Meet barney in his bunker fallout 4

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meet barney in his bunker fallout 4

we will assume that you are happy to receive all cookies. Our Cookie Policy has further details. Read More. View Gallery. Mods. Fallout 4. All Unique Ballistic Weapons In Fallout 4. Once they're dead, Deacon will go his own way and you can go back to the church to meet him. I can't seem to follow this guy Barney in Salem into his bunker. It shows me no interaction with the trapdoor Is it a bunk? Or do I have to do.

She's shown to dislike virtually any person from outside the Vault. Jerkass Has a Point: Well, the Commonwealth is filled to the brim with Raiders and other malicious factionsmaking her xenophobia easy to understand. After succeeding in a Charisma check, her personal experience was based on being cheated out of money by an outsider who was last seen with a man in Diamond City.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: She warms up to the Sole Survivor if they give the cure to Austin. Implied from her statement that may imply that a Commonwealth woman may have been her lover until she took her money away and last seen with a man in Diamond City.

Olivette The original Overseer of Vault Her iron morals are why Vault 81 survived to the present day. One of the very few Vault Overseers who wasn't okay with it. Upon discovering the true purpose of the Vault, she purposely didn't phone the science staff when the bombs dropped, leaving them to perish.

The scientists who did get there were locked away to die in an inaccessible area. Naturally long deceased by the game's present time setting. She had no clue why she got selected to be Overseer on account of her political stances being at odds with the prevailing ones in the US government. Being not morally bankrupt like so many other Vault-Tec employees, she opted to make the Vault into an actual functioning shelter community instead of a sick experiment laboratory.

Elisabeth Noone A veteran Minuteman who left the organization when the Castle was lost and the last general died, disgusted at the infighting that was taking roots in the organization. She returns when she hears the Minutemen have re-taken the Castle and are united under a new General to see if they are worth re-joining.

She's one of the most experienced fighters the Minutemen have left, won't take crap from anyone, and will incinerate everything foolish enough to attack the Castle with her trusty Laser Musket. A rare non-shady example.

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Once she's settled in at the Castle, she takes over the position of quartermaster and thus becomes one of the extremely few legendary weapons vendors in the game. She unlocks for you the true martial power of the Minutemen: After that, any settlement can become a firebase. We never get to actually see it, but going by her persona and by how she talks about whipping the new Minutemen recruits into shape, she certainly comes across as one.

Gosh Dang It to Heck! Has a very pronounced habit of turning her swears into horrible monstrosities of themselves. It's especially noticeable during the speeches she gives before and after the two story-relevant "Defend the Castle" quests.

Never Mess with Granny: She's certainly far from young, having been a veteran already when the Castle fell decades ago. Screw This, I'm Outta Here! She left the Minutemen previously, due to the previous infighting and internal struggles for power. The Survivor can convince her that the Minutemen are once again worth her blood, sweat and tears. Pretty much her role as the most experienced Minuteman even more so than Preston. Her first quest involves her showing the Sole Survivor what their new headquarters can actually do, as well as train the artillery operators.

Ronnie expresses lament over having to destroy him in his malfunctioning state. The years spent down there have done bad things to his A.

He's a well-armed Sentry Bot and attacks the player upon activation. Cabot Family Voiced by: Dani Knights Youngest of the Cabot family, she is prone to boredom and flightiness. Not only is she is a very capable hacker and fighter, but her utter boredom with her immortality has resulted in her becoming a thrill-seeker.

In the immediate aftermath of the Great War, the house bodyguard tried to evict her and her mother at gunpoint while Jack was off dealing with containing Lorenzo while the apocalypse happened.

Thanks to the powers conferred by the Mysterious Serum and her own prowess, Emogene dispatched him, to the surprise of both her mother and brother. She's prone to going out for a hookup without telling anyone as part of her boredom with immortality.

meet barney in his bunker fallout 4

She appears to be one when the Sole Survivor gets her out of the Pillars of the Community's control, but it's more a result of her never needing to be "saved" in the first place. Who Wants to Live Forever? Emogene is, simply put, bored. Even before the Great War destroyed society, she became a master hacker simply out of boredom. Jack Cabot Voiced by: And the Adventure Continues: After the quest is complete, he plans to head to the Mojave Wasteland to search for another buried alien city.

