How to meet other moms

6 Apps that help moms make local friends

how to meet other moms

To thrive as a stay at home mom, you need to find new mom friends. If you're To meet new neighbors and potential Mom Friends, be outside more and linger. While not mom-specific, it's for making local friendships, and that's kind of nice. You could certainly use the app to meet other moms, but who. Building your village is important when you're a new mom. From face-to-face, to Online, to apps, we offer resources to help you meet other.

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how to meet other moms

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6 Apps that help moms make local friends

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Finding stay at home mom groups can introduce you to many different moms at one time, which gives you a greater chance of success in finding the perfect life-long mom friend. Take a Class Mommy and Me classes are a great way of meeting new mom friends. These classes are just what they seem to be — a chance for moms and their children to learn together. From music classes to art to yoga, these classes are the perfect way to bond with your child while also meeting other parents.

Sharing a common interest is one small sign that you will get along with each other. Strike up conversations during class time, and eventually you may find that you are both ready to hang out outside of the classroom.

Get to know each other as people first. But try to find common ground outside of your children. As your babies grow into toddlers and then into school age kids, you and your friend will still have plenty to talk about. A huge mistake that many mothers make is that they forget who they are as people, and it can limit them as their children gain more and more independence.

how to meet other moms

Always Be Yourself One of the biggest concerns moms have is of being judged by other moms. We try harder to appear like we have it all together and like motherhood is just another item on our to-do lists.

how to meet other moms

This persona can often carry over into our interpersonal relationships, and it is one of the hardest habits to break. When we meet other moms for play dates, it can be a constant battle to appear a certain way so that we do not invite judgement.

The 5 Best Apps to Help You Meet Mom Friends!

The truth is, though, that people are drawn to authenticity above anything. By sharing your shortcomings, you are more likely to be liked. In fact, trying to maintain a facade of perfection can often push other moms away, as they feel inadequate next to you. The best way to establish long friendships is to be genuine and allow your true self to come through in all you do.

Be Persistent When you set out to meet other moms, it can go one of two ways. You can meet someone, immediately click and move forward along the path of true friendship, OR you can meet someone and realize that they are just not going to be your mommy soul mate.

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It is important to realize that like any kind of relationship, creating a life-long mom friendship can take work. Interact with as many mothers as you can over a long period of time. Go out for coffee together in groups or one on one, and continue to cultivate relationships with any of the moms you enjoy spending time with. Not all of them will be forever, but you never know when one will suddenly turn into your best mom friend.

Say Yes Remember that being a mother immediately puts you out of your comfort zone. And each of these new experiences will add to your repertoire as a mom.