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nova southeastern university swim meet

AZURA FLORIDA AQUATICS #swimforthewin. FLORIDA NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Swim Team Management Powered by TeamUnify, LLC. Nova Southeastern University/Kalamazoo College the Carleton College men's swimming and diving team participated in a dual double-meet. Nova Southeastern University Assistant Coach - Swimming and Diving Be involved in all aspects of meet management and assist the head.

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My focus with this program from the beginning has always been about the a basic foundation of discipline and accountability.

I work with our student-athletes to be disciplined in every area of their lives academically, athletically, socially, etc.

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This discipline has enabled all of our student-athletes to subscribe to the same basic foundation of our program which has helped our cohesion. Accountability is another attribute that is very important to how the swimers conduct themselves.

Did a lot of your mentality come from your time at these programs or did you try and make your own coaching style? Although much of my philosophy is a hybrid of my own swimming career and the coaching positions I have held, I did spend the longest duration of my coaching career at Florida.

As a result, my approach and execution of a season is very much aligned with the UF philosophy.

nova southeastern university swim meet

Gregg TroyMartyn Wilbyand Anthony Nesty were a large part of my growth as a person and as a coach. I spent a large amount of time watching their approaches and being taught through asking many questions. The time I spent learning from them is immeasurable in the way that I mentor both on and off the pool deck.

I have also spent a lot of time talking with my coaching colleagues that I have known for years within the swimming community on their styles of coaching. All of these facets have allowed me to develop a well-rounded philosophy and my own coaching style that integrates the physiology and psychology of competitive swimming while incorporating a sense of personability to achieving success at a higher level.

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Obviously you have great talent in recruiting fast swimmers, but what do you look for when you are recruiting? We will obviously ask a lot of specific questions in how they approach training and competing as well as identifying their academic needs.

Our subset of questions is very focused on many different areas including how their previous success has shaped them, where they see their future in swimming both nationally and internationallyhow their psychological approach to success has been structured, how they blend needed improvements with progressive training, etc. We also spend time talking to the coaches of the respective athletes so we can get the big picture of how a particular swimmer will blend in with our program and how we will continue to help them grow.

The game field is home for both the men's and women's soccer teams. All three fields come equipped with lights that allow for night practices and games.

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The game field features state-of-the-art grandstand seating with a capacity of 1, spectators. The stadium style seating is the newest addition to the complex, which was built prior to the season. The facility was brought to the campus with connections through the Miami Dolphins; for example, the owner of the team, H. Wayne Huizenga, has the school's Business College named after him.

nova southeastern university swim meet

The state-of-the-art training facility of the Miami Dolphins football team includes one of the largest weight rooms in the NFLtraining rooms, locker rooms, a therapy swimming pool, a cold-plunge pool and whirlpools, numerous administrative offices, and a practice field. It also has a bleacher building that can accommodate 2, spectators.

The team's famous bubble has been a staple to both the campus and to the Dolphins. This facility has been a connection for Nova Southeastern University to connect with South Florida and build a relationship through athletics beyond their campus. The facility has also been a practice facility for college football teams competing in Miami-area college bowl games. Nova Southeastern University and the Miami Dolphins have an agreement where one of the two Orange Bowl participants have the ability to practice at this facility.

Knights[ edit ] Nova Southeastern University's athletics were originally known as the Knights.

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This name dates back to when the school was just Nova University. After the school merged with Southeastern University it was looking for a new identity to emerge for its athletic teams. The merger between the schools happened in when the school was still competing in the NAIA.

They remained the Knights until the season. Sharks[ edit ] Upon completion of their reclassification period Nova Southeastern University wanted to complete its rebranding. Inthe administration put together a school wide contest to help create a new name for NSU athletics.