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mc track meet

MC, Box 36, Pt. Gibson, N.Y. — — — Oak Corners, N.Y. — MC Track, Bristol, Tn. FIELD MEET Cycle Queens MC, F. Street. Meet Results: History/County/Conference/Records/All County/NJSIAA All Time Top 25 Marks @ the WT MC Championships (updated 7/4/17). Most of the results found on these pages are reprinted from Ed Scullion's Web Site. The Morris County Track Coaches greatly appreciate all of Ed's efforts in.

We had school records and a lot of PRs.

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But I like what I see. They are competitive, their gutsy and they give you everything they have. Layla Shimp took top spots in the discus and in the shot put. In the meter hurdles, Mifflin County got a first place finish from Madison Bressler who topped her finish off with a time of Against Harrisburg, the wins lined up and down the score card. Bressler led the sweep in the meter hurdles.

mc track meet

She was followed by Ella Spriggle In the Meter run, Lauren Kuykendall top top honors with a time of 6: Placing second was Skylar Ciccolini with the same distance while rounding things out was Kiana Sechler. Mifflin County swept the finial two relays.

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Another sweep came in the meter run when Morgan Robinette finished with a 1: Mifflin County sealed up the top three spots in the meter run as Madelyn Chilcote 2: In the meter run, MC got a first from Joy Galbraith The same javelin squad that swept the Bison also swept the Cougars en route to the victory.

On the boys side, things were much tighter all the way around. If the mark was set beforea converted time to the tenth was recorded for record purposes, because they did not have a system to compare between the timing methods.

Frequently in those cases there is a mark to the th retained for that race.

MC track splits in dual meet

Over this period of evolution, some reports show hand times also followed with an "h" or "ht" to distinguish hand times.

With two different timing methods came the inevitable desire to compare times.

mc track meet

Track and Field News initiated adding. Many electronic hand stopwatches display times to the hundredth. Frequently those readings are recorded, but are not accepted as valid leading to confused results.

Some low level meets have even hand timed runners and have switched places according to the time displayed on the stopwatch. All of this is, of course, wrong.

Hand times are not accurate enough to be accepted for record purposes for short races.

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Human reaction time is not perfectly identical between different human beings. Hand times involve human beings reacting, pushing the stopwatch button when they see the smoke or hear the sound of the Starting pistolthen reacting possibly anticipating the runner crossing the finish line.

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The proper procedure for converting hand times would be to round any hundredths up to the next higher even tenth of a second and then add the. In these cases, some meets have displayed a 4 or a 0 in the hundredths column for all races. When detected, reports of these times are followed by a "c" or ' to indicate converted times.

Road race times are only considered accurate to a full second. To distinguish a full second time with hours, from a minute time with hundredths of a second, colons are used to separate hours from minutes, and minutes from seconds.

mc track meet