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night court meet dans parents

Night Court is an American television situation comedy that aired on NBC from January 4, It was earlier discovered, in the second-season episode " Dan's Parents", from Denice Kumagai as Quon Le Duc Robinson (seasons 2–9 ), Mac's wife, a refugee from Vietnam, where she met Mac during his service in the. Read Common Sense Media's Night Court review, age rating, and parents guide. Judge, lawyers, and bailiffs eat together in the cafeteria, meet in the judge's office, and work Why are personality traits like Dan's exaggerated on television ?. Dan's extremely rustic parents come to visit him in Manhattan, embarrassing him all night until he disowns them. Harry Anderson, Ellen Foley, John Larroquette. Someone had the brilliant insight to cast John McIntire and Jeanette Nolan as Dan's parents.

Terry Kiser as Al Craven seasons 1—2an obnoxious, pushy tabloid reporter who sometimes hung around the courtroom in hopes of discovering a scandalous story. Jason Bernard as Judge Willard seasons 1—2an arrogant, humorless Judge who didn't approve of Harry's antics and tried to have him removed from the bench.

Rita Taggart as Carla Bouvier seasons 1—2more commonly known as "Carla B," a prostitute who frequently appeared as a defendant and who had a crush on Harry. Ron Ross as Dirk, a wimpy bailiff. Denice Kumagai as Quon Le Duc Robinson seasons 2—9Mac's wife, a refugee from Vietnam, where she met Mac during his service in the Vietnam War when her family let Mac stay at their home while injured.

Mac originally married her to keep her in the country, claiming he was not in love with her, but that quickly changed. She didn't understand the concept of 'buy now, pay later', very well, but became more financially responsible after opening a restaurant in Season 3. John Astin as Buddy Ryan seasons 3—9Harry's eccentric stepfather and a former patient in a psychiatric hospital.

His catchphrase was the capper to stories involving his hospital stay or past strange behavior: He was later revealed to be Harry's biological father, admitting he'd kept it a secret for fear that the truth would bring Harry's judicial ability into question. William Utay as Phil Sanders, Dan's homeless lackey. Later in the series, Phil was killed in an accident involving a piano; " The key was sharp, and Phil was flat.

Just before his death, it was revealed that Phil was actually extremely wealthy but chose to live among the poor a former stockbroker suffering from Howard Hughes syndrome —in fact, the show cleverly suggested the New York Harmonic Orchestra was known as the "PHILharmonic Orchestra" because Phil was one of its greatest patrons.

Utay later played Phil's evil twin brother Will, who befriended Dan in order to steal all of the Phil Foundation's money. Will later returned what he'd stolen along with a lot of additional cash from successful investing and devoted the rest of his life to doing good deeds on Dan's behalf.

Brent Spiner and Annie O'Donnell as Bob and June Wheeler, down-on-their-luck stereotypical Appalachian yokels, who later reveal they are Yugoslavian, although they continue to speak the same way. Bob was a frequent defendant in Harry's courtroom, usually as the result of a series of freak disasters befalling his family.

Leslie Bevis as Sheila, an exotic nymphomaniac who often appeared to entice Dan into a sexual liaison during or after court to his detriment, causing him to suffer a coma in one episode.

Night Court

In her final appearance Sheila rejected Dan for a man who talked very, very slowly. She tells Dan she needs someone who "knows how to take his time. Yakov Smirnoff as Russian immigrant Yakov Korolenko, another frequent visitor to the courtroom. In the first season Harry saved a distraught Yakov from a suicide attempt, and they became good friends ever after. Yakov eventually tried to bring his brother to America, succeeded in getting his wife Sonja and kids out of the Soviet Union, and got his father to immigrate after the Cold War's end.

A running joke on the series was when Judge Stone would mention jail, which had a completely different import to the Soviet immigrant, who would respond with obvious fear: Judge Stone sided with the father, telling Yakov the American Dream is about liberty, not materialism. Eugene Roche as Jack Sullivan, Christine's overbearing, blue-collar father. He referred to Harry as "that nut". Though initially underestimated because he was a little personhe had an extremely tough personality and often had it in for Dan.

Eventually, Mac Robinson becomes Court Clerk, and since he's a dude, his relationship with Harry is a far cry from Lana's. It was revealed in Season 8 that Phil The Bum was one. In addition to living on the streets as a homeless man, he also possessed a crippling fear of musical instruments and had a life insurance policy that paid an insanely large sum if he was killed by one.

Night Court Dan Fielding fends off Teri Hatcher

Christine until the seventh season. One episode revolves around a local election which Dan was participating in. A fire forces everyone to take shelter in the morgue. After they're rescued, it's revealed that Dan initially lost the election, but this became a tie shortly afterward due to an uncounted vote. This leads to a second example. Fielding, who had his name legally changed from Reinhold Fielding Elmore "Bull" Shannon's real first name was Nostradamus.

