Injured football player to meet tebow

Mets' Tim Tebow exits AFL game with leg injury |

injured football player to meet tebow

The former NFL star - and current baseball player - opens up about his struggles in professional football. After reaching via a fielder's choice, Tebow was injured while attempting to steal his Sections Scores News Video Standings Stats Schedule Players Tickets Apps .. as the first major piece in a spending spree that would see the Yankees add professional baseball, even as he's continued to excel on the football field. Out with a rib injury, Tim Tebow was forced to watch the Jets play the MEET GREG MCELROY: The third-stringer now enters the Jets' QB picture to call Rivers' boyfriend, a local football player named Matthew Hardy, with.

Heavener said he was intrigued by the fact that it seemed women disliked, even hated, cutting it there, while men were cool with the choice.

Florida Gators searching for a QB leader 10 years after Tim Tebow speech The Promise

There are 10 more minutes of the announcement and ensuing celebration on the DVD. He also put some outtakes in which Tebow's sense of humor is more visible.

He even uses humor during the most tense moment of the film, when Tebow's anxiously deciding with his agent whether to take the risk of going to the NFL's draft festivities where he'd be embarrassed if he goes undrafted on the first night.

He ended up as the 25th overall pick. Since the draft, the focus on Tebow has become steadily more intense. Heavener, now just a friend instead of a documentarian, says he has gone to almost every Denver Broncos game this year.

injured football player to meet tebow

And Tebow remains the same, he says, thanks in part to the people he surrounds himself with. They help bring perspective. One of the things Tebow does to stay grounded is to host a child from the Make-a-Wish foundation every week. He meets with his guest before each game and take him or her on the field.

injured football player to meet tebow

But the sports masses mostly side with the NFL personnel people. It's embarrassing and exhausting to discuss him, which makes it official: Tim Tebow has jumped the shark. Tebow's potential payoff wouldn't outweigh the parking lots of satellite trucks. During Tebow's run with the Broncos, Kitna's Cowboys -- no doubt among other teams -- would race into the locker room after games to check out Tebow highlights.

Contrary to public perception, Tebow's Jets teammates were just as moved by him.

injured football player to meet tebow

Some still talk about the time he took on a lineman in a power-lifting contest and won. In friendly banter throughout last season, linebacker Bart Scott would call Tebow Baby Jesus, and Tebow would laugh and say, "Go sit in the cold tub, old man. But ask an NFC scout what he thinks of Tebow and the response is a gut punch: When you look at his run two years ago, when you watch the tape and break it down, he wasn't really doing anything that impressive. He's a tough guy, a great leader, a great person.

Meet the Most POLARIZING Player in the History of Football

But he isn't a good enough quarterback to have all the distractions that come with him. Fatal flaws in his throwing mechanics and his cognitive understanding of the position left him as little more than a wildcat specialist, a No. Thanks to his athleticism, work ethic and leadership, that still meant he was an upgrade on at least a third of the rosters in the league -- after all, such QBs as Pat Devlin and Ricky Stanzi are currently on rosters.

But in the minds of GMs, Tebow's potential payoff would never outweigh the billboards, the parking lots full of satellite trucks, the endless QB controversies or any of the other distractions and internal conflicts he brings with him.

injured football player to meet tebow

Like the mythical snake Ouroboros, Tebow has been devoured whole by his own success. Because, unfortunately, there's too much attention for him to be a regular, developing backup like everyone else. All teams really care about is that for a few precious hours, the team's effort and focus are not diverted from the singular task of winning games. And while he appears to be a man of high character and principles, Tebow seems to have a blind spot for the steep level of humility required of a backup.

injured football player to meet tebow

Fortunately, the message from his coaches has always been for him to make his own path. Sure, it might be rocky, but it has to be his own, no matter the shoes this program is still trying to fill. You gotta be you," Hevesy said. You can't be [Tebow], don't be him. There's not going to be a duplicate him.

Tim Tebow: 'It Really Hurt to Be Cut From Football'

Go be who you are. Learn from the past, but don't be the past. It's been nearly a decade, and until someone gets it right under center, Florida's quarterback will have to answer to the legacy of the man with a plaque on their place of business.

But while Tebow's speech and statue continue to loom over Florida's embattled quarterback position, Franks said he doesn't feel pressure. He's honored to follow Tebow, but he's focused on his own way.