Asean members meet in laos

Vietnam attends 10th ASEAN Law Ministers Meeting in Laos - Nhan Dan Online

asean members meet in laos

As of , the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has 10 member states, one Summit are also listed. Both forums are ASEAN-led and meetings are held following the ASEAN Summit Flag of · Laos Lao People's. Head of Government: Prime Minister Thongloun Sisoulith. Capital: Vientiane. National Flag: Click Here for detail Specification. Language: Lao. Currency: Kip. The activity helps Lao PDR meet commitments required as a member of the World Trade Organization and the ASEAN Economic Community.

This network among you, and how you work together, will be vital, I believe, for Laos achieving your ambitions as chair in With over 1, meetings each year, everyone agrees on the need to streamline. You have made an important breakthrough on rationalisation. I hope you can build on it inand in the lead-up to as you continue preparations.

I know there is some support in ASEAN to change the current formula of equal contributions, and link it perhaps to capacity to pay. And possibly to increase contributions. Right now, we are getting a free ride.

The scope for good, new ideas is considerable. And to wish you well in your preparations over the next days before the baton passes to Vientiane from Kuala Lumpur.

On my first diplomatic posting to Thailand back inbefore he became Foreign Minister, Dr Surin hosted me and my boss for a day in his home province in Nakhon Sri Thammarat. It was one of the more insightful and enjoyable days in what was an extremely enjoyable 4-year posting!! Hassan Wirajuda issued a statement noting that the meeting focused on various regional issues, with special emphasis placed on developments in Korea. Japan had announced its intent to do so in December of They endorsed the Plan of Action of the ASEAN Security Community, a community established to enhance ASEAN's capacity through regional instruments and mechanisms in establishing regional norms and enhancing conflict prevention, resolution, and peace-building in the region.

Leaders agreed on the urgent need to sustain cooperative activities in counter-terrorism. The establishment of a network of law enforcement agencies among ASEAN member countries was proposed. They also reaffirmed the role of the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation TAC in maintaining peace and security in the region.

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Filipino Diplomat Rodolfo C. The Foreign Ministers expressed their continued concern over the evolving situation in the Peninsula that could lead to a serious threat to peace, security, and stability in the whole Asia-Pacific region. They reiterated that the ARF remains an important forum for facilitating dialogue with the concerned parties about a lasting and durable solution, and urged its Chairman to continue his concerted efforts in this regard. In addition, the Ministers also agreed to cooperate in the global effort to fight terrorism through international conventions as well as through law enforcement, defense, intelligence, immigration and customs, and financial systems.

The Community should also strengthen national and regional capacities to counter terrorism and other trans-national crimes, and ensure that the Southeast Asian region remains free of all weapons of mass destruction. They encouraged China to maintain its constructive role in the search for a political solution to the problem.

asean members meet in laos

They expressed their hope that the next talk would be held soon to maintain the momentum for dialogue, and that the ARF could be utilized as a forum to discuss this particular issue. They noted the importance of this Treaty as a contribution to strategic balance, world peace, and long-term international security.

They further called for the NWS to continue dialogue to look for new ideas and approaches to address the issue of nuclear disarmament.

asean members meet in laos

The Ministers also noted with satisfaction the progress in the implementation of the overlapping confidence building measures CBMs and preventive diplomacy PD. They also noted the recent dialogues among the major powers and concerned States on national missile defenses NMD.

asean members meet in laos

They rejected any attempt to link terrorism with any religion or race and committed to counter, prevent, and suppress all forms of terrorist acts in accordance with the UN Charter and other international law, especially taking into account the importance of all relevant UN resolutions. They shall consider joint practical counter-terrorism measures in line with specific circumstances in the region and in each member country.

Surin Pitsuwan, Foreign Minister of Thailand. The Ministers welcomed the progress made in implementing the SEANWFZ Treaty and noted with satisfaction the establishment of all the various organs under the Treaty and the work undertaken by these organs, including consultations with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The Ministers reiterated importance of CBMs and PD in the intra-regional relations and stressed the importance of continued participation of defense and military officials in the ARF process. The Commission ordered the preparation of the draft rules of procedure and initiation of all necessary actions in compliance with the Treaty, including consultations with the NWS, the IAEA, and other related bodies.

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The Ministers noted the entry into force of the Convention on the Prohibition of the Use, Stockpiling, Production and Transfer of Anti-Personnel Mines and on their Destruction and agreed to support initiatives to enhance international cooperation on de-mining, including training, and in the removal of unexploded ordinance as well as the rehabilitation of mine victims. The ASEAN countries reaffirmed their support for and active participation in all efforts to achieve the objective of general and complete disarmament, especially the nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and of other weapons of mass destruction WMD.

It also envisioned the region to be free from all other WMD, and the ASEAN Regional Forum as an established means for confidence-building and preventive diplomacy and for promoting conflict-resolution.

It was originally scheduled for Decemberbut was postponed due to the Thai political crisis. However, it was aborted on 11 April when hundreds of protesters forced their way past security forces into the venue. The protests were part of the Thai political crisis and were not believed to be directed at ASEAN leaders, but rather at Thailand's government.

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

It requires the contracting parties to forgo any threat or use of force against each other. The foreign ministers of ASEAN member states determined that invitation to the inaugural East Asia Summitthe first of which was held in late and hosted by Malaysiawas to be restricted to parties to the treaty.

The Howard Government in Australiaalthough seeking invitation, was reluctant to accede to the treaty, claiming that it was out of date and might conflict with obligations and rights it had under other treaties. However, with entry to the summit confined to parties to the treaty, and with domestic pressure to sign, Australia decided in early to sign the treaty on the condition that its rights under the Charter of the United Nations are recognized as inalienable.