Meet joe black pretty pictures of hearts

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meet joe black pretty pictures of hearts

Stills From the Movie Meet Joe Black. Check out our gallery of Brad Pitt images from Meet Joe Black. By. Rolling Stone. Lovely At Your Side: We Love: Dawson's Creek Quotes use in vows? 14 amazing picture quotes about movie Meet Joe Black. Misha I carry you in my heart. Brad Pitt in "Meet Joe Black" Bratt Pitt, Brad Pitt Pictures, Steve . love his hair/ clothes/character in Meet Joe Black Attractive Men, Young Brad.

But when Susan steps into frame, often dressed in a simple shift or t-shirt and jeans, we get a stark difference to the richness we often see in the shot. But something, maybe the voice, is stopping him from dying. The second scene I want us to pay attention to is actually two different scenes, but are very similar in their settings, and completely different in the feeling they give in the film.

meet joe black pretty pictures of hearts

The first scene is when Susan enters the coffee shop and hears a man talking on the payphone behind a translucent pane of warped glass. We see the profile of the man, haloed by sunlight.

The scene goes on and the chemistry between Susan and Pitt is extremely apparent and endearing. Later, when Bill is at home having dinner, he hears the voice again telling him to come to the door and let him in. We see a figure move behind another warped pane of glass, lit by a unnatural and bright source, not something seen elsewhere in the library. The slow movements and obscurity of the figure give us a sense of dread, something completely different than the similar scene in the coffee shop.

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The figure steps out, exposing himself to be Brad Pitt again, but someone completely different than the character we met in the coffee shop. Though the library scene, even with the same character, clothing, and basic set-up of shots, feels eerie and gives the audience a sense of apprehension and fear, simply changed by different lighting and acting choices.

Anthony Hopkins and Brad Pitt. An Introduction to Film. The color scheme of brown and black should have clued me in that this would be no laugh fest. The last chopper out of the film - and I wasn't on it!

The highlight of the movie for me was Jeffrey Tambor, virtually reprising his role of Hank from the Larry Sanders Show.

meet joe black pretty pictures of hearts

There is a really great scene where Pitt bites the dust, but any movie that has me begging for the main character to die is just not doing a good job. Meet Joe Black could stand to have one solid hour cut from it - I don't think it would lose a thing. If it was shorter, it might have been a very good movie.

meet joe black pretty pictures of hearts

At three hours, it's not the Bataan Death March, but it isn't a movie I'm going to want to sit through again. Brad Pitt uses a spoon to teach Jeeves how to drive the ladies wild.

meet joe black pretty pictures of hearts

I suppose that if you have to sit through three hours of this stuff, it had better look good, and Meet Joe Black does have a great transfer. As I said before, the color palette is pretty dark, but everything is well defined, and what colors that do show up look great.

Living The Faith On A High Wire: Meeting Joe Black During Christmas

I had to crank my system up on this disc, but everything that I could hear sounded good. There isn't a whole lot going on in the rear channels, though.

meet joe black pretty pictures of hearts

We have a 2-disc Ultimate edition without deleted scenes which were listed as a feature when this was first announcedcommentary or even a decent documentary. We get a half-assed Spotlight on Location I HATE these thingsa photo montage, a couple of trailers, and that's it - for the main movie.

Meet Joe Black (1998) - Lightning Could Strike Scene (1/10) - Movieclips

Three frames from the best bit of the movie. What's really cool is that the second disc of this set includes Death Takes a Holiday, the movie that inspired Meet Joe Black.

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  • Jake Weber
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At 80 minutes, Death Takes A Holiday is half the length of the main feature, and twice as good.