that was when she tried teaching me to eat grass. That's pretty much one of the steps in my 'getting ready' routine.