Puckeridge hunt meet dates on running

puckeridge hunt meet dates on running

The Puckeridge Hunt said some of its dogs had “unexpectedly entered But Mr Beckwith, who has run the farm with his wife Katie for 15 years. Puckeridge Hunt Pony Club. A Branch of The Pony In we will be running two camps. One for Juniors Please contact Sophie Payne to express your interest or to find out more. The Committee LOTS OF RALLY DATES. Check out the. 23/01/ – Puckeridge Hunt – Ashdon, Essex London Hunt Saboteurs to pay a visit to the Puckeridge Hunt at their meet in Ashdon, Essex.

Do not take your own line. Sometimes the hunt staff take a line across a field that the rest of the mounted followers will not take, so again, you are safe if you follow the Field Master.


Be Polite Hunting people expect their horses to be well behaved and polite and the same goes for their riders! It sets hunting apart as a sport because of this strong sense of community values.

puckeridge hunt meet dates on running

Remember to be considerate to the public. Do not ride, park or drive on mown verges and keep the road clear for traffic to pass: Gates that you pass through must be shut. If someone else has opened the gate for you, be sure to thank them. If you are the last through, then wait for them to shut the gate and remount. If tackling a slippery bridge or a ditch, always wait, once you are over it, for the person behind you to negotiate the obstacle successfully. If you tear off while they are going over it, their horse may panic and try to follow yours too quickly for the obstacle.

Once they are through, you are free to go as they can wait for the next person. If lost or when hacking home, please go to the nearest road or track and make your way from there. Remember that you are the guest while hunting of the farmer, but not afterwards. There will always be someone who can give you directions. Take time to acknowledge and thank the landowner and people who work for him if you meet them. Please help to catch it. It might be yours another time! If you are near anyone in trouble, help them.

Remember to thank people who help you. If there is an accident and the emergency services are needed please inform the Field Master or the Secretary who will know what to do. If you are aware of any incident during the day where members of the public have been upset, please tell the Field Master or the Secretary as soon as possible.

Please only use your mobile if absolutely necessary: Children Children are always welcome, they are the future of hunting, but they should be accompanied by a responsible adult who is in control of their own horse so that they are looked after properly and helped if in trouble.

Please organise this before the meet! The Hunt Secretary will allow children to come out unaccompanied when he considers that they and their pony are safe.

On these days, one of the Masters gives a talk on foot beforehand, and there will be someone on a horse on hand to help any children who are new.

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There are also many other events through the year to which children are welcome such as visits to the Hunt Kennels. Please contact the Hunt for details of these events. What to wear out hunting Please note that what follows is only intended as a guide — not a fixed set of rules. Anything safe, neat and tidy is welcome.

Puckeridge Hunt

These guidelines are really just here so you know what the traditions are. If you only want to buy one jacket, then go for tweed and wear it all season. Be clean You and your horse should arrive clean at the meet.

You do not need to plait, although many choose to. In the winter, many horses are clipped fully or partly. Gentlemen normally have their hair short enough not to need a hairnet! This is a tweed jacket and pale breeches, and brown or black boots.

Our History

You can either wear a shirt and neck tie or a stock secured with a plain pin. Proper hunting after the Opening Meet, i. Typically, people wear a cream or white stock with their black or navy coat. In case of rain or bad weather it is acceptable to wear a Barbour or any other suitable dark coloured waterproof coat.

Please avoid brightly coloured anoraks! However, we recommend the use of a crash helmet. You should check that they comply with the latest safety standards when you buy it, and if you have a fall on it, you should replace it. Misc Boots should be clean and polished.

A hunting whip can be carried. They are extremely useful for opening gates and holding them open. Gloves dark or cream — essential for keeping warm and for avoiding blisters. Clean, polished jodhpur boots or riding boots can be worn but riding boots offer more protection against knocks and thorns. Back protectors may be worn inside or outside the jacket.

A lot of the children wear half chaps either brown with brown johdpur boots, or black with black and this is perfectly acceptable.

puckeridge hunt meet dates on running

If in doubt about any of this then do please contact the Hunt. Safety You must have your own 3rd party legal liability indemnity before you come hunting. What insurance you have for your own benefit is your decision, but at least with 3rd party cover, you have some cover for damage to others. We hope all followers become members of the Countryside Alliance before they come hunting, not only because it is the only body campaigning for all country sports, but also because CA membership provides automatic cover for Third Party Liability Indemnity for anyone engaged in legal hunting activities.

Neither the Hunt nor any farmer or landowner can be held responsible for any accident or injury to horse or rider or anyone else who follows the hunt.

puckeridge hunt meet dates on running

Hunting can be dangerous and it is your responsibility to take all reasonable care and caution for the sake of yourself and others in the Field. It is your responsibility to be in control of your horse or pony so that you remain safe and are not a danger to others.

Often horses and ponies are stronger than usual out hunting as they enjoy galloping along together. It is often wise to use a stronger bit which you have tried out beforehand, and to give your horse a good exercise the day before. At that time Major Barclay decided to accept a brood bitch from his friend the Duke of Beaufort. She was called Worry and was the first of what is now known as a modern English Foxhound, a lighter, quicker and more manageable type.

Every summer there is an open invitation to the Puppy Show where the young hounds are judged on conformation and other characteristics and a big thank you is given to the Puppy Walkers.

These wonderful people take a couple of 10 week old puppies into their homes not literally, they are supposed to live outside in a shed or stable, although they will try their hardest to persuade you otherwise to further their education by introducing them to livestock, cars, leads and so on. Please do contact Di Pyper if you think you would like to help by walking puppies. What we do Since the Hunting Act in banned hunting as we previously knew it we have had to make various changes to our practises to comply with the law.

We go on hound exercise and trails are laid using fox urine from America and we try to imitate the natural line a fox would take rather than have a drag hunt where the hunt is fast and furious over the best line of fences. Often more than one trail is laid and it may be difficult for bystanders to judge whether hounds are hunting legal quarry, a trail or inadvertently a fox, especially if they happen to follow a similar route.

If followers believe the hounds are hunting a fox they should inform Hunt Staff urgently rather than trying to stop them themselves. In any evnt, hounds only react to those they know.