Bullz truck meet lebanon

bullz truck meet lebanon

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What a recipe for an exciting kick-off celebration and beginning for an outstanding dealer market! The only remaining needed ingredient is YOU, our special dealer friends.

We hope you ll join us at the kick off on Wednesday, October 11, at 2: Best Regards, 6 Doyle M. Wallace Wallace Hardware President 7 5 around wallace Now is the time! Wear your team colors! As baseball winds down its regular season, playoffs soon begin, and then While major league baseball grabs the national media attention, the sport is more than that. Whether it is sandlots, backyards, local little league, minor league, high school, college or major league ball, millions of Americans support their favorite teams at all levels and ages.

My hometown of Greeneville, Tennessee has a minor league team, the Greeneville Astros. They are part of the Applalachian League and a rookie-level affiliate of the Houston Astros who are headed to the American League Playoffs.

bullz truck meet lebanon

Baseball brings communities together as it did in an August game at Greeneville to support the Niswonger Children s Hospital in Johnson City, Tennessee. Fans could bid on colorful jerseys worn by players and coaches during the game with all proceeds going to the hospital.

Hence, the adjacent photo with myself and manager, Danny Ortega, and his colorful jersey. I plan to wear it at our dealer market kick-off celebration. Will you also proudly wear some of your team s paraphenalia and show your team spirit for baseball, regardless of the level?

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You will enjoy the Statler Brothers tribute music, hors d ouvers, and yes At Wallace Hardware you are a part of our team. We want you to have fun and share the pride by wearing the special Anniversary Market dealer cap. Get in the spirit of supporting the Big 5 vendors and earning tickets on all of the prizes, including a Chevrolet Colorado work truck. Get in the spirit of learning at many of our Work and Learn Seminars at the top of the hour on the show floor.

Get in the spirit of winning at the Hourly Spin-To-Win at the center stage on the show floor. Get in the spirit of the PRO and Farm Mart programs and continue the journey to profitability by utilizing their five building blocks for a sound hardlines business. Many times there is an epilogue to a wonderful story. The day after I submitted the above article, the Houston Astros announced they would reduce their rookie league teams from nine to eight and the Astros would end their thirteen year stay in Greeneville.

Community leaders, including local businessman, Scott Niswonger, believe another club will take advantage of the seat state of the art facility. With the strong fan base, they believe minor league baseball will be played in Greeneville in Why do I write these closing comments?

Because we must learn to appreciate what we have, while we have it. Hundreds of communities across our eleven state trading area have school systems that are consolidating and closing both elementary and high schools under the guise of cost saving and that bigger is better. Each time that happens another community has lost the opportunity to field a team and give the community a rallying cry for both sports and community pride.

While you have your community sports and educational institutions, I invite you to wear their colors with pride to the Wallace show and share your story with your peers. From the opening kick-off party to the final drawing of the Big 5, be a part of the American Pride for 95 fall dealer market, October!

Celebrating 95 Years around wallace This has been a year of celebrating several different things at Wallace and celebrating our 95th birthday could be the biggest. Normally, when a group has a celebration, a lot of good things happen.

bullz truck meet lebanon

There is usually great food that would include ice cream, hot dogs, apples and cookies. It sometimes includes great entertainment for the invited guests. There are usually a lot of drawings for some outstanding prizes. You may ask the question, That sounds like a regular Wallace show, so what is the difference? The answer to this question is, there will be A LOT more of all the things mentioned above! I see a bigger layout of product.

I see an area where we will have several Work and Learn sessions. I am sure at least one of those will be important to you and your store for future success in your business. I see several new vendors as well as the ones that we have had in the past that can make you a lot of money. I also see a brand-new Chevrolet work truck truck that will be given away to one lucky customer!

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We will have the best breakfast buys we have ever had. The list of products is amazing and the cost savings are out of this world! Plus, you will be served a great breakfast that will include eggs, bacon and all the sides that you would want.

bullz truck meet lebanon

The best way to experience all the show has to offer is to be there! Let me assure you that this is one celebration you do not want to miss. Please take time to read this entire publication to familiarize yourself with all the exciting events this show will have. Also, please plan to spend the entire time with us. I ve got a good feeling you are going to enjoy it. If you get the chance, stop by and say, hello. Kaye was born and raised in Hurley, Virginia.

She attended college at Southwest Virginia Community College, graduating with an associate s degree in data processing. Kaye has lived in Christiansburg, Virginia, for the past 35 years where she worked as a flooring specialist and also a customer service specialist for The Home Depot.

