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Emily thinks she's lost everything until a mysterious painting leads her to what she wants most in the world. The new novel from the author of international. It's almost hard to remember the political climate back then, but in early , . and I both lost — to Ed Toutant, an old buddy whom you'll meet in Trebekistan. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Prisoner of Trebekistan: A Decade in So far, twenty-five clues into this Double Jeopardy round, I have . Like many a standup routine, his narrative zigs and zags back and "I dunno," says Harris, but the Trebek we meet is highly professional and unfailingly courteous.

Another, geographically weirder coincidence: Hannah, a math teacher on the far right of the front rowhad attended a summer institute the previous year with one of my current colleagues. Terrie, in light blue in front of Alex, taught social studies in Maryland, my home state, and lived in Pennsylvania not far from Gettysburg, where I taught for a year.

Or perhaps you remember him at the end of the Teachers Tournament: The reason for this is that not only do the winners of the quarterfinal games advance to the semifinals, so do the four highest-scoring non-winners. Here are some of the things I remember from standing on the stage: The buzzer is also larger than I expected and I was most comfortable holding it with two hands.

There are many schools of thought on how to hold the buzzer. If you ever watch from the audience, bring a sweater. Families and friends had been told to arrive at Matt came to watch, and so did Chris and her sister, T. Those three got mics attached cordless this time, connected to a waist pack by a wire that runs down the back of your shirt—this is why you should not wear a one-piece dress on Jeopardy!

I have to agree, Buttercup really is a pretty lousy girlfriend. We chatted, snacked, made many visits to the bathroom there are two. I peeked into the flimsy partitioned-off changing area where, on a normal tape day, the winner changes clothes to preserve the illusion that a day has gone by between games.

Somehow, the morning went by.

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Crime Scene Investigationthe original recipe version set in Vegas. If you ever saw the episode where a stand-up comic gets busted for murder thanks to trace evidence left by coffee made from the poop of an Indonesian civet… that would be something I actually got paid for.

Told you it was gonna get weird. I also wrote the JFK-themed episode of Boneswhich turned out to be the highest-rated episode in more than a year. The credit for that belongs not to me, but almost entirely to terrific work by the producers, director, and actors.

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This was huge fun. When the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica was first being created, I was hired to take the dozens of small references to the 12 colonies over the 5 years of BSG and weave them into a coherent set of cultural and physical histories.

As a huge fan of the show, this felt a bit like having Gene Roddenberry knock on the door and ask out of the blue: This was a blast to write. You will be entertained. I smile every time I think about the whole experience. Before all that, I was an on-camera regular on the TLC series Mostly True Storiesdebunking urban legends by smashing fruit and riding around in race cars and firing large weapons.

This was surprisingly fun. If you ever get the chance to destroy Sydney in a firestorm, go for it. My favorite minor detail: People enjoy anything involving appalling foodstuffs. Really, was the Iron Sheik ever phonier than the claims we heard about Iraq? But an entire class of pundits and shills bought in, despite contemporaneous debunking by actual experts.

And everybody who was wrong still has their job, while the people who were right are still marginalized. No wonder an entire generation now looks elsewhere for useful information. These one-minute bursts won awards from the AP and the L.

Press Club, and they were syndicated to about 75 stations starting in Armed Forces Radio even broadcast my pieces four times a day in over countries. I finally have a second to blog.

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Some highlights from the mini-tour so far: Monday night in Burbank, the three finalists in our little trivia contest were all former Jeopardy! I also reconnected with former Jeopardy! Tuesday I met up with Trebekistani escapee Bob Harris for lunch and a quick visit to the afternoon Jeopardy!

When we got on the lot, were were surprised to see none other than Brad Rutternewly Californi-cated with L. It was my first time back on Stage 10 since actually playing Jeopardy! Alex gave us an on-camera shout-out even, so you may see Bob, Brad, and me waving in the crowd like giddy Price Is Right fans on the June 18 show.

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When Alex suggested that the three of us could replace him as Jeopardy! I told him I wanted to see him still hosting the show in fifty years, even if he was just a head in a jar by that point, which seemed to confuse him.

I guess in hindsight it is sort of a weird thing to say to someone. Another good turnout at the signing that night in Glendora—including Jerry Harveywho immediately preceded me as Jeopardy! Way to represent, Emily.

Prisoner of Trebekistan: A Decade in Jeopardy!

I was on GSN all morning doing their crazy live thing, and then dashed up to Altadena for the first signing of the day. Somehow I was still fresh and funny and all the anecdotes made sense! Not so much that evening in Moorpark though—the signing was in a big old theater, sold out audience, and I was fried by that point. Still, I made it through without too much weird Hunter S. Thompson-style raving I think and actually enjoyed the parts I can remember.

Nancy Zerg drove down from Ventura, so we got to catch up, and she was our special guest judge for the trivia contest. She also had the best trivia score in the auditorium, though unofficially.

Also in the house: And the state champion Moorpark Academic Decathlon team! Fullerton and Yorba Linda and then I can go home! See you tonight, Orange County. Posted by Ken at 1: Via Sean Gleeson, a correction: They just kept it around for its soft, soft wool. Neel also solved all or past of the two latest Pic-Tac-Toes by Shakespeare Teacher, which each have some nice themes. But mostly because it reminds me how many good-to-excellent players had their lifelong dreams of Jeopardy!

Via permanent Trebekistan resident Bob Harris: Via my editor at Random House: Those are nearly the exact dates of our trip to Italy! Come on, book editors. Do I follow you and your families out on vacation and force you to take long boozy lunches and knock off early on Fridays? Despite having dueling Jeopardy! Here we are doing our bit for Brainiac—Trebekistani relations with a joint book signing.

I look like Peter Falk trying to bring a Magic Eye poster into focus.