San diego freedivers blue water meet

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san diego freedivers blue water meet

Imagine discovering the fecund waters off San Diego where lobster and years, the oldest and most famous freediving club held its last meeting. step of the progression from the simple goggle swimmer to consummate blue water hunter. 2 Comments - San Diego Freedivers (@san_diego_freedivers) on 1 Bluewater reel and 1 reef reel for the blue water meet August 11th. San Diego Freedivers added new photos to the album: San Diego Freedivers. Image may contain: 1 person, standing, ocean, sky, outdoor, water.

For scheduled beach events members for the most part must enter the water through the surf with only the basic equipment, although most of us have some special type of diving platform, either a scratch type hollow paddleboard, or the open cockpit type ocean kayak which allows one to travel to those farther outside hot spots.

The Tritions are dedicated to safe and conservation minded spearfishing and put a strong emphasis on safety, dive technique and education. We welcome the knowledge of all expereince levels and if you are interested in freediving, spearfishing and underwater photography, you are invited to come and meet the Tritons at one of our many club dive days.

Of course, new members are welcome at any time. The Tritons as well, have a strong competitive group that travels throughout the state competing in spearfishing tournaments and welcome new divers. This tournament series will give divers a chance to learn about habitat and fish location throughout the Monterey area.

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The tournament series is included in your membership dues. We believe that the North Coast is absolutely unique and precious. We feel honored and privileged to be a part of the sport diving community that exists here. We hunt and gather with the utmost respect for the environment and the laws and regulations of the CA Dept of Fish and Game. We believe in active involvement with the legislative powers to help sustain our vital ocean habitat for generations to come, and to the best of our abilities, help provide them with the unique information that us divers can provide, to make sound and justified decisions.

This forum will strive to provide a place where underwater hunting enthusiasts can openly communicate and inform one another of subjects and topics related to North Coast hunting and gathering.

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Also, to serve as a diving connection base, where divers can meet one another and plan dive trips to share in the enjoyment of this wonderful sport. It is our hope that the club be as diversified as possible with new divers to the most seasoned and advanced divers sharing in the knowledge and enjoyment of such a unique sport. We are committed to preserving the marine environment through public outreach and club events.

san diego freedivers blue water meet

Club members are encouraged to mentor others who are new to the sport. We invite members to help one another to become more proficient and skilled in the sport.

san diego freedivers blue water meet

Above all we are here to have fun through education and activities so that we can continue to enjoy the beauty and offerings of the ocean. In addition to bringing awareness to the MLPA process, we set out to share our knowledge of local fisheries, techniques, gear and most importantly, fish stories with each other and the mass of spearos in the area. Currently, we are the only spearfishing club in the Santa Barbara and Ventura area.

Types of Spearfishing Spearfishing from the shore Shore diving is perhaps the most common form of spearfishing.

san diego freedivers blue water meet

It simply involves entering and exiting the sea from beaches or headlands and hunting around oceans architecture, usually rocks, Kelp and sand. Usually shore divers hunt between 5 and 25 meters deep, though it depends on location.

In subtropical areas, sharks are less common, but other challenges face the shore diver, such as entering and exiting the water in the presence of big waves. Headlands are favoured for entry because of their proximity to deeper water, but timing entries and exits is important so the diver does not get pushed onto rocks by waves. Beach entry can be safer, but more difficult due the need to consistently dive through the waves until the surf line is crossed. Shore dives can produce a mixed bag of fish, mainly rock and kelp fish, but ocean game fish are caught from shore dives to Shore diving can be done with trigger-less spears such as pole spears but more commonly triggered devices such as spearguns.

Speargun setups to catch and store fish include speed rigs and fish stringers on the divers floats and lines.

The use of catch bags worn close to the body is discouraged because the bag can inhibit movement, especially when descending or ascending on deeper dives. Also in waters known to contain sharks, it is dangerous and can greatly increase the risk of a shark attack.

san diego freedivers blue water meet

The better option is to tow a float behind you and thread your catch on to it as you continue your dive. Tying the float line to the speargun can be of great assistance in the event of a large catch, or if the speargun should be dropped or knocked out of reach.

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Spearfishing From A Boat Boats, ships or even kayaks can be used to access off shore reefs and islands or ocean structure such as pinnacles or man-made structures such as Fads Fish Aggregating Devices. Sometimes a boat is necessary to access a location that is close to shore, but inaccessible by land.

Methods and gear used for diving from a boat diving are similar to shore diving or blue water hunting depending on the prey sought.

san diego freedivers blue water meet