She also worked as a quality assurance auditor for Federal Mogul Powertrain before joining Wallace Hardware. Kaye and her husband of 24 years, Billy, have three children. Their son, Coty, lives in St. Louis, Missouri, and their other son, Dakota, resides in Christiansburg. Their daughter, Kayla, who just graced them with their first grandchild, Baylor, lives in Knoxville. Being close to their new grand-baby was one of the deciding factors in their move to East Tennessee. Kaye looks forward to a blessed and happy career with Wallace Hardware and looks forward to having a positive impact on the business for many years to come.

Please welcome Kaye Cain to the Wallace Hardware family! That was not the case for this month. Lance Purkey exemplifies the definition of a top employee and that is why he has been named the July Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!

Lance has been with Wallace Hardware since August of His primary duty is working with the receiving crew to put up stock as it arrives daily, but there is nothing in the warehouse that he cannot do! He can do every job in the warehouse and he has done every job in the warehouse! His supervisor, Jeff Hale, keeps him hopping with outside stocking, inside stocking, handling UPS deliveries, unloading trucks, and at the end of the day, picking stock.

Lance can literally do everything and that is why he is so valuable to his supervisors. He has been described as the go-to-guy if you want product stocked quickly and with the utmost accuracy.


Lance is well liked by his fellow coworkers who convey that he can be a prankster when he thinks no one is looking. He is always on time to work and arrives with a cheerful and positive attitude. In his spare time, Lance enjoys playing golf, mowing the lawn, gardening, fishing, and spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and his two boys, Colton and Spencer. For his commitment to a job well-done, loyal dedication, and fantastic attitude, Wallace Hardware is pleased to name Lance Purkey the July Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month!

Courtney Purkey is just that person and why she has been named the August Wallace Hardware Employee of the Month! This is the sixth time Courtney has been honored with this distinction, winning the award in March ofJanuary ofSeptember ofFebruary ofand June of Her willingness to go the extra mile, and do it in a calm and friendly fashion, earned Courtney the honor of being named the Wallace Hardware Employee of the Year in Courtney came to work at Wallace Hardware in March of She began her time here at the height of Y2K preparation as an information data entry person in the data processing department.

Courtney worked in that capacity until when she moved to fill a position in accounts payable. Now, as the department manager, she continues to perform at an impeccable level with speed and accuracy. Courtney always has a very pleasant manner and a cheerful smile. All of her peers express how much they enjoy working with her. Courtney s attendance and work performance are impeccable, while her quiet manner continually adds to her always being pleasant to be around.

Courtney is responsible for several tasks, not the least of which include: Although these are high stress tasks, Courtney remains a quiet-mannered person with a fantastic attitude. The seriousness of her position has led her to become one of the most conscientious persons currently working within our company.

Courtney and her husband, Mike, have been married since They enjoy spending a lot of time with their immediate and respective families. The weekends are taken up spending time with her nieces, nephews, and stepson, Darren. Courtney really enjoys reading as many books as possible when she can find some time to squeeze it into her busy and hectic schedule. Because of her wonderful attitude, willingness to help in anyway she can, work performance, great attendance record, and ability to work well with everyone, Wallace Hardware is pleased to, once again, award the honor of Employee of the Month for August to Courtney Purkey.

Thanks for the terrific job that you do for our company and congratulations on your role model performance! Dave served in the U. Army before becoming a delivery driver for Wallace Hardware 18 years ago. He is responsible for ensuring that our merchandise reaches our dealers in Kentucky and West Virginia in a timely fashion.

Dave delivers two full loads a week to those areas and is always punctual and consistent. He is always willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done and has a wonderful relationship with his customers as well as his Wallace salesmen. Did you get a lot of mail or tweets from fans wanting you to come back on the show?

Yea the fans are great. It was a great support system, but that was the number one asked question. It tells me that people care so that was awesome, but yea tons of that. The show is very interesting, but you guys are just doing your job. Some of the stuff you guys have to do is amazing.

Does it feel weird to you that people are so involved with what you do for a living? I am just amazed that people are interested in it. You say what we do is amazing and I think it is amazing that you guys think it is amazing. What can fans of the show expect from you and the rest of the gang on the show? I am not entirely sure because it is a whole new ball game. Everything has changed this year. I am not in Alaska. I am in Canada now.

I am not working for Carlile. I am working for a different company. Just for the show. I took time off of Carlile for show. I am back at Carlile now. I am literally in my truck right now. There is a new show runner. It is a whole new thing. I had a lot of fun. I had fun with it. During this season I heard you broke your wrist. How did that happen and has that affected your driving? I broke it racing motocross last summer in June or July. I was racing and over jumped a jump and impact fractured it.

All I know is that I am doing okay.

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It took forever to heal. So I trained my camera guy on how to shift for me. So I would tell him what gear I had to shift into. I was like okay this aint going to last long.

Then I am like oh I got duct tape. So I started duct taping it. The whole show it was wrapped up.