He's more of a scholar than a fighter, but that doesn't mean he can't handle a laser pistol. Despite he's done for his family. His mother throws him under the bus when Lorenzo returns to the Cabot house and Emogene mistreats him. The Mysterious Serum is mentioned by him as being ultimately of alien origin.

Even when he's over years old, he still lives under his mother's thumb. If you betray him by freeing Lorenzo then his mother will spinelessly throw Jack under the bus. While he's somewhat eccentric, and can be abrupt when annoyed or panicked, he's overall one of the more pleasant characters in the game.

Really Years Old: The Mysterious Serum prevents him and his family from aging. He actually predates the Sole Survivor, being born four hundred years ago. Sealed Evil in a Can: He keeps his father Lorenzo, who has become both superhumanly powerful and homicidal through the Serum's side effects, locked up in the Parson Asylum.

That is, until raiders come along and attempt to free him.

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Then it's up to you to decide who to join. When he first sees the Sole Survivor, he immediately guesses the Survivor is from before the war based on their posture, manner of speaking and apparent health, though he only reveals it later. Lorenzo Cabot Voiced by: Before the war, he discovered an alien artifact that gave him superhuman abilities, however this caused him to become dangerously homicidalor at least this is what Jack wants you to believe.

Despite his mental condition, he's very well mannered, and if you help him take revenge on his family, he'll genuinely treat you as a friend and offers you his blood whenever you need it. Of course, whether or not he's actually "evil" at all depends on your own view of the quest. It's hard to tell how much of Jack's story regarding his father is true, but at the very least, Lorenzo isn't as insane as Jack implied him to be.

Though he's all too happy to take bloody revenge on his family, his reaction can come off as understandable depending on your own views, considering how the family has been keeping him locked up for years for his blood. Most notably, a few of your morally good followers approve of the decision to let him out of his cell. If freed from his cell, he can be encountered later on in the Wasteland, having killed a group of Ghoul settlers so he can study their condition.

He remains unfailingly polite to you, but it's clear he's a very dangerous man. His unique 19th-century style suit is quite distinct from the the s-style suits that can otherwise be obtained. The reason the Cabots currently have him locked up, or at least according to Jack.

He's described as too insane to be allowed to go free - Jack specifically uses the phrase "homicidally psychotic. Ruthless, yes, and possibly possessed by an ancient alien intelligence, but not an outright lunatic. One of the first things the Sole Survivor will find Lorenzo doing after being released is brutally killing a group of innocent Ghoul settlers because he was interested in studying how Ghoul physiology differed from baseline humanity's.

He can perform telekinetic force pushes in combat.

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The very first thing he does if you let him out of his cell. If Jack's story is to be believed, he ended up like this rather than on Death Row only because of the family's influence. His blood produces a serum that has incredibly powerful regenerative effects. Lorenzo's Oilanyone? His blood is the source of the Cabot family's eternal youth. Lorenzo has more health than a Deathclaw and innate damage resistance greater than a full suit of combat armor. Apparently, he's been driven mad by the artifact fused to his head.

Also their longtime bodyguard. Can be convinced to turn on the very family he's protected for centuries. Has been serving the Cabot family since before the Great War. A Father to His Men: The other residents all look up to him and Jones outright owes him his life.

meet barney in his bunker fallout 4

When somebody told him it was "Quite a slog to get to here. Almost all of your followers will comment on how clever it was to make a old swimming pool into a tarberry bog. The Slog is the only location where you can have farm-able tarberries. Deacon will unlock this for you. Once past, Deacon will point out a railsign signifying that there's a cache nearby. It's in the back of the tube directly behind the sign. Ahead, there will be an unlocked terminal which you can use to turn off the spotlights and turrets.

Once past that group, you'll be given a chance to turn on some defenses that will give you an edge against the next group of enemies. Next to the door leading out of the office area you go through, there's a terminal you can use to turn off the tripwires in the next room.

Before leaving, grab the fusion core in the room left of where you first entered and a Covert Operations Manual on a desk in the room up the stairs.

All Unique Ballistic Weapons In Fallout 4

If you go right, there's some bathrooms with a synth and a locked door with some loot. After that, go left to continue the mission. A little further along, you'll hit an intersection; left leads to the mission marker, right to the "databanks," and straight to the front door where you would have arrived otherwise.

The databanks room has some background info and locked doors with a terminal that yield minor loot. Once you enter the last room before the marker, Deacon will open the vault and inspect a dead body. After the inspection, he'll offer you the "hand cannon" the dead man used and won't take no for an answer. Grab the prototype and head towards the elevator. Before you leave, to the right of the small set of stairs leading to the elevator is a locked door with an advanced lock where you can find another fusion core.