This was revealed in Season 8, although much earlier episodes seemed to imply his real first name actually was Bull. This is doubly embarrassing for Bull, as his mother named him that because "she was always crazy about that hunchback! His mother also gave him his nickname; not because of his size but because of her reaction to the news she was pregnant: This later happened in real life in the U.

Senate election in Missouri. Dan finds himself there after his Army plane crashes in the Arctic. Even Evil Has Standards: Dan is an arrogant, smug, womanizing jerk, but he has very strong morals and ethics when it comes to the law, and is proud of it.

night court meet dans parents

At least three separate storylines centered upon someone attempting to bribe Dan and being reported to the authorities. When a private law firm offered him a more glamorous and higher paying job, Dan found out that the woman doing the hiring didn't consider him the most qualified, she just wanted to sleep with him — Dan boasted to her that he has the highest conviction rate and fewest overturns on appeals of any prosecutor in the city, and while he did sleep with her, it was only because she was attractive; he refused the job.

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In The Night Court Before Christmas, Dan spends a whole minute ranting at a toy company executive about what an unfeeling bastard he is for taking back the stolen toys accidentally donated to an orphanage on Christmas Eve, coolly finishing off with "And if you knew exactly who was saying this to you, you'd appreciate the full measure of that insult".

Before he can end the relationship, he is invited to dinner at her house, being told that "Dad" is anxious to talk with Dan about his future with her. Everyone expects this to be an attempt by the Mafia to bring Dan "into the family", so they'll have an "in" with the NYC District Attorney's office. The truth is that dad knows about Dan's reputation "To put it mildly, you have the morals of a rutting pig. Con-man Will Sanders, to bum Phil Sanders.

Bull might be one of the earliest regular users of the gesture in pop culture.

night court meet dans parents

Though he usually did it when he realized the implications of something stupid he'd done. The female lawyers made use of these on a couple of occasions, Billie Valentine once left visible scars in Harry's door with hers.

Rogash in "My Life as a Dog Lawyer".

night court meet dans parents

Especially during the last five seasons. After all, it's his court. His politics and lascivious nature made him the Yang to Harry's Yin most of the time. His predecessor, however, was more The Chick. This seems pretty obvious. Though Roz was more likely to initiate physical confrontations and threaten violence.

Also obvious, though her predecessors aren't The Chick so much despite all being females. All of the female bailiffs. Actually Lampshaded when Judge Stone had to deal with an argument between fans of the old series and The Next Generation - literally. The TNG fans teleported away, which impressed everyone, while a fan said, "Oh, but can they do this? Dan, from a Deadpan Snarker who had good luck with the ladies into a full-on Chivalrous Pervert.

A rare example of this being done right, as Dan's later, more extreme characterization was far more popular. Bull somehow ends up with an alligator he names "Muffin". Then he loses most of his newfound wealth when he's sued over damages caused by a restaurant he bought in a previous episode.

One Halloween episode has Dan casually "selling his soul" to a man claiming to be the devil, but then getting more and more frantic when the guy starts displaying encyclopedic knowledge of Dan's past misdeeds.

It turns out that it's all a prank on Mac's part and Dan faints in relief. Two main recurring ones. Russian immigrant Yakov Korolenko. Also, The Wheeler family. Mac's Vietnamese wife Quon Le also qualifies. Unclothed bodies, writhing around in the grass, contorted dances of lust, screams of sexual delight But damn well put, sir.

Who have we got here? I am known by many names. Pick one and tell it to the judge.

Dan's Parents

I chose to manifest myself in this form because I didn't want my presence to be noticed. To what do we owe this visit? The ways of the Lord surpass thine understanding. Unto mankind, my ways are wondrous strange. He trashed a diner. It's better when I do it.

Blumberg was unimpressed and told him to leave. And then he told Blumberg to be fruitful and multiply. But not in those words. You know, if it weren't for Eve, there'd be no reason for you to wear any clothes.

Night Court TV Review

She did it so we could get some work done. Tell me, do you worship regularly? Honey, at my age, I don't do anything regularly. Once In Love With Harry [1. What were you two talking about? The judge and I were having a personal discussion. What business is it of yours?

It is none of my business. But if you want a little friendly advice: He's not your type. Oh, but I suppose he's your type. He's a sensitive, intellectual, complex man.

Eclectic in nature, multidimensional in personality and, well, frankly, he would need a woman of similar qualities to stimulate him. Honey, I don't know what those words mean but I do know what it takes to please a man. Physical stimulation is not enough.

I won't use gadgets. That's-That's not what I meant. You see, dear, most psychologists and experts agree that the way a man and a woman primarily respond to each other is cerebral.

Sex takes place between the ears. You need a bond. You need a map. International crises threaten us with the possibility of nuclear holocaust and the increase in violent crime has raised the odds that one of us is gonna be murdered in our sleep tonight. That ought to perk him up. Quadrangle Of Love [1. I have never known Dan to be late before.

I hope he's all right. But it's his own fault. I mean, I always make it a rule: