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It's to learn how to speak Dominican Spanish! Dominican Spanish basic expressions are mixed with Spanish and English. Over the course of. Wanna learn some everyday Dominican Spanish Slang Words? This post will help you a lot when you visiting the DR and is hanging en los. Want to learn how to be a legit Dominican Spanish speaker? It starts with learning some of these common Dominican slang expressions and.

Dominican Sayings and Idiomatic Expressions

El Cibao The largest region is El Cibao, which spreads through the north, northeast, and central parts of the country. There you will find the longest, highest mountain ranges and fertile land.

El Cibao has the most recognizable Dominican accent. Many people live in rural areas in this region, which is home to many popular Dominican musicians and artists.

Tall buildings, endless traffic jams, and music echoing from cars are common sights and sounds in El Sur.

Learning How To Speak Dominican Spanish: Basic Expressions

Stores, known as colmados, line the streets and you can hear Dominican hip-hop, salsa, reggaeton, bachata, and dembow music. The Spanish spoken in this region is full of slang that changes constantly, riddled with both American and Puerto Rican influences.

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To learn more details about the accents of each region, enroll in Dominican Spanish The free trial includes a detailed description of the differences in accents between the south, east, and northern regions of the DR 14 Common Dominican Spanish Words and Phrases The Dominican Republic has hundreds of unique words and expressions.

Although you may hear some of these phrases from other Spanish speakers or in popular Latin music, they are unmistakably Dominican in origin.

Dominican Sayings and Idiomatic Expressions

A person who talks a lot and does little. These politicians are all talk and no action. He is so full of crap, he said he was coming to work and he never came. A person addicted to something. After leading Santo Domingo we arrived in Santiago which is in the center of the country. We eventually arrived in the coastal city of Puerto Plata.

It was entire road trip! Most people that visit Dominican Republic decide to visit Punta Cana which lies in the far east of the island. This is one of the most touristy and over commercialized sections of the island. Would highly recommend that you get out a bit into the real parts of Dominican Republic. The beaches are spectacular in Punta Cana and you will most likely be staying in a resort.

Most people who visit the city will not get a real taste of what the people of the country are really like.

Dominican Spanish 101: Guide to Dominican Slang and Expressions from Vaina to Qué Lo Que

Airport — Santo Domingo — Santiago — Puerto Plata — Bani — Boca Chica Beach — Airport This is one of the reasons why we prefer to rent an apartment while living overseas and get to know many of the locals. This word is commonly used to describe something that is cool or awesome.

The way that we pronounce it in English would be heavy but the word actually derives from the Spanish word chevere. Chevere means cool or awesome. Since many words in Dominican Spanish are cut short this is translated into jevi. All Jays in Spanish are pronounced with an H in English so the word would literally be pronounced like heavy.