Once out of the elevator, you get to kill all the synths you would have killed had you gone in through the front door. Once they're dead, Deacon will go his own way and you can go back to the church to meet him. Once back to the church, you find Deacon lying to Desdemona about your exploits.

You have the option to tell the truth or pass an easy persuasion check to go along with the lie. Once you make your decision to accept or refuse the invitation to join, the mission is complete.

Frontal Assault If you choose this option, you will fight through all of the synths and the machine gun turret which are guarding the Slocum's Joe front entrance.

You will also need to circumvent or disarm all of the mines littering the front of the shop. Once inside, however, Deacon will give you the location of the hidden elevator only to realize it has been powered down, forcing you to use the escape tunnel entrance despite your successful assault.

Found during the quest Long Time Coming. Long Time Coming Quest Nick Valentine is still disturbed by "Nick's" Memories, and tells of an old gangster named Eddie Winters, who used to be one of the largest crime bosses in Boston.

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Eddie Winters had planned to live forever and as such, invested into a radiation experiment that turned him into a ghoul and due to this, hid in a bunker under a Subway Shop he used as a hideout Pre-War. It is possible Eddie might have been the first ghoul in existence. Upon accepting the quest Nick Valentine gives 1 of the 10 holotapes the Sole Survivor needs to get a code to unlock Eddie Winter's Bunker.

The remaining nine are in the various police stations in Boston; having them unlocked before reaching the required affection of Nick Valentine can save time. List of holotapes and their locations: In the basement, on top of a filing cabinet. Eddie Winter holotape 1 - Given by Nick Valentine at the beginning of the quest.

Eddie Winter holotape 2 - Malden Center: On the 2nd floor of the police department, in the corner, on top of a desk next to a terminal. Eddie Winter holotape 3 - Quincy Police Station: As one enters the cell and goes down the stairs, in the locker on the end. Eddie Winter holotape 4 - Natick Police Department: On the ground floor, in a locker, in the sunken part of the building. Eddie Winter holotape 5 - Nahant Sheriff's Department: On top of a filing cabinet right in the front on the 2nd floor.

On the 2nd floor, in the southeast desk. On the 2nd floor, on top of a desk in the corner. Eddie Winter holotape 8 - Police Precinct 8: In a cell on the far right when entering the building. Eddie Winter holotape 9 - Coast Guard Pier: On the 2nd floor on top of an Expert locked safe. Talk to Nick and give him all holotapes.

Then follow him to Andrew station. Enter the subway and follow Nick all the way to Eddie's bunker. Follow Nick out of facility, then talk to him to end the quest. Sold by Penny in Covenant Should Penny die for any reason, the weapon becomes unavailable.

Sold for 1, caps. Found during the quest Reunions. Reunions Quest Dogmeat has the scent of Kellogg. Follow him out of the Fens, exit Diamond City, and head to the small pond to the south. Once picking up the cigar next to where Dogmeat stops, he follows the trail along the railroad tracks where mudrats may hide.

Search the freeway underpass for signs of Kellogg's blood. Prepare for more four-legged fiends; the Sole Survivor will encounter wild mongrels farther along the railroad tracks. The trail continues across a bridge. Fend off a shambling horde of feral ghouls. A special shotgun that deals 78 hits of damage using shotgun shells, the weapon can be found in the mysterious town of Covenant.

Purchase the weapon before completing the quest for this town, otherwise, the weapon will be lost forever. Overrun with mirelurks, you discover the Rook family home, where Barney Rook, the self-proclaimed leader of the Salem Volunteer Militia, asks you to help him secure the town.

If you aren't, however, you can either pickpocket the door the weapon sits behind in the house, or end the life of Barney and steal his key to the door. It deals hits of damage in the game. It will be laying on the floor next to a skeleton.

It deals 60 hits of damage utilizing. As the appointed general of the group, you will help retake their stronghold known as The Castle from a Mirelurk infestation.

Later a seasoned soldier named Ronnie Shaw will ask for help gaining access to the old armory. The Last Minute is one such weapon, dealing out hits of damage using 2mm EC ammo rounds. Tv This weapon can be found and acquired exploring the Commonwealth. One of their leaders is named Clint, and in his hands is the Good Intentions energy weapon.