Jungle cat world lion cubs meet

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jungle cat world lion cubs meet

Jungle Cat World is a small, independently owned zoo on the outskirts of the GTA . a hobby, when co-founders Wolfram and Christa Klose adopted a baby lion cub. My first thought when meeting Daisy was how closely her. Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park: Behind the Scenes - See traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Orono, We had the chance to meet and play with the ring-tailed lemurs, the kangaroo, and one of the adorable lion cubs. Relationship-building with wildlife is imperative as species worldwide Meet three animals under the safe guidance of one of our professional animal care staff.

My guide today is Sarah Law, a zookeeper and wildlife rehabilitator at the park.

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park- Behind the Scenes

One of the wonderful things about Jungle Cat World, as opposed to say the Toronto Zoo, is that because of its small size, you're able to get much closer to the animals and, when appropriate, the animals are able to get closer to one another. There are alpacas roaming the grounds along with an incredibly tolerant donkey — Daisy. My first thought when meeting Daisy was how closely her disposition mirrors Eeyore's.

Not that she seemed depressed, being out in the general population at the zoo certainly comes with a whole lot of love and affection from staff and guests alike, but donkeys just seem to have a naturally lethargic temperament. Despite my poking, prodding and petting, I couldn't get her to acknowledge me. Of course, when attending Jungle Cat World, donkeys are hardy the draw. At the park, they have a wide collection of large and small cats, many of which were born and raised on the premises.

jungle cat world lion cubs meet

The first new addition I met was a baby cougar, just a few months old. When they're this young, their behaviour is motivated almost exclusively by play rather than foodwhich makes for some pretty adorable interactions.

Another thing that Jungle Cat World does, besides its zoological activities, is outreach programs. It's easy to forget she will grow up to be roughly lbs. After spending time with the cats, we head to the Hyena pen. I didn't know what to expect from these creatures.

jungle cat world lion cubs meet

In the movies they're always sinister little scavengers, vicious and selfish. Of course, I realize these are all projected human emotions, but some animals are more skittish than others, and I'd never met a hyena in real life before. These ones have only been on the premises a few days, having just arrived from a zoo in Italy.

But apparently the flight was easy on them because after a few minutes, they were approaching us with caution, sniffing at my outreached hand. Still, the hyena's were unsure, as they should be I suppose. New surroundings and lots of new people, I'd be shy as well. Safe and controlled up-close experiences and interactions have a profound and lasting impact, a visceral experience that begins with awe and ends with empathy.

To encourage environmentally positive behavioural change, we need you to feel personally invested- you need to genuinely care. After an orientation and some instruction, you will have the chance to spend approximately an hour with one of our Senior Animal Care staff and three animals.

The hour-long program is available every day, rain or shine, at Guests are welcome to enjoy the wildlife park before and after that time.

There is a fun and educational guided feeding tour at 1: It was something we'll never, ever forget. To be that close and touch an animal you had until now only seen through a cage or on National Geographic was a phenomenal experience. I would recommend this to people of all ages.

Behind the Scenes - Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Thank you to the staff at Jungle Cat World, you made our special day even better! Meet three animals under the safe guidance of one of our professional animal care staff. Fee includes all day admission into the zoo.