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"As far as I know, after there was so much media attention he did not want Video footage allegedly showing Nithyananda Swami, head of .. Either way, we' ll probably meet up in Utah when I visit there. The Joe Johnston-directed ' America' kicks off filming this Summer and will hit theatres July coffee meet bagel; tindr; twindogs; diddy; down to eart; march for prada; counterfeit; ; The Wanton Song; Trampled Underfoot; Blind. Real Madrid's interim coach Santiago Solari attends a press conference at the team's Valdebebas training ground in Madrid, Spain. Lopetegui.

They came here to demonstrate dharma to us, using their own life. The life of every saint or Avatar is a lesson by itself. Their lives itself are their biggest messages. If they chose to be different from others and kind of all powerful and almighty, we will find that as an escapism to shrink into our own shell of tamas. You could resonate with them. You could identify with them. Look at the life of Krishna. How much has He influenced the lives of generations and still continues to do so, just with His very life!!!

Everyone can identify with him in some way or many ways. A child, a son, a lover, a husband, a father, a friend, a warrior, a politician, a vedantin, and above all, an Avatar.

Sri Rama was also an Avatar. He was indeed powerful. Why did he need the support of the army of monkeys vanar sena to destroy Ravana and rescue Seetha?

Does an Avatar need support? Indeed He was very powerful. If He just used his power and performed miracles, there would be no Ramayana.

Even if there would have been a Ramayana, it would have been just a fantastic, but totally un-achievable story, that can be performed only by a God, something we cannot identify with, and perhaps giving fancy to many fantastic super God — like hero movies. Now, there are many valuable truths such as Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema being elucidated through the epic Ramayana.

Rama behaved like an ordinary man, a son, father, husband, so on and so forth, so that all of us can identify ourselves in some aspect, if not all, with Rama and Ramayana.

Seldom did He display his true potential, just like all of us. We are all infinite Ramas. When do we actually behave like one? We have immense powers and potential. When will we shed our mental blocks and display them? So, please understand that all those higher entities that graced earth, behaved like human beings and underwent the law of time.

Where are we from? It makes me wonder, are you from earth or outside earth? It does not really matter. Just try to enjoy the food that I prepare. If it is not good for you, throw it away. Nobody is watching you or judging you on this one. They will not believe anyway. People like to believe more in scandals than search for the truth. They like to gossip and not evolve and liberate themselves. Ego does not permit apologies!

Ego does not permit even beautiful relationships. Everything is seen through the eyes of a potential scandal, thus restricting the walking space of a liberated saint. Imagine the Guru is an alcoholic and womanizer. If his teachings are not good for you, it does not matter to you, does it? So, discard the Guru and his teachings. Now, imagine the Guru is an alcoholic and womanizer AND his teachings are good for your personal growth.

It does not matter how your guru is, right? Just accept the teachings and discard the Guru. So, it does not really matter.

Spirituality should never become a handicap for anyone. Spirituality means liberation from mundane bindings, even though it is definitely not a license for cheating and raping innocent devotees. Are we not the same people who crucified Jesus? Are we not the ones who gave poison to Socrates? We never accepted any saint when they were in their body. We glorify them after they were dead or killed. This is our nature. That is why our tradition insists us to respect our parents, our teachers and even our guests as God.

We belong to a rich tradition of acceptance and love.

Nithyananda Press Meet at Madurai Aadheenam 8th May 2012

Respect is a rarity. Today, relationships are based on usefulness and that too, mostly, commercial usefulness. There are many traps and quagmires in the path of spirituality. We certainly get what we deserve. So, it is advisable to accept life as it comes. People can express only their available consciousness which is varied and different from person to person.

This is the truth of our existence. Then, how can one fully understand the consciousness of a Saint? They were two of the greatest masters earth had ever seen. Who craves for respect? Respect created through fear or compulsion has no longevity.

Respect should happen by itself. Respect should happen from clear understanding of the stature of the Guru. Just like the money and fame earned through bad deeds does not last and often will not come handy when required the most, emotions have very short longevity. They die as soon as they take birth. Even if there are no truths behind scandals, the fertile human minds will weave their own truths. Awareness is the only medicine or remedy to cure jealousy, hatred, anger and all other evils.

Eligibility is attained through Viveka or the ability or wisdom to segregate truth from untruth, gossips or rumors, and staying with the truth against all odds.

