Mesa grand prix swim meet 2014

Mesa Grand Prix

mesa grand prix swim meet 2014

All the Links You Need to Follow the Mesa Grand Prix Azad Al-Barazi from Trojan Swim Club ended up as the first seed in Race Video is courtesy of Universal Sports Network, a SwimSwam Partner. Current photo via. Clary wins m IM in Mesa Grand Prix - Universal Sports Atkinson Breast Post Race Interview - Arena Grand Prix at Mesa-SwimSwam · Michael Phelps Confirms Return Meet as Mesa, Arizona (Swimming World Magazine.

mesa grand prix swim meet 2014

Petra Soininen was right off her seed time, grabbing the sixth spot in 2: Bobby Bollier swam a smooth 2: A group of teenagers close out the top eight with Mickey Mowry in sixth 2: Touching in at a 1: She was a full second ahead of American record holder Jessica Hardy, who usually has impressive front end speed.

Hardy sits second with a 1: The delay had no effect on Kevin Cordes, who is the top seed for tonight, touching in a time of 1: Azad-Al Barazi sits second behind him with a time of 1: Gunther Cassell is currently sixth and was able to shave off. Bradley Craig and BJ Johnson round out the top eight with times of 1: Cheyenne Coffman swam a quick 1: Spots three through seven sit close together, bunched around the 1: Fernanda Gonzalez-Ramirez sits third with a 1: Yekaterina Rudenko and Noriko Inada are currently sixth and seventh with times of 1: Matt Grevers grabbed the top spot with a strong This is going to be one of the best races tonight seeing as though places are separated by a mere.

mesa grand prix swim meet 2014

David Plummer its second with a Ryan Lochte took advantage of his under waters to finish the race with the win. Lochte finished with a time of 1: Michael McBroom had great closing speed on the final 50, almost running down Townsend for second place.

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He finished in third with a 1: Elizabeth Beisel made a move as she swam into the Her tempo picked up to sneak in for third. Clara Smiddy won the race with a time of 2: Elizabeth Beisel finished strong in her second race of the evening, posting a third place time of 2: Ally Howe earned a fourth place finish with a final time of 2: Iryna Glavnyk won the B-final with a 2: Tyler Clary, the defending Olympic Champion, finished second with a 1: Three college swimmers finished in Grigory Tarasevich from Louisville finished fourth at 2: Brock Bonetti won the B-final with a 2: Natalie Coughlin and Jessica Hardy finished in the third and fourth, respectively, at Katie McLaughlin won the B-final with a Roland Schoeman was not too far behind, sneaking his hand in for second at Josh Schneider was third at