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Meet the artists shaping Japan’s vital techno underground |

How 'Black Mirror' Took on Online Dating With "Hang the DJ" And it's timely ending is all the more satisfying given the female protagonist's When viewers first meet Amy (Campbell), she is, in fact, on an awkward first date Where her heart leads her, however, is into obscurity, as once Amy figures it out. In the spring of Andy informally began his disc jockey career by volunteering to provide music for his 6th grade end-of-year dance at the Pleasant Valley. Marcus Obscuba (Obscure) is on Mixcloud. Listen for free to their radio shows, DJ mix sets and Podcasts. Where Ends Meet - June 2nd by Marcus.

Meet the artists shaping Japan’s vital techno underground

Releasing on deep techno labels like The Bunker New York, Time To Express and Semantica, he has a distinctly psychedelic and trippy style that is perfectly polished and really takes you into a fantastically realised and beautiful sound world. Even non-DJ people know many good artists and labels. It seems they purely love techno.

The young generation is growing up with EDM, but slowly they are getting bored of the same sounds, so techno is just right for them when searching for the next music. Masafumi Take also agrees the club scene has become smaller and smaller, and that techno is a very niche music in Japan. Contrary to that, the days following that tragic natural disaster actually saw the now well-respected Sapphire Slows give up a career in journalism to dive headfirst into music.

The law places restrictions on people dancing in nightclubs and sees a 1: It is legislation that is actually a remnant of antiprostitution fuzoku laws dating back tobut at the time was being implemented with extra zeal after the death of a student outside a club in Recently, though, the laws have been relaxed.

She is also keen to point out that although there is more focus on Asian artists now, it is often with certain fetishist overtones. An Asian example is Peggy Gou: I think we who never got the attention in the past can all benefit now if these stars share their success with other femme, non-binary, marginalised artists by fighting for them.

Now aged 28, she did her first tour of the US aged 22 and has guitar and bass playing skills that feed into her music making. Her own sound is melancholic and introspective but not dark, and is made on anything that works, be it software or hardware. It felt like there was an untold story, an entire side of Japanese music that was still in the dark and that needed to be excavated.

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Crowds are really dedicated, cheer at the DJ throughout the set and there are no drugs, not an ounce of aggression. On top of that, the only working pressing plant, until recently, is incredibly expensive, and most of the Japanese labels press their records in Europe now. In the UK, we are both familiar with noise complaints from neighbours, but also the fact that Japan has incredible soundsystems, with Japanese festival Labyrinth long since talked about in hushed tones because of its focus on superb sound.

Recently, we have started to copy the Eastern trend for audiophile listening bars, where a space is decked out with plush design and a super high-end, impossibly expensive soundsystem.

Brilliant Corners and Spiritland are two such examples in London that are leading the way, and now the soundsystems at clubs and festivals around the country are often talked about with as much importance as the DJs themselves. He was bitten by the bug.

The rest, as they say, is history. Under the guidance of Jay Goldberg he learned the ropes and figured out what it really means to be Master of Ceremonies at a formal event. From the smallest banquet halls to grand ballrooms, he gained valuable experience working with photographers and banquet staff as well as brides, grooms and their families.

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It was during this time that he learned how to run a smooth show. While spinning everything from funk and disco to sing-along oldies pre-karaoke, friends and lost new wave classics mostly on vinyl 45she honed his talent for reading the vibe of the crowd and responding to their energy by playing just the right mix of tunes to keep the place hopping. The girls dancing precariously on the bar and and lines down the block waiting to get in were indicators of a successful night.

Life happens and along with that comes change. Continuing to build his list of references over the next five years throughout the Saratoga region especially, he decided that it was time to begin a business venture of his own.

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