A518 4x4 swap meet

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a518 4x4 swap meet

Still finishing up my swap and I'm down to wiring. The reverse Then find yourself a speedo adapter from any mopar /A Like one of. The oldest 4x4 swap meet in the NW. We went last year and it was worth the trip bwb. About Pacific NW 4x4s. Pacific NW 4x4s. Recreation & Sports Website. 12 Valve Engine and Drivetrain - to a swap - I have a 89 cc dually with a I don't tow alot with it and the has met my needs. If it is a 4x4 the front will also need to be lengthened and the 4x4 shifter linkage and.

The A later renamed the 46RH came with a 0.

Jeep & 4x4 Swap Meet

Other than the extra gear, the A was virtually identical internally to the A and as such was limited to handling roughly hp over stock if in good condition to begin with. Depending on the health of the A, to rwhp is all we feel safe recommending you send through it. However, also like the A, a reputable non-lockup converter and valve body work can keep an A alive at or near the rwhp mark for quite a while. In addition to a better converter, valve body work is always recommended namely to add line pressure and solve a few other weak links on all Chrysler automatics.

For the first time, a lockup torque converter was offered, which meant less slippage and heat generation at cruising speed and while towing. But, even though the 47RH could handle slightly more horsepower and torque in stock form than its predecessors to rwhpthe aftermarket would find that the front planetary gears were weak, the entire overdrive assembly was sub-par and that its input shaft could break in the realm of rwhp.

Among the upgrades you should consider are: If the aforementioned apply lever breaks which it often doesthe transmission has to be pulled in order to replace or upgrade it.

a518 4x4 swap meet

Unfortunately, while it was a mild improvement over the 47RH, its converter clutch was weak, it lacked sufficient line pressure to accommodate added power and its input shaft was still a major wink link near rwhp.

The factory second gear band is notorious for breaking and the transmission has to be removed to address it. While the third gear band what surrounds the direct drum is known to stretch under big torque and requires constant adjustment at higher power levels. Completely teardown the other D Strip the paint, complete body work, polish all trim, etc.

1990 D250 727 to NV4500 swap. Wiring speed sensor?

The body will be amalgamated with my W New paint for the amalgamated truck. I will do a slightly custom version of the paint job that's on my W Epoxy underside, frame, axles, box rails. Basically anything that sees the elements. Pictures of that to come. Fully detail engine compartment, wiring and plumbing. I'll probably get some new headers while I'm at it.

D to NV swap. Wiring speed sensor? - Dodge Diesel - Diesel Truck Resource Forums

Implement a custom designed front and rear 4 link suspension system, and entirely eliminate leaf springs from the truck, and migrate to an air bag setup. Maybe back down to a 30" or 31" tire. Re-gear the differentials to 4.

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Right now its got 3. Need to do some calculations here.

a518 4x4 swap meet

Swap in my new A OD transmission. Its basically a with an OD slapped on.

a518 4x4 swap meet

Its a very clean truck. The story, as I got it, was that it was owned by a shop teacher from Hillcrest who has been retired for a while. It had aroundoriginal km's and is equipped with a small block and a 3spd auto.

It ran pretty well actually, but not quite like my rebuilt It had a 2 barrel carburetor. It feels like shit to start tearing up this truck, because its actually quite good.

I like to frame it my mind as - both trucks are being sacrificed for the greater good - which will be an awesome in my opinion preservation of a classic truck, with modern improvements. Here's some pictures before teardown: