Karezi homestuck fanfiction meet

HighschoolStuck Chapter 1: First Meetings, a homestuck fanfic | FanFiction

karezi homestuck fanfiction meet

After a few licks, Terezi starts to shift so she can meet Karkat for another searing kiss, but he decides it's time for him to put his plan into action. My idea of what Dave and Dirk's first meeting would be like. Rated: Fiction T to Hussie, not me. If it did Karezi would've been canon long ago. All written by a super cool person who doesn't own Homestuck, but is cool all the same with her super low key I'm not exactly sure where I'm going with this, but Karezi will be the main focus. TC: MeEt Me OuTsIdE.

I just don't see any need to freak out about it, or let it get in the way of anything!

I mean, there are loads of cool blind people, right?! And I'm going to be one of them! I always wanted to be an attorney, ever since I was young.

There's something about going to court and serving up justice that just seems really exciting. I decided years ago I wasn't going to let some stupid handicap get in the way of my dreams. It's not going to be easy, Terezi, don't think it is. I know being blind is going to make a lot of things difficult, including making my dreams come true. But you know, it is still possible. So what if I can't see?

Did that ever stop Ray Charles from becoming a great musician or Marla Runyan from becoming a three-time national champion runner? So why should it stop Terezi Pyrope from becoming the world's greatest ace attorney? Did you know Harriet Tubman had severe vision impairment? That didn't stop her did it? I studied it in my free time, when I wasn't studying law. They provided me with a bit of inspiration. Okay, a lot of inspiration.

Truth be told, I was a lot more scared at first. I wasn't sure what to expect, and I had almost given up on my dreams.

But my mom began telling me about all these amazing people in history who were blind or had vision impairments. Every single one of them made their dreams come true despite their disability. I began researching them on my own, and soon I was practically a walking encyclopedia on the topic. I learned that, even if I need assistance, I can and will make my dreams come true. Even though I could spend forever on the topic, I know that my little speeches tend to annoy Karkat, so I shut up about it and just give a small, reassuring smile.

I feel like he's going to smile back, but of course he doesn't. He just looks away and finds something else to complain about. I didn't know Nepeta-or anyone for that matter-was that worried about me…I pull my knees up to my chest and sigh softly. By not letting this get me down?! By staying strong despite the odds?! Why don't you try it once in a while?! For once, Karkat, try to see past the things people say to you, your shitty home life, and all that other shit and see that someone cares about you a lot!

So much…" my voice starts to crack and trail off, and I can feel the tears forming in my eyes.

karezi homestuck fanfiction meet

Someone waits every single day for you to smile…and she's scared she's going to miss her chance…she's so scared…" I can't handle it anymore. I break down into sobs and bury my face in my knees. Suddenly, I feel his arms wrap around me gently.

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I shift a little and wrap my arms around him. He wipes away my tears and presses a kiss to my forehead. His smile is so perfect…sweet and sincere, everything I could have hoped for…I smile more and hug him tightly, tackling him to the ground and laughing softly. He sputters and starts yelling at me to get off, but I don't care.

Prisonerstuck Chapter 1: Meeting by Chance, a homestuck fanfic | FanFiction

I actually got to see him smile. My photo album is finally complete. The faces and emotions of all my friends, each one committed to memory are all there.

But the most important one sits in the center. The blurred, but still perfect smile of Karkat Vantas. And I'm getting teary eyed again looking at it.

But yeah, I hope you liked it more than I did? Your review has been posted. He only talked about his hive in vague terms, avoiding giving away its exact location.

Terezi, of course, had no such reservations. She even drew a map of her forest just in case he ever decided to visit. He never planned on taking her up on that offer; it was simply too dangerous.

His blood color would get them both culled. Never meeting was the best way to keep himself alive. Especially since she wanted to be a legislacerator; if she found out he was a mutant then she would hunt him to his grave.

Karkat and Terezi, become matesprits, a homestuck fanfic | FanFiction

Despite these fears, Karkat didn't stop talking to her. He even started to wonder if she would fit into one of his quadrants, the one of the flushed variety. But that also wasn't a possibility. Even if they met and she didn't want to cull him, they would never be able to fill buckets together. Any imperial drone would recognize the mutant red color and kill the pair on the spot. Terezi would be dragged along into his doomed fate. So Karkat resigned himself to talking to Terezi from afar.

Pretending like her flirting didn't draw him further and further into her clutches. Spending each day ignoring his flushed feelings. The game, though many would call it a curse, was truly a blessing for Karkat.

He got his chance to be a leader and lead his team to victory. It was what he was hatched for. The game also saved him from being culled. At seven sweeps he would've been expected to start contributing pails, and that would have been the end of him. He would never let his friends risk culling for him, and would have had nothing to present when the drones came. But now he could fill his quadrants without worrying about the drones.

Being one of the last twelve trolls in existence meant his blood color was now no rarer than yellow or even fuchsia. The only risk of being culled now was if Ampora actually carried out his promise to kill all land dwellers. Even though the population was greatly decreased, Karkat already had a candidate in mind for his matesprit. He had already spent two sweeps talking to Terezi and was head over heels for her.

He cherished every word as they scrolled across his screen. The game also provided a chance to finally meet Terezi face to face.

karezi homestuck fanfiction meet

There was still a chance she might cull him on sight, but he had his doubts. She'd already seen him through the viewport and hadn't said anything about his blood color. Though she had cackled rather ominously. After Terezi entered the game, Karkat hopped through the gate to her planet. He made sure to carefully bandage his stab wound first; better safe than sorry. She was waiting for him outside her hive, and he approached in silence.