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nice to meet u toob

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Tube Season at Tube Haus generally runs from the first week in March through the end of September each year, however depending on the weather each year, this time frame may be longer or shorter From the very beginning, Tube Haus has always been considered one of the best tubing destinations in Texas.

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Tube rental fees cover all day tubing, parking and your return shuttle from our Long float Float times vary daily based on River LevelsRiver Conditions, and Release Rates that may change daily from the Canyon Lake Dam, please check with our rental desk for daily Float times People were extremely upset and law suits were filed by local Outfitters in protest, which are still ongoing.

A few of the biggest questions we get at The Tube Haus in our emails is Are there any Cooler Restrictions in Canyon Lake?

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The simple answer is NO! Drinking is legal on the river and more specifically, it's legal to drink alcohol on the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake. Basically nothing has changed as far as Rules are concerned on the Guadalupe River in Canyon Lake except for one New Rule pertaining to "plastic containers" mainly used for Jello Shots Alcohol has not been banned from the Guadalupe River Glass is also illegal on the river, so bring beverages and snacks in cans, plastic, or paper containers.

nice to meet u toob

A common question we get is: The best Coolers and Ice Chests for River Tubing range in size from a 28 Quart capacity up to a 50 Quart capacity and fit into a commercial truck inner tube nicely.

In our experience, Coolers and Ice Chests larger than 50 Quarts become very heavy and difficult to handle, so unless you have 2 strong individuals to handle your Cooler or Ice Chest, it's better to use a 50 Quart Cooler or smaller for easier handling and for a more enjoyable day of Guadalupe River Tubing!

nice to meet u toob

Another thing to consider when deciding what size cooler or ice chest to use and how many coolers to use, is which Float Trip you plan on taking or floating. Coincidentally, take a look at the photo immediately to the right and you'll see a girl floating down the Guadalupe River holding a detached Cooler Lid in one hand and a beer in the other hand!

We're pretty sure she never made it back with her lid and now she has a cooler with no lid.

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A 40 Quart Wheeled Cooler will fit nicely into a Tube and is easy to move around when it's fully loaded! We're not plugging this Cooler for Coleman or Igloo and we're not getting paid, we simply just like them and thought you might like it too!

To set up the perfect "Cooler Tube", start with a commercial 18 wheeler truck inner tube, size: Think about it, your cooler is full of ice and beverages and maybe some snacks, causing it to be quite heavy, so that's the reason we selected a cooler with wheels, so you can roll it right down to the river instead of carrying a heavy, fully loaded cooler or ice chest. Keep in mind, if your cooler is not tied to your tube, then someone needs to hang onto the cooler tube when you go through the rapids so you don't become separated from your cooler tube and have to chase after it.

If you have a large group, you may want to increase the size of your cooler s up to 50 quarts, we like the 48 quart Coleman and Igloo Coolers or Ice Chests better than a 50 quart because they seem to fit better in the inner tubes. If you have a small group, you can take a 28 quart cooler or ice chest, also the length of your float trip may influence your choice of what size cooler to use, short floats only need small coolers, while long floats need larger coolers since you'll be on the river longer and be in the hot sun longer.

Have a great time tubing down the Guadalupe River! Tube Haus Here are just a few of the common tags, search phrases, misspellings and misspelled search terms and keywords that people use to find us: Where is the best place to tube down the Guadalupe River in Texas? Tube Haus is the best place to Based on what our customers have told us over the years, we find it very interesting that all these tags have one thing in common Once people have found us, they just bookmark us, and add us as a favorite, or they just type in " tubehaus.

nice to meet u toob

Guadalupe River Tubing near Houston, Texas! The Guadalupe River is one of the main rivers to float and tube near Houston. Tube Haus will be open daily for the "4th of July Weekend " as well as the "Labor Day Weekend " from 9am to 7pm! Estimated Drive Times are based on "non-rush hour and non-holiday periods". It wouldn't be proper not to have a 'Who' mention here - "Blink", the goodbye to Billy scene leading into Sally galvanizing for action again, music helps.

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