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T.J Fixman, lead-scenarist of the saga, also declares: "If you thought Courtney Gears was evil, wait until you meet Vendra Prog". Well that's. Hello, I like the expression: 'I'm delighted to meet you' but the context is very important in social expressions, so I have some questions: It is. it is not a homogeneous world; we know too that enslaved peoples are still to be found imaginary maze, a prey to unspeakable terrors yet happy to lose themselves in a rather than give his wife a dress, buys instead a transistor radio.

When I first read the menu, I was apprehensive. The reason being is that I primarily eat a vegetarian diet. Please excuse my ignorance, but I had no idea what a banger was. I was imagining some red beef bits or something. Imagine my delight when they brought out the plates and I learned that a banger was an all natural pork sausage link.

I took a bite of the bun filed with cut up pieces of banger, sweet bell peppers and the best mustard ever. It was beyond words. As I chewed I think my eyes rolled into the back of my head and I might have moaned or something, because when I came to, I noticed people at the table looking at me funny.

This was the best food I have had since my last meal at the Tomato Head. The whole plate was incredible. I remember being in a state of bliss and trying my best to keep from tearing up with joy.

For me, the part of the meal that really stood out was the sour cherry mustard. Everyone at our table agreed, if this was available to purchase in jars, it would be one of those condiments that you put on everything. They way it tasted combined with sips of Old Chub was phenomenal. If the Tomato Head makes this a regular dish, I will soon be homeless having spent all my money to eat there everyday.

While leaving Veldin, Ratchet asked the robot's name, which he gave as B, though Ratchet instead named him Clank after he hit the side of the ship. When the two completed the training course on Umbris, Qwark offered them a position at his side to step into the "Ring of Heroes", a trap that Ratchet was suspicious of, but that Clank walked into.

Qwark betrayed them, revealing he was working for Drek as a spokesperson for his new world, and left them to die to his pet blargian snagglebeast. After defeating it, Ratchet became angry towards Clank over this, and vowed only to seek revenge against Qwark, mostly unconcerned with Drek's plan. However, as Ratchet still required a robotic ignition system to fly a starship, Clank offered him an ultimatum that he would only start Ratchet's ships if he agreed to help planets under threat from Drek, starting with helping the Commando on planet Batalia.

Ratchet, on planet Batalia The two later confronted Qwark and shot down his spaceship at the Gemlik Base in the orbit of planet Oltanis. After celebrating in Qwark's defeat, an infobot showed the extent of the damage the blarg were doing under Drek to Gorda City on Oltanis' surface, prompting a change of heart in Ratchet, in which he made peace with and apologized to Clank, now determined to stop Drek. While exploring QuartuRatchet learned that Drek was going to use a weapon called the Deplanetizer to destroy planet Veldin so that his new planet could replace Veldin's orbital position in the star system.

This enraged Ratchet, driving him to seek vengeance and defeat Drek.

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He eventually confronted Drek over the Deplanetizer on Veldin, and the two defeated Drek by propelling him to his new world, and destroying it with the Deplanetizer while he was still on the planet. After this, Ratchet and Clank did not part ways, and the two bonded to become lifelong friends.

The re-imagined game describe Captain Qwark 's account of events, while the re-imagined film is an in-universe holofilm. As Qwark is an unreliable narrator, and the holofilm is fiction, any events that contradict the original are non-canon though those which correspond still apply.

Grimroth, with Ratchet as an infant. In Qwark's retelling and the holofilm, Ratchet's story is slightly different. Ratchet begins on Veldin in the garage of Grimroth Razzhis boss, where he is a reckless mechanic who installs unnecessary modifications on ships after clients only requested a repair, who dreams of greater things and idolizes the Galactic Rangers. When Captain Qwark and the Rangers host tryouts on the planet looking for a new recruit in the wake of Chairman Drek's destruction of planets, Ratchet convinces Grimroth Razz to allow him to participate in the tryouts, only to be rejected by Qwark, due to his reckless past and his inexperience.

