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AlexHoltti. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Days of Our Lives with exclusive news, you Instagram: x Please leave this video a big thumbs up!. Hey Tumblr! Hayes Grier will be taking your questions at 3pm PST/6pm EST on Monday, January . Alex Holtti ~ smokingalex . “Yes and a golden opportunity to look good and meet hot guys” You let out a . Out of every girl he could have. Make sure you go subscribe to our NEW channel to join the squad! Click The Link! MEET MY.

How girls throw stuff to me truestory everytime He only drank one beer Greg Cleveland Sometimes you just gotta be honest in your relationship! I accidentally smacked the shit out of Brooke Gunn blooper but still funny!

NO cop, NO stop!! When the garbage can gets too full and you try and fit just one more thing I just wanna party! Apparently, cops don't like it when you do this It works better if you're a girl TBT goodoledays Maybe I should get a fake tree next year! He was nice as can be! One check off my bucket list! Its for a good cause: Had to share this on the Whisper app too! Have you guys posted on there yet? How Southern Girls Turn Up! I just wanna party! Raylan That mechanic friend that always makes you feel like a dumbass When you underestimate how fucking powerful the hand dryer from the year is.

The friend who only speaks, when you attempt to. Footage of me as a dad neglecting my kid who just wants to play frisbee. Thrift store down the block from my house. If I was a ghost, I'd sing straight into their fucking recording devices because fuck your shit. Samurai wakes up in the present day. Weird neighbor asks me for some of my soda. This dude is a comedic genius. When your alcoholic friend tries to jinx you into buying him a drink.

Pharaoh who knew what the fuck was up. The video game II.

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When your imaginary friends hold an intervention. Whoever invented autopsy must've been fucked I tweeted this. In an alternate universe where Pikachu dies, Ash is the scariest fucking guy ever. An assassin learns his limits when told about his next target. Probably has been done before? Me as an undercover cop. If that one actor friend who wont shut that fuck up about being an actor got a vine.

Now everything is goddamn bananas. With CrafteeChloe Guys be like Retired 80's hairband lead singer loves reading captions out loud. The 80's detective who gets grossed out by corpses, encounters one.

Had a convo about this, but I forget where. Cop who keeps forgetting simple shit. What every girlfriend hears when they sit across their boyfriend on a couch. Guy accidentally walks into the wrong store on the wrong planet. This happened at one point. The guy who takes his "that's what she said" jokes, too seriously. I live my life by WeeklyChris's wise words. Monster Energy Guy who turns Jamaican when he gets angry.

Middle school Guy who never learned how to do laundry When ur bored and ur friend brings over the kush Bad dj Why don't dealers in the hood ever have bags Every question on Who Wants To be a Millionaire Guy who's never been or heard of Hooters. Sorry I haven't been vining I've been super busy. Popular viners in 20 years.

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Two stoners share movie ideas. Bros When u wanna look cool but u gotta finish ur book report Jeff doesn't care Berry Macockiner Sorry Wished it looped but fuck it The bottle does Making friends again. Wahlid Mohammad Punjabi uncle friends who are listening to hip hop for the first time while they drive to the Dhaliwal family picnic.

Field Trip magcon Nailed it, again.


Talent Show Punjabi folk singer - Bryan Silva edition. Father and Son who love each other very much pt.


Zachary Piona Calling Shotgun. Father and son who love each other very much and wish each other happy new year. Indian dad who doesn't understand his daughter's lingo pt. Substitute teacher who assumes the kid with the turban has the most muslim sounding name. Suicidal thoughts When ur gf asks for ur phone's passcode but u pretend like you forgot english.

When ur gf asks for your passcode and u try to be all alpha-male af but then realize that ur actually not The newscaster who goes all out for his intros This is for all the 8 year olds out there The song that makes u miss the bae: Should I recreate my sisters musicallys again?

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Hope you like me and Oliver fooling around a bit hehe! If you did, leave a like and i'll give you a car. Love you x -Alex MyLifeAsEva 4 months ago you know I had to do a high school you vs child you for back to school season! Music by Tessa Violet - https: You can also find morning, night, and school routines here. I love creating comedy sketches and skits to make you all laugh! Thank you for making this amazing journey on Mylifeaseva possible!

It was a very sad and cringey attempt at best! Last Week's Video - https: This was extremely sour! In our last video we ate giant candy like hershey's chocolate bar, chupa chups lollipops, twizzlers licorice, airheads gum candy bites, snickers bar, edible nerds rope, kellogg's miniature rice crispy treats, giant gummy bear, buttons, reese's pieces peanut butter cookies.

Also, would you like to learn how to prank your class mates with fun easy DIY back to school pranks and giant edible sour school supplies? Brothers not twins try, test and taste eat crazy family friendly sourest food haul.

Tasting all these gummy vs real challenge type foods and eating them leads to hilarious crazy comedy game that is sure to make you laugh. Get your merch HERE: Giant Reese's peanut butter cup 1. Jif Peanut butter 3. Carnation Instant dry milk 4. Paint brush and ruler 8.

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Betty Crocker cooking supplies 9. Karo corn syrup 2. Crisco vegetable oil 4. LorAnn Oils white food coloring 5. McCormick green food coloring 6. Gardening shovel Giant Taffy Town Taffy: Corn starch like in oobleck 4. Mixing Every Sour Candy! AlexHoltti 2 years ago His team and him actually filed a copyright dispute on my previous jacob videos, and they're now getting all the money.