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Veteran actor Kamal Hassan, meet with DMK President M Karunanidhi in Chennai. Party Working President and Karunanidhi's son MK Stalin is also seen. In , the year Russian communist leader Joseph Stalin died, another Nearly six decades later, Karunanidhi has announced that it's M K Stalin, This week he was in Chennai for two days, but the father and son did not meet. . Cho Ramaswamy, editor of Tamil magazine Thuglak says, “I don't see. The Editor of Thuglaq, 'Cho' S. Ramaswamy, on Friday asserted that All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK) general secretary.

  • When will M K Stalin, the chosen one, take over?

The second milestone came inwhen Vaiko was ousted from DMK, paving the way in the party for Stalin. During this time, Karunanidhi asked Alagiri to move to Madurai to deal with the dissidence that had broken out there. Partymen say this was the first sign that Karunanidhi wanted Stalin, and not Alagiri, by his side.

Stalin was one of them. Things also started to sour between Alagiri and Stalin. Karunanidhi too consults him before taking any decision, Elangovan says. In a state where political leaders are practically worshipped and are given larger-than-life forms in exaggerated posters and flux boards, Stalin stands out as an exception. If it comes to his notice, any poster portraying him as a military general, god or a historic character is promptly pulled down.

To an extent, Stalin also micro-manages affairs. If he is organising a conference, he will visit the hall two days prior to the event, offer suggestions, point out mistakes, ensure deadlines are kept and plan out who would speak in what order. When he was mayor, he would cover one area of the city a day, identify its problems and work on how to solve them.

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About six months later, he would revisit that area to see if things had improved. InKarunanidhi, then the chief minister, made Stalin the deputy chief minister. Some, however, feel that Karunanidhi might still change his mind. Kalaignar goes on changing his strategy. Depending on the family circumstances and the intensity of opposition, he will go on changing his stance. The media throng his meetings; English news channels revel in interviewing him in their language, though his intentions still appear unclear.

What kind of chef has no idea what he is cooking? Yet, they gush over his entry to politics. Rajini has again gone back into a shell, not venturing to speak politics. Their thalaiva, meanwhile, sits within in meditation, perhaps invoking his guru, Babaji in the Himalayas, to show him his path. That is the problem with cine stars as soul searchers. Look at the other. He has no such qualms. He, a Brahmin by birth, boldly declares he is an atheist. He does not meditate nor hesitate, speaks as if he has already won the state, though he says plans for it are yet to be made or in the process.

He appears to be riding Rocinante, the skinny and clumsy horse of Don Quixote.

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People want a stallion. You will be the thalapathi, the commanding rider. We will make you one. We need you in that role. Especially now, when Tamil Nadu is leaderless. We expect a concrete answer on your birthday, December 12th. There has been a social churn in Tamil Nadu due to the Dravidian movement and the resultant resurgence of marginalised sections, each vociferous about their grievances, but people at large still look for a leader, a single charismatic figure who speaks their language and they can trust.

You fit the bill as a representative of the underclass. The good and honourable must lead, and people must be disillusioned with the power an upper-caste woman held over them, with the corruption cases that chased her till the end. Now they are ready for someone of integrity who will empathise with their mundane problems.

Just with a flick of your fingers? MGR was thrice voted to power because movie-goers believed he would translate all that to real life.

You too have the same appeal, thalaiva. Your upcoming Endhiran 2 is going to rock. You are truly awesome. A few months ago, you gave us hope. You were present at a gathering addressed by Modi just the other day, and that led to speculation. Where are you now?

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On the screen, his words would sound Delphic, authoritative and unambiguous, with his sardonic smile, characteristic clap of the palms and fingers pointing out a void, as if the world were at his feet. His fans would applaud every reference to the political scene of the times, forgetting that he was just playing to a script written for him; especially for him, given the political impact it would make.

Inthe one time he spoke his own dialogue off-screen, urged by his friend Cho Ramaswamy, editor of Tughlak, on the eve of an Assembly election, saying that even the gods would not forgive Tamil Nadu if the AIADMK was voted back to power, the party met a humiliating defeat. No further word about Rajini entering politics.

The gods must have failed to call him; maybe he realises the futility of the Star Wars of Tamil Nadu But he preferred to stick to a script someone else wrote. While millions of fans exhorted him to enter politics, he stood aloof. There were issues he did not understand. There were giants in the arena. In hindsight, that was wise. He would not have been able to challenge Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa as the ruling stars.

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Once the field was thrown open, of course, he did decide to speak up. Rajnikanth, who turns 67 this December, ventured to say at a huge gathering of fans that he may enter serious politics at last. But some were sceptical. At long last, was he finally ready for war?

Never mind if his original mother tongue was Marathi and was born in Karnataka and spoke Kannada. He cannot yet speak the lilting chaste Tamil the Dravidian leaders spoke. The mastery of oratory came easily to them. Why should I not expect their lives to prosper? There was belligerence too. It is an opportunity to grow, mind you. A plant can grow only if you press the seed under the earth.

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They are applying pressure to help us grow. They do not know that. But again, he would end his speeches saying his electoral debut depends on a call of the gods. A message from above. The metaphor was telling.