Returning home solemn, Ratchet then spotted a ship crash land from the sky, and investigated it to recover the robot inside, whom he nicknamed Clank. Ratchet, eager to help, claimed to be a friend of the Rangers, and the two set off to the city.

After crash landing on Novalis, where the Plumber repaired his ship, [5] Ratchet arrived on Kerwan, and made use of the Mag Booster he installed on his ship to propel warbots into a Class G Dreadshipand stopped the invasion.

Ratchet landed on the planet to applause, and after being put on the spot by interviewer Dallas WanamakerQwark made Ratchet a Ranger, giving him a training course, and granting him a protosuit and a new starship.

As well as rescuing Skidd McMarx on Aridia and competing in Rilgar's hoverboard races, Ratchet took on many missions for the Galactic Rangers, including investigating the Blarg Tactical Research Station and planet Gaspar for new equipment, as well as fighting on planet Batalia.

Throughout this, Qwark grew jealous of Ratchet's popularity, while Cora Veralux and Brax Lectrus were visibly annoyed by him, which Ratchet was blissfully unaware of. At the beginning of the battle, Qwark puzzled the Rangers by claiming he would "reason with Drek", and deactivated his communicators, going alone.

Ratchet, fearing Qwark's safety, flew to the Deplanetizer himself, losing his starfighter in the process, and infiltrated the station to disable it.

Drek, humiliating Ratchet, caught him with a Mag-Net Launcherand took Ratchet to a shuttle home so that he could witness his failure first hand. Turns out, the girl Lucy made friends with had deliberately told the boys about the puppy, and while she's pretending to cry about it and feel bad about what she did, we see her smile through her tears. Lucy then snaps and kills her along with the bullies. Captain Shears in the Star Fox comic "Farewell, Beloved Falco" - Shears, a military officer on Titania, tells Fox that he needs help combating remnants of Andross's army who are planning a counterattack.

In fact, Shears is trying to re-build Andross and is trying to fool Fox into attacking Falco and his group. Seto Kaiba, in his first appearance in the manga and the first anime, pretends to befriend Yugi, and has Yugi's grandfather's Blue Eyes White Dragon switched with a copy.

When Yugi figures this out and calls out Kaiba on the switch, Kaiba loses the facade and whacks Yugi in the face with a briefcase. Kaiba does it a second time during Death-T in the manga. He pretends that he has forgiven Yugi and simply wants to let him and Jonouchi have a good time; once Yugi discovers that his grandfather is in the battle arena, Kaiba drops the pretense of being nice. Yugi notices the difference in how he acts around a disgruntled ex-employee and how he acts around him, but doesn't suspect enough to see through him until it's too late.

Nezumi in the manga - Yugi and Jonouchi meet Nezumi at school. Nezumi claims that a gang of bullies attacked him and that he needed help in dealing with them.

In fact, Nezumi was ordered by Hirutani, Jonouchi's old middle school friend and now enemy, to have Jonouchi and Yugi lured to the abandoned warehouse so that Jonouchi could be forced to re-join Hirutani's gang. Volume 1 and Season 0 had Ms. To the teachers and staff, she is just an incredibly nice and beautiful teacher who does incredibly well in getting her students to behave, and the only flaw she has is her not-so-suspiciously-poor track record for arranged dates and marriages always being called off.

To the students, however, she is the "wicked witch of expel", who noticeably has as much bitchiness as she does make-up on her face, and who expels students for even the slightest twitch and has taken delight in starting dates with men just to tug at their heart strings and then shatter them to pieces.

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Yami Yugi reveals her true nature, but how he does so varies between the manga and the anime. When near his fans, he creates a facade in which he is very polite and respectable, while in reality, he's extremely sadistic and cruel, to the point of where he showed a young child being tortured via a television screen to his older brother just to see his emotional pain during their duel.

And Sora from Yu-Gi-Oh! He acts like a cute, innocent kid to get what he wants, but is actually blunt, rude, and smug, mixing this with a Jerk With A Heartof Gold. This is even reflected in his deck: Subverted in Aim for the Ace! She seems to turn into a bitch at first, despite still being a good sport. Over the course of the series, especially after Coach Munakata's death, she turns into a much more sympathetic character.