I have seen people coming with expectations and leaving with hatred towards me and my path. I lose nothing here. So, I do not give much importance to human emotions. They come and go. Who knows who will be with us tomorrow? Seek Nothing… It bothers me. I feel as if there is nothing to live for. This is because we are slaves of our mind and senses. They exist to seek everything. When you shift from your senses and your mind to intellect, you will feel the difference.

When you shift from intellect and ego to your soul, you will seek nothing anymore. The seeker becomes the sought. What is Crystal Lotus? The symbol of purity. Water cannot drench it. Gods rest on the eternally pure lotus and display their presence at times.

It is the symbol of subtlety and detachment. Nothing affects a lotus. It lives and dies in purity. A crystal lotus has no birth nor death. What creates hatred and jealousy? The common factor in all negative emotion is Tamas or inertia. Every Sunrise is fulfillment of an Eternal Dharma…. We may fail to see its glory… C: A fish is so supple and fluid. This is a good state to be in, especially in the spiritual path. Being unavailable is not a bad idea.

Those who really need us will reach us, one way or the other. Being too available will also induce situations where you are taken for granted. Also, why should you be available always at all? He swayed when people talked bad things about me. You slip down a lot and it takes lifetimes to climb back to your earlier spiritual stature. Gossip mongers may find pleasure while spreading it, but, will suffer a lot to come clean from that karma.

It is like an acute diabetic choosing to consume an ice cream. He will enjoy it, while at it and will have to endure lots of medicines and treatment to overcome the effects of this paltry pleasure.

I only pity those who have to resort to these ways. They are in fact doing me a great favor. Those who were on the borderline, decided to go away and those who are really connected with me, came closer. Only they will be benefited, anyhow. Now, imagine what ever they said is true, just compare their words with your own experience and determine which has more weight.

Use your intellect, your discriminatory powers wisely. I constantly break frames. I am walking the path of liberation. I destroy anything that binds me, owns me. This is my style of non-conformity.

Those who get disillusioned, will drop off. Those who stay, will grow with me too. Those who entertain huge expectations from anyone, always suffer.

Nature is not tired of its creations. Will you not get tired? Being tired is Tamas. When you are forced to do what you do not want to do, tamas takes over. Tiredness is a sign of tamas. I love my mission. I am here to do that. I do not get tired. Once again, abundance is a perpetual state.

This is also applicable in terms of energy. A well never depletes itself, even if many buckets of water is removed from it. Fresh water immediately replaces the water that the bucket removed and maintains its water-level. The well remains constant. It is not the same with the bucket.

It depletes itself when water is poured out completely. So, depletion depends on your stature. If you are a well, you will never be depleted. If you are a bucket, you will be. So, now you can decide what is what. Look at the oceans! Many rivers of the continents pour much water into the oceans. Ocean remains the same. Likewise, consciousness is vast and unfathomable, a trillion times larger than the vast oceans of earth. Sitemap

Water can get contaminated. Consciousness can never get contaminated, just like your soul, which can never get contaminated and always stays neutral, aiding you, but not interfering in your lifestyle, what ever your lifestyle is. Individual consciousness, even when it becomes collective, cannot contaminate the vast super consciousness. Everything is nullified and dissolved in it, eventually.

Bubbles exist for sometime on the water. Likewise, individual consciousness stays afloat for sometime and merges into the super consciousness. Nothing remains for ever. Nothing has permanence, except the supreme consciousness. What exactly is permanent? Everything came out of it and everything goes back into it. Everything is projected out of the Father and everything is called back as well.

The Father remains silent forever. The Father silently observes everything. Just like your conscience observes all your thoughts, words and actions, without interference, the Father watches the plays of life in the vast universe, objectively, unemotionally.

Nothing is either good or bad, in the absolute sense. All are just experiences. So, my dear accumulation oriented man, think again, what exactly are you accumulating? Nothing actually belongs to you forever.

Do you operate in multiple consciousness? Simply speaking, in the limited consciousness associated with this body called Mohan and the higher conscious state which is well beyond this body called Mohan. But, the difference is, most do not know that they do, because they lead an unconscious existence.

That is why they get surprised at certain revelations or messages that eventually come true. Even though I am trying to explain this in simple terms, this aspect has multiple facets.

The distance between the limited and unlimited is sometimes huge and sometimes non-existent. We are simultaneously both. So, usually when we are angry, sad, depressed, disheartened, weak, etc, we are operating in the limited consciousness.

When we tap into the higher realm and source subtle truths of existence, we are operating in the higher consciousness.

This is a very deep subject. We can see the expressions of our non-understanding in every segment in the form of emotions and expectations. In the education segment, especially. We fail to see the talent of our children and get immersed into molding them as another brick for the wall.

We are afraid of risks and opt for safe bets. That is its natural habitat. Our education system tries hard to make it climb a tree and in the end, call it a failure! Thus,we are destroying our next generation. None are happy too. When we give wind to the wings of our children, they soar confidently.

When we trim their wings out of our fear and anxiety, they are crippled forever. We are what we make ourselves to be. We should always remember that. The Eyes of the Universe are Always Open. The issue that sold Monday was rated slightly higher than the one that sold in February; it had been tucked inside an old movie magazine for years before being discovered. The issue was bought from a private collector and then sold by Stephen Fishler and Vincent Zurzolo, the co-owners of ComicConnect.

The recent activity, I guess, did the trick. Rarer still are issues in such good condition. This may be the final say — at least for the next 10 or 20 years — for a record price of a comic book. Maybe this one will be for a random comic like…Duckman No. Your move, Dark Knight. Maybe you could use it to buy Duckman No.

Grigory Perelman can't decide if he wants the money. Carlson said he wasn't too surprised by the apparent lack of interest from Perelman, a reclusive genius who has a history of refusing big prizes.

InPerelman made headlines when he stayed away from the ceremony in Madrid where he was supposed to get a Fields Medal, often called the Nobel Prize of Mathematics.

He remained at home in St. As for the new prize, Perelman PER-il-mahn told a local television station he hasn't made a decision on whether to accept the money, and that Carlson's institute will be the first to know when he does. Sergei Rukshin, Perelman's high school math teacher, told The Associated Press on Monday that "I know that this time he is seriously thinking about whether he will accept the prize. He still has some time. Rukshin said Perelman has been without work for four years and has declined all job offers.

From Apologies to Action:

He previously worked at the Steklov Mathematics Institute. He said he had encouraged Perelman to accept the prize to provide for himself and his elderly mother. Technically, the award is a done deal. That's the decision of the committee," Carlson said. Several groups in Russia, including the St. Petersburg Communist Party, have made public appeals to Perelman to give them the cash to fight poverty if he doesn't want it for himself.

Perelman was honored for proving the Poincare pwan-kah-RAY conjecture, which deals with shapes that exist in four or more dimensions, rather than the familiar three dimensions. The conjecture proposes a test for determining whether a shape in such space, no matter how distorted, is a three-dimensional sphere. It's the first problem on the list to be solved. The Clay institute was founded in by Landon T. Clay, a Boston businessman, and his wife, Lavinia D. Tamara Yefimova, a deputy director of Perelman's high school who has known the mathematician since he was a student there, said that once he started working on the Poincare conjecture he became totally absorbed in it.

She said Perelman stopped visiting his old school to help students and stopped attending meetings of the city's math society. As a high school student, Perelman obviously was the most gifted student, Yefimova said. The only reason he didn't get a gold medal upon graduation, she said, was that the unathletic scholar didn't get the top grade in physical education.

Perelman went on to earn college and postgraduate degrees in mathematics and mechanical engineering from Leningrad State University and Steklov Mathematics Institute. Indeed, Carlson said, Perelman's solution was "a truly amazing piece of mathematics. He could be the happiest man on the planet. He lives with the Love of his life — his mother. She probably cooks hot meals every day. His only concerns are solving the mysteries of the universe…at his leisure. Still, the million dollars might be kind of cool as far as helping out your mama.

You know what, congratulations on your award…and your sweet ass life, comrade. Do with it what you wish. No Surprise Here — Ricky Martin is gay. In other news, Hugh Hefner likes blondes. The year-old woman had pleaded guilty to burglary, grand theft and identity theft. She was sentenced to days in jail and was placed on three years' probation. Restitution was also ordered by the Westminster judge, but the amount wasn't immediately clear.

Pampellonne used a line of credit established in another person's name to get the September procedures at the Pacific Center for Plastic Surgery in Huntington Beach. Want to know how?

Like Repo Men or something. Anyway, kinda funny that your new cans could land you in the can. Video footage allegedly showing Nithyananda Swami, head of Dhyanapeetam, or "knowledge center," frolicking with two women angered hundreds of devotees who tried to ransack his center outside the southern city of Bangalore this month.

The year-old has denied any links to the women and said the tapes were doctored Bollywood is booming… but the police are investigating and have asked people to come forward with evidence. Nithyananda Swami, who has big politicians and movie stars as devotees, announced his resignation in a statement.