Meet cute stories to read

meet cute stories to read

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Day We Met: Four short meet cute love stories (Random Romance Book 21). A gorgeously romantic short story, part of The Meet Cute series. To read e- books on the BookShout App, download it on: iPhone/iPad. We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about meet- cute stories that actually happened to them. Here are some of.

I loved this story because the concept was unique and the alternate reality seemed really cool. I love New York, so having the two of them run around the city made for a great atmosphere.

Meet Cute Review – Charlotte Annelise

It was also the kind of meet cute that I have been after this whole. She is asked to show music star Phineas to a psychic and she is quick to say yes due to her boredom at her summer job. This story was not so bad overall but I found the plot to be a bit contrived.

There was the typical cute musician and a girl who gets a great internship just because her father owns the company. I thought the story had a good premise but it was just written in a strange way. I also thought the romance was unbelievable due to the ignorance by one of the characters.

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I really enjoyed the way this story was written and I appreciated the magical realist elements to it. It was a bit confusing for me at times, which could be due to how short it was and there was little room for world-building.

meet cute stories to read

She makes friends with another girl at the airport and the two keep each other company as their flight gets delayed. This was my favourite story in the collection!

Meet Cute: 5 Romantic Short Stories

I really loved it. The banter between the two girls was funny and it read like a proper meet cute situation. This story could definitely work as a full-length book. She is frustrated that someone has not returned an overdue dictionary and calls them weekly to remind them it needs to be returned. This short story was great and again I enjoyed the banter between the two love interests.

I thought that the setting of a library was also sweet and the story in general was quite creative. Each morning she goes through different scenarios in determining whether fate exists. I liked that this story was quirky and written in a way that made you not question the realistic nature of the events. The main character was really interesting and I thought it was great that she was so interested in math.

meet cute stories to read

This one had a unique concept and a futuristic setting that I could easily visualise. Each one is very clean, and though they're not overtly Christian or religious, there are light undertones of faith woven in.

Most of the stories use a first person writing style, which I This collection of 5 short stories is aptly named, as each story details "cute" first meetings paired with sweet and creative ways of asking the ever important "will-you-go-out-with-me? Most of the stories use a first person writing style, which I always enjoy as it allows me to feel more connected to the characters.

I quite like the unique atmosphere of Amanda Hamm's work; it's uncomplicated while at the same time being very amusing, with subtle and not-so-subtle humor woven in through the inner-thoughts of the characters. They seem real--just like average everyday people--which makes it easy to picture yourself in their shoes. While I thought all of the stories were cute, my favorite by far was "Pizza Heaven.

The restaurant setting was great fun, and the characters and their personalities were awesome; I was immediately comfortable with them, which made it easy to cheer for and sympathize with them through their ups and downs. I don't often read short stories as I honestly just finish them too quickly, however I did enjoy this collection. It's easy to be amused by the great bits of banter, sweet and harmless flirting, and one or two humorously awkward scenarios. In keeping with our times cell phones play a big part in two of the stories, and the sheer creativity of how they are used is delightful.

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