Ayumi in Gu-Gu Ganmo. She appears to be a cute, gentle girl in the first few episodes, but eventually, she shows her true colors and turns into a manipulative, self-centered, and aggressive little bitch. Oh, and her farts could wipe out whole towns. For most of ZERO, he appears to be a cheerful rookie who seems to be nice to most of the racers, but in reality, he's a vengeful person who wants to make Hayato suffer for taking away his dream.

His father was a former racer who pushed Henri to be the best in racing to make him the youngest champion in CF history, but when Hayato got the title before him, his father started drinking and then abandoned him, which triggered his resentment towards Hayato. He mellows out at the end of ZERO. Fiore of The World God Only Knows is actually introduced to the audience as an agent of Vintage from her first appearance, and it isn't until after she stabs Kanon that we see the sheep's clothing that she wears around her fellow New Devils.

When he's alone with the main characters, though, he reveals that he has nothing but contempt for editors, who he views as outsiders who know nothing about manga. He keeps up his persona around his editor until he reveals that he is corresponding with 50 people online for ideas, and, while taking advantage of his editor's lack of confidence and need to get a seriesthreatens to go elsewhere if his editor doesn't go along with what he does as the 51st person.

Johan Liebert is one of the most pleasant and polite people imaginable. He's incredibly classy, cultured, intelligent, and a very good listener. He's also practically the embodiment of pure evil. All of his "nice actions" just make it easier for him to get into your head, Mind Rape you, and either kill you, get you to kill others for him, or make you kill yourself.

Remi Mizuchi in Sukeban Deka. Then, in the OVA, she suddenly leaps into full-fledged terrorism, and she becomes a major recurring villain in the manga. Master of Martial Hearts: Faux Action Girl Miko, the cute, helpless strange girl and cuddly and cheerfully friend in need who drove Aya to the whole mess?

Delighted to meet you

Nothing but a bitchy mark. Heterosexual Life Partner Natsume, Aya's best friend forever? Actually a revenge-obsessed bitch willing to trample, maim, and Mind Rape a whole bunch of innocent women and girls just to screw with Aya.

The whole time faking friendship towards her just to rub it in her face during The Reveal. Natsume's brother, Aya's love interest? Ruthless enough to kill in cold blood people he actually hired for his plot, is Miko's lover, and in league with the other two to ruin Aya's life forever.

Natsume's mom, the epitome of the trope. Currently a Cute Mute mom, secretly a Stepford Smilerdeeply inside, a raging beast that, due to have catastrophically lost her voice, mental sanity, and freedom because of Aya's mom when both of them were plucky Action Girls and she actually tried to kill her opponent's parents, it seems Even before the manga begins, Rin has managed to make her sister so uncomfortable that she moves out to be as far away from Rin as possible.

Eventually, she drops her meaner tendencies and gets along with her sister, but still loves to troll just about everyone else.

He seems to be a nice guy at first, but he's actually a huge asshole. From the main manga we have Caesar Clown. He acts nice toward his subordinates as well as the kids on his islandbut in truth he couldn't care less about them and isn't above experimenting on them, intentionally getting them hooked on drugs, or even ordering their deaths if he has reason to.

In a more general sense, everyone who took young Robin in after the Ohara incident was this, as they only took her in so they could sell her location to the Marines and get the bounty that was on her head. As if doing that to a child wasn't already horrible enough, some of them even had the balls to claim that it was Robin who was being ungrateful, repaying them for their kindness by running away.

And then there's Pudding, who was originally introduced as the White Sheep in Big Mom's family, only to turn out to be a Master Actor who is just as cruel as her mother.

The show is rather populated with these, including: Todomatsu, the youngest of the Sextuplets, who looks cute but is a Social Climber. Totoko, the lead female character which the Sextuplets fawns over.

The same goes for Nyaa Hashimoto, her arch-nemesis. Hatabou, despite looking naive and childish, cares little about the well-being of others if they are not his "friends".

Dayon, despite being a friend maybe more of Dekapan, constantly incriminates or in at least two occassions even kills Dekapan wherever he likes it. In Revolutionary Girl UtenaNanami comes off as one of these in her first episode, presenting herself as a potential friend for Anthy before setting her up for humiliation at the ball.

More prominently, Shiori's quiet, polite demeanour hides extremely bitter feelings towards her childhood friend Juri. Saki from Family Compo.

Bitch in Sheep's Clothing - TV Tropes

At first she seems like a Yamato Nadeshiko but we quickly learn that's a cover-up since she's a Gold Digger and a Manipulative Bitch. Masahiro from the manga Teacher's Pet. He's aggressive and forces sex onto the protagonist several times but he's quiet and feminine looking so no one guesses it.

Momoka from High School Girls: Jealous of her older sister Yuma's friendships with the other main girls, she spreads a rumour that Ayase is cheating on her boyfriend, leading Ayase to assume it was Yuma and cause them to fall out, gloating about how it only took her spreading one rumour to shatter one friendship and how it would only be a matter of time before she destroyed the rest, all whilst pretending to befriend the other girls and generally behaving in a cutesy, peppy manner.

Luckily, Eri figures it out. Ryoko Asakura is the friendly, polite, attractive, class representative who always has a kind word and a smile Emiri Kimidori fits this as well, as she doesn't give a damn when Nagato is made ill by contact with the Heavenly Canopy Domain.

This causes Kyon to call her a "monster" like Asakura. Basically all the Data Overmind interfaces except Nagato. Masato Kadowaki from Arata Kangatariwho acts like a typical nice guy in front of everyone on his first day.

The facade doesn't last very long, as he already resumes bullying Hinohara like he did in middle school within the first few days. Kyo Koi O Hajimemasu: Poor Rika seems so nice, timid, fragile and innocent When Nurakami first meets Nanami in Kamisama Kiss she acts like she wants to do her a favor by taking over her position as a land god and removing the burden of responsibility from her.

Really, she is just trying to claim Nanami's familiar, Tomoe, as her own and once Nanami says no she stops acting nice. Hiyori initially hates how Haruka seemed to swipe Manabe from her, so she tries to alienate and bully her in episode 2.

Once Manabe realizes what's going on, he confronts her about it and calls her out on her bullying. Although later she had a change in heart, and wished Manabe to be happy instead. This is how Yuriko presents herself as to Dai'chi, but he points out plainly that she's just fooling herself in thinking she's that cold-hearted. While she does have a partially hidden agenda regarding Haruka presumably to make Haruka well-known as a psychic in order to vindicate Yuriko's mothershe still seems to care about her greatly.

Camilo from Romeo X Juliet. He seems to be a nice man and a good friend for Conrad, but he really turns out to be a Smug Snakeonce he showed his true colors by giving information on the Capulets' hideout towards the Montagues. Lebreau Fermet Viralsque from Baccano! He appears to be a nice, calm and loving figure.

But his true nature is of a cruel sadist who tortured Czeslaw Meyer for a couple of centuries; he's the mastermind of the tragedies of the arc, killed Monica, Huey's wife, and is the responsible for all the bad stuff that happened to the immortals.

She's actually a semi- reformed Chuunibyou with a violent, selfish temper who's trying desperately to be 'normal'. Fujisaki from Onee-chan ga Kita acts this way initially, although she has a Freudian Excusesince she was bullied as a kid, and boys treated her with contempt even when she tried to be nice.

I have terrible secret no one will guess because of my sweet face! It turns out these qualities are precisely the reason the late and former Chairman Netero made him a member of the Zodiac, and after he's won the election and had his fun he happily steps down from his position and hands it over to the best candidate, revealing that he did it all to honor Netero one last time. Shyamalan from the first season of Birdy the Mighty: Decode fits this trope so well he might as well have read the page quote by Lady Macbeth and thought it was a bold statement about how to live his life.

He acts friendly and charming to just about everyone, but in reality he's a Social Darwinist who plots to use an alien superweapon to wipe out most of humanity and spare only those whom he's willing to accept as just as